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Fruit’Y v1.00 (Beta) (Nintendo 3DS Game Port)

Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. The game consists of two boards of fruits. The left field belongs to a cute tiger who needs to reproduce the right field 1:1 being able to proceed to the next level. Sounds easy?! Possibly it does, at least for the first few levels! Ported to Nintendo 3DS by nop90.

Public downloads are available for these fine systems: Android, Playstation Portable, GP2x Wiz, Dreamcast, Wii, GameCube, GCW Zero! Along with other systems not covered by PDRoms such as Amiga OS4, MorphOS, Linux, Windows, NetBSD, TI Nspire CX, …

Fruit'Y Nintendo 3DS

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Njam (14-08-2016) (3DS Game Port)

Njam is a full-featured cross-platform Pacman like game written in C++ using SDL library. The homepage of the game claims, that it’s the most addictive free Pacman game. However, thanks to nop90 Njam now has a port for the Nintendo 3DS.

Njam 3DS

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FBI v2.4.2 (3DS Application)

FBI is an open source file and title manager by Steveice10 for the Nintendo 3DS.


* Copy file attributes when pasting.
* Improve file attribute accuracy.
* Increase svchax reliability. (thanks @Plailect)
* Fix copying multiple times from archives that open with the same handle.
* Fix potential path corruption in most multi-file operations.

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Brick Breaker 3D (RC 1) (3DS Game)

Brick Breaker 3D is an Arkanoid style wall breaker game by Technicmaster0. It’s a bit simple at the moment and the author is looking for feedback to get the game improved.

Release notes:

-Tcm0 stopped working on this project and gave everything to Kero
-Better intro music
-Reduced unnecessary RAM usage
-Moved the map editor to the middle of the top screen (looks a bit better)
-Added touchscreen support to the level editor
-Fixed serious framerate drops in the credits (it’s still unstable but much higher)
-Fixed a bug where the game didn’t recognize that you won (might have led to instant-win before)
-Fixed some collision bugs (but they will stay in the credits ‘game’)
There seem to be more but the remaining ones aren’t that game breaking

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Homebr3w v1.4.0 (3DS Application)

Homebr3w, install or update Homebr3w easily from your 3DS. Now also with QR Code drawing and automatic update check for apps!


+ Add 2 more sorting modes (Last updated, first updated)
+ Uninstall installed Homebrew Apps! Press select to change between install and uninstall mode over an installed App!
+ Searching now also checks the Author and Description. Want to see all apps by 1 developer? Now you can!
+ Icon cache now updates icons. Sometimes a dev changes their icon, Homebr3w now always loads the newest one!
+ Massive Speedboost while downloading! Especially icons should download much faster now thanks to the power of Connection: Keep-alive!
+ Pseudo-anonymous data collection has been implemented. Homebr3w generates a UUID automatically and sends that to Disable this behavior in settings or generate a new UUID by removing the entry in SDMC:/Homebr3w/data.json
* Blacklist the invalid title ID 0x0
* Fix saving config files
* Fix the blacklisting feature

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FBI v2.4.1 (3DS Application)

FBI is an open source file and title manager by Steveice10 for the Nintendo 3DS.


* Add Keep-Alive header to requests.

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Ebook Reader (Alpha 1) (3DS Application)

Ebook Reader by __singularity is a homebrew application that allows you to read ebooks on your 3DS.

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FBI v2.4.0 (3DS Application)

FBI is an open source file and title manager by Steveice10 for the Nintendo 3DS.


* Add action for deleting a title and its ticket at the same time.
* Add support for
* Add version number parsing.
* Adjust resolution of QR code camera.
* Display all file attributes.
* Display title region information, when available.
* Improve title destination detection.
* Move NAND dumps to “sdmc:/fbi/nand/”, name by date and time.
* Fix CDN installation of non-DLC add-on content.
* Fix displaying metadata of CIA files with sizes greater than 2GB.

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Labyrinth 3D v1.2 (3DS Game)

Labyrinth 3D is, as the title says, a game where you have to find the exit from the labyrinth you’re in. It supports different map sizes and you’ll have some scrolls according to map size. These scrolls can be used to “mark” a wall of the labyrinth so you can see where you already went (after marking a wall, it will become golden).

Labyrinths are generated through Primm’s Algorithm so you’ll have infinite random mazes to solve. Any generated maze will provide a seed so you can share these labyrinths with others and play them through the voice “Start game with Seed”.

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OpenSyobon3DS v1.2 (3DS Game Port)

OpenSyobon3DS aka Open Syobon Action aka CAT Mario has been ported to Nintendo 3DS by nop90. It’s sort of a Mario game but with a devilish twist, it’s really very difficult to play.


– Fixed blurred text caused by SFTDLib (used workaround found on Xerpi github)
– Added sprites for ceiling spikes, previously drawn as white lines
– Changed two level icons with better images
– Added touch controls for level selection in menu and to retry level/quit level in game

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