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News thievery (misc)

The PDRoms team is glad, that many people like our news a lot. Even so much, that they copy them without credits most of the time.

Considering we spend up to 2 hours daily for finding news on the web, it would be appreciated if copycats who save time with our work, can at least provide a source.

The affected webmasters and newsposters know who they are, there is no need to put more oil into the fire.

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Appendix vermiformis (misc)

Dear visitors,

Kojote’s “Appendix vermiformis” is history now, unless kedo is posting news, there wont be updates from me for a few days.

The operation was going well, but I definatly need rest now and not “homebrew news”.

Thanks for your understanding!


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Lack of updates (misc)

Dear visitors,

Due to lack of motivation, the news service will slow down. Thanks for your understanding!


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PDRC #3.99 results (misc)

Dear visitors, dear competition contributors,

Finally they are here, the results of the recently held PDRoms Coding Competition #3.99. Unfortunatly with a hughe delay, due to my accident.

Before the results a thank you to the people who contributed us with prizes. In particular:
* Brandon Cobb –
* Enno Conners –
* Dan Wright –

Here are the long awaited results:
#1 eKid [GBA] SuperWings
#2 daaa57150 [PSP] Mega Drops
#3 Kukulcan [NDS] KuMoLo
#4 Haroldo [Master System] Headless Ninja Volley v0.9
#5 Judas [PSP] BoxMan PSP v1a
#6 Quasist [GP2x] Mutant Tank Knights
#7 Dje [NDS] Completly Unrealistic Landing Simulation v0.1
#8 Paolo [GP2x] 4WE
#9 Mia [NDS] Negative Space
#10 MK2k [PSP] Kakuro Nichiyou PSP v1.0 (Newspaper Edition)
#11 SoLo2 [GBA] Storm (09-03-2008)

Thanks to everyone who was part of this competition!
– Kojote/PDRoms

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Kojotes accident II (misc)

Hello everyone, for those who care, I am still alive ;)

The past days have been a pure pain pleasure, but with the help of painkillers I am temporary almost back to normal, which also allows me to post a little bit now.

I try to keep up with the news and grab all releases from the past few days. I hope that Pocket PC, Atari 2600, Coleco Vision , Wii and GP2x releases are up to date now. Special thanks to kedo and poqako for posting the GP2x releases (you guys could help more, not only when I am sick ;). Hipp Hipp Hooray for kedo and poqako! Thanks again!

There were also a bunch of people wishing me all the best, thanks for that too – I really didn’t count with something like that.

The webboard ( ) was updated to phpBB v3.0.1 yesterday, which was a true pain – but everything should work 100% again.

News updates for iPhone, Nintendo DS, etc… will follow a little bit later. It takes some time to gather the information from five days of absence ;)

As of PDRC #3.99 – We are still waiting for one judge to sent in his results, I hope results will be finally out by Sunday night or Monday morning. Of course every contestant will get a sperate e-mail in time then.

Now sit back and enjoy reading the backlog ;)


PS: Starting on 1st May 2008 we might have a new sponsor from Switzerland (Hi Mauro… ;). This will help us to hopefully fully or partitially cover the server costs.

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Kojotes accident (misc)

I’ve alread written something on friday, but rather in a hurry than giving details.

I love to ride my bike, but sometimes things happen, which makes it less enjoyable. A car collided with my bike. As I was pretty much under shock the first minutes (it could have been much worse) things started to hurt and I’ve been to hospital already twice now. They gave me a checkup and found multiple contusions in different areas of my body.

Everything hurts a lot now and I “enjoy” taking two different types of painkillers at the moment after each few hours.

Actually I can not sit too much and also staying in horizontal position isn’t comfortable.

The good part is… the doctor said I should be back to normal in up to three weeks. Well let’s see how long painkillers will be my friend… btw they don’t work proper anyway… just minor reducing the pain, but hey… better than nothing I guess.

I try to keep up with the news tonight, but no promise on that.


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Bike-Car accident (misc)

I was just having an accident and don’t feel well, i am still a bit shocked and things start to hurt now. I’ll head off for hospital, news are postphoned for a while.

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AEP-Emu, one of our partner sites, is turning 10 years old today. If you are looking for your latest emulation plug, you may give that page a visit!

Congratulation retroK & Team!

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Wonder Topia
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PSPFun v0.1 (MULTi 2)

A little app providing assistance in showing jokes and riddles. This has been already well tested on parties.

Select either Jokes or Riddles from the menu, load a file and let the fun begin. JOKES are displayed one after another, use R Trigger and L Trigger to browse. RIDDLES are displayed one after another, use R Trigger and L Trigger to browse, use X Button to switch between riddle and solution.

Bilingual English/German
100 Chuck Norris Facts Jokes in English, 200 Chuck Norris Facts Jokes in German
10 Lateral Thinking Riddles in English, 20 Lateral Thinking Riddles in German
10 Math/Logic Riddles in English, 10 Math/Logic Riddles in German

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