Category: Miscellaneous Coding Competition (misc) are holding a coding competition with a school/education theme. Deadline is the 6th October 2008 and NDS, GBA, PSP and PPC entries are allowed. Check out the full announcement via the link below.,3739.0.html

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Kojotes Vacation Mode Activated (misc)

Dear visitors,

once in a while even a Kojote deserves vacation. I am heading off to Asia for a few weeks and definitely try to keep my online time as low as possible (56k dial-up ain’t fun anyway if you are used to 4mbit minimum).

KEDO ( ) will take over the news. I am not quite sure how much and how regular he will post so let’s hope for the best. In the last few days he showed great support, I consider this a good sign ;)

Heading off for the airport in less than 30 hours, many things to arrange, many things to fix – usual headache.

Have a nice day all!

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TehSkeen – Server issues solved (misc)

Our collegues at TehSkeen solved their server issues. The page is noticeable faster and it’s a pleasure again to surf there.

TehSkeen is known for console modification and homebrew news, which makes it an interesting addition to everyone’s bookmarks.

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Homebrewcast Episode 5 (misc)

Imagine someone giving you an audio blogcast talking about homebrew releases – your wish has become true!

Homebrewcast is just doing this!

Episode 5 has the following topics:

-GBAtemp Homebrew bounty 08/08

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Sites and Their Sourcing (misc)

After the open thievery critism from brakken/ ( ) and myself ( ) Wraggster of DCemu ( ) tried to turn the wheel.

Quote from Wraggster:

Well… which might this “mysterious” page be? Is it PDRoms or is it TehSkeen? Anyway…

Brakken replied and everyone who thinks there is nothing like “scene politics” is probably wrong.

Here comes another gossip of “DCEmu Sourcing Issues”… follow the link for more!

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Homebrewcast Episode 4 (misc)

Imagine someone giving you an audio blogcast talking about homebrew releases – your wish has become true!

Homebrewcast is just doing this!

Episode 4 has the following topics:

– OpenSource DS News server move
– UMD movie deal at Circuit City
– TeenDevs extended apology to PAlib users
– PSP Homebrew
– Moorhuhn PSP 2.0
– GameMusicGear~MX Release Candidate 2.0
– OoblikXMB 0.2 beta
– CSPortable 0.79
– Windows Vista PSP 2.0 Pre-Alpha
– NDS Homebrew
– ManyChessDS 1.3
– Crack Attack 0.5
– ChorDS 0.1
– Totitoes
– Super Smash Bros. Rumble Demo 4.5
– Inside the Machine Final
– FretFury
– Dev-Fr Sliding Puzzle Collection
-Ubuntu Review
-Supercard DS One SDHC Review

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By mistake we stumbled over a new homebrew news page called “Homebrewgames”.

The guys there are building up, great to see another place taking care of homebrew!

Good Luck!

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Pilgrimage GBA Slideshow

Every wanted to have impressions how a demoparty looks like? Here comes “Pilgrimage GBA Slideshow” with pictures from Pilgrimage 2004.

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Rock Your Tits Off

This is a musicdisk for Gameboy Advance, coded by Northern Dragons.

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DCEMU – Not Sourcing Sources (misc)

It seems I (Kojote) am not the only one having a problem with DCEMU’s “sourcing” issues.

Brakken has thrown out few words… Follow the link below for the article.

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