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PS2 Demo from TUM 2002 (PS2 misc)

I’ve been on the demoparty “TUM 2002” recently. We had a console competition with one entry for PS2 by WiRE/Napalm. Unfortunatly I can’t remember the name. The results and downloads aren’t up yet, but you can throw an eye on the TUM homepage from time to time. The results should be up soon… More Information could be found here:

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Zelda Demo (GBA Techdemo)

The “Zelda Demo” has been done by Alex Pagliaro aka Dark Cloud. Here is a small extraction from the readme: This is a small demo of sprite animation, backgrounds, and sprite+background collision using graphics from the Legend of Zelda. It works pretty well except for one small bug which I can’t seem to figure out. But you probably won’t encounter [&hellip

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Bomberman (GBA Techdemo)

Nicolas Beck, Sebastien Bizet, and Bertrand Osdoit created a Bombermanclone. The current version avaliable on contains one level with one monster but unlimited bombs. The full source code is enclosed with the download.

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Xmas Demo (GBA Techdemo)

Mr Mister released a small Xmas Demo over at! You can get the download from there.

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HBLANK and HBLANK 2 (GP32 Techdemos)

On the 21st December “Mr. Spiv” updated his page with following: I put two technical demos online showing how HBLANK emulation can be used… effects are lame and done in hurry.. but I’m a lazy man. The description: hblank.fxe is a simple example of HBLANK interrupt and DMA triggering emulation. The picture has 256 colors and the color bars on [&hellip

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Various… (misc)

Hi everyone… I’ll be away from the 27th December up to the 5th January. I’m hardly reachable in that time and may not post news nor reply on any e-mail I get. From this Friday to Sunday I’ll be in Mannheim/Germany on the “TUM” demoparty. More Information could be found here: PDRoms will get a News-Archive very soon. Pancid is [&hellip

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Merry Christmas (GBA Demo)

GBAdev posted about a Merry Christmas Demo created by the “Parallax Sisters”. Just have a look on it… the screenshot on GBAdev says it all ;)

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T3 (Mitch Allens T3) (GBA Game)

Mitch Allen wrote me an e-mail about his latest piece of work called “T3”. I allready tried that Tic Tac Toe game a couple of times the past 10 minutes but I always got a draw or lost… well ;) You can get the file from Mitch Allen’s page or from the PDroms (GBA/Game) Section. [UPDATE CET 13:40] It [&hellip

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My Sponsor “” would like to wish all visitors HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And as a token of Christmas spirit, visitores will receive a FREE item when they order the Flash linker Development kits. Order either a 64M, 128M, 256M or 512M flash linker kit and you will receive a FREE GBA Protection shell and GBA Rechargeable Battery pack. All [&hellip

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Casca Naves v1.3 (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Theif updated his shooter game “Casca Naves” once more! You can get the file locally (GP32/Games) or from Empee’s GP32 Project page.

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