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Ghost Hitch v3.2.3 (Android Game)

Ghost Hitch is an Android game by PlayHouse Games. The Ghost Squad needs your help to rescue all the baby ghosts that were kidnapped by evil toys. Guide Norman and his friends through levels full of puzzles and quests to solve. Rescue the baby ghosts, avoid dangerous obstacles and enemies, collect stars, unlock new characters and defeat the bosses! Changes: [&hellip

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ColEm v4.2.3 (Coleco Vision emu for Android)

Marat Fayzullin updated his Coleco Vision emulator ColEm for Android devices. Changes: * Fixed native crash when saving state. * Fixed several other possible sources of native crashes. * Fixed desktop icon placement. * Fixed crash when passing “file://” URI via desktop icon. * Fixed high frequency PSG noise (dynamite sounds in HERO). * Fixed DropBox crash when app folder [&hellip

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fMSX v5.2.1 (MSX emu for Android)

fMSX is an MSX home computer emulator. It will run software written for MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ computers. Before running fMSX, make sure you place the following MSX system ROMs onto your SD card: MSX.ROM MSX2.ROM MSX2EXT.ROM DISK.ROM. Changes: * Fixed desktop icon placement. * Fixed crash when passing “file://” URI via desktop icon. * Fixed DropBox crash when app [&hellip

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Silver Valley v1.0 (Master System Game)

Already back in October we have mentioned eruiz00’s game Silver Valley. Just end of 2017 the first public version has seen daylight. There is also a long discussion thread available, which you might want to read or maybe you just want to leave feedback as well. It’s a mix of Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Wonderboy in Monsterland featuring over 60 [&hellip

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Sindibad v1.0.6 (Android Game)

Sindibad is a new platform puzzle game by Oasis Pixel. Help Sindibad to solve his financial situation. Luckily you just found a dungeon with treasures, but to open the chest you need all keys. While collecting the keys make sure you don’t die. Sounds easy, as usual, but can be very tricky at times

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Snake (15-01-2018) (GB Game)

Yvar de Goffau is know to few as developer of Atari 2600 games. While keeping up the challenge is important, he switched over to the Game Boy and surprises us with Snake. Some of you might tell now, well… yet another Snake. This snake tries to be different, offering smooth graphics at 60hz, a proper difficulty curve and multiple selectable [&hellip

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GodMode9 Explorer v1.5.1 (3DS Application)

GodMode9 Explorer by d0k3 is a full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console. It gives you access to your SD card, to the FAT partitions inside your SysNAND and EmuNAND and to basically anything else. Among other functionality you can copy, delete, rename files and create folders. You can find the source here. Changes: [fixed] Building proper CIAs [&hellip

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WoxelCraft v0.0.7 (Wii misc)

WoxelCraft by DaeFennek is a 3D Voxel Engine and a basic clone of Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii. Key features: * Menu * Single player * World: 50×50 Chunks(16x16x16) * Savegame using SD Card

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LvR (GBA Game)

LvR by quisseh is a Game Boy Advance game for two players at the same time. Player 1 grips the left half of the GBA and controls the L button, while player 2 grips the right half and controls R. Five levels, each with unique environments and challenges: * catching fruit as it falls from trees * sneaking past a [&hellip

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The Retro Hour EP105 – Crystal Quest to Carmageddon (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK. Content: This week we have a rare interview with Stainless Games CEO Patrick Buckland, the highs and lows of the Carmageddon series, Crystal Quest and Apple gaming

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