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DreamChess v0.0.0.4 (Pandora Game Port)

DreamChess is an open source chess game. A moderately strong chess engine is included: Dreamer. Other features include music, sound effects, on-screen move lists using SAN notation, undo functionality, and savegames in PGN format. Ported to Pandora by Gausen.

20130730 dreamchess v0.0.0.2 (pandora game port) DreamChess v0.0.0.4 (Pandora Game Port)#


* [Appdata folder deletion needed]
* Fixed the weird settings saving behavior.
* Removed mouse cursor.

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QComicBook v0.9.0.3 (Pandora Application Port)

QComicBook by Pawel Stolowski is a viewer for PDF files and comic book archives containing jpeg/png/xpm/gif/bmp images, which aims at convenience and simplicity. Features include: automatic unpacking of archive files, full-screen mode, continuous scrolling mode, double-pages viewing, manga mode, thumbnails view, page scaling, mouse or keyboard navigation etc. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.

20130801 qcomicbook v0.9.0.1 (pandora application port) QComicBook v0.9.0.3 (Pandora Application Port)


- Changed category from Graphics to Office.

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CorsixTH v0.0.2.1 (Pandora misc Port)

CorsixTH aims to re-implement the game engine of Theme Hospital, and be able to load the original game data files. This means that you will need a purchased copy of Theme Hospital, or a copy of the demo, in order to use CorsixTH. After most of the original engine has been reimplemented in open source code, the project will serve as a base from which extensions and improvements to the original game can be made.

20110626 corsixth v0.0.0.7 (pandora misc port) CorsixTH v0.0.2.1 (Pandora misc Port)


* Updated to .21 release

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DraStic v2.1.6.1 (NDS emu for Pandora)

DraStic by Exophase is a Nintendo DS emulator for Pandora. Its running several NDS homebrew games, but also commercial ones.

20130216 drastic v1.1.0.0 (nds emu for pandora) DraStic v2.1.6.1 (NDS emu for Pandora)


- no changelog found

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NoteCase Pro v3.8.5.1 (Pandora Application Port)

NoteCase Pro is designed to quickly capture, organize, protect, access, and recycle your information. NoteCase Pro strikes the right balance between ease of use and raw power. Available now as a free download for a wide variety of platforms including desktop, netbook, and mobile devices.

20110910 notecase pro v3.4.8.1 (pandora application port) NoteCase Pro v3.8.5.1 (Pandora Application Port)


No changelog available

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Bitfighter v0.18.0.2 (Pandora Game Port)

Bitfighter is a fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player combat game. There are many game modes and unique maps. Players can (and do) create maps by using the built-in map editor. Space exploration for warfare, construction, and beyond! It’s fast, fun, and frenetic. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.

20130831 bitfighter v0.18.0.1 (pandora game port) Bitfighter v0.18.0.2 (Pandora Game Port)


- Fixed joystick_presets.ini empty. External gamepads should work now. Needs testing.

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SoX v14.4.1.2 (Pandora Application Port)

SoX is the Swiss Army Knife of sound processing utilities. It can convert audio files to other popular audio file types and also apply sound effects and filters during the conversion. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.

20130531 sox v14.4.1.1 (pandora application port) SoX v14.4.1.2 (Pandora Application Port)

Release notes:

- Fixed terminal crashing when selecting menu options.
- Clean libs to make it compatible with .next OS.

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OpenXcom v0.9.0.17 (Pandora misc Port)

OpenXcom is an open-source remake of the popular UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense in USA) videogame by Microprose, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.

20130827 openxcom v0.9.0.15 (pandora misc port) OpenXcom v0.9.0.17 (Pandora misc Port)

How to install:

* Need Timidity Midi Installer.
* Need original data files for Xcom Enemy Unknown or Xcom Ufo defense.
* Data folder: appdata/openxcom/share/openxcom/data
* First execution ask for password to copy /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg to /etc or game will not start.
* More info:


- Last git upstream fixes.

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Widelands v0.1.18.10 (Pandora Game Port)

Widelands is an open source (GPLed) real-time strategy game.


* Four Worlds (Tile Sets) (Greenland, Winterland, Blackland and Desert)
* Three Tribes (Barbarians, Imperials and Atlanteans)
* Several playable single player (tutorial) missions
* Maps for single and multiplayer mode
* Save and load of single and multiplayer games
* Ability to build a settlement from scratch
* Military and warfare (Attacking, Training, defending, conquering of military buildings)
* A map editor, to build your own maps and campaigns


- Compiled last launchpad bzr version (bzr 6767).

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HackerBooks v0.1.9.11 (Pandora misc)

HackerBooks is a Python application to download books related to Programming or Computer Sciences. All the books proposed for download are freely available (either creative commons or permissive licenses). Books are organized by title, category, authors.

20130704 hackerbooks v0.1.5.7 (pandora misc) HackerBooks v0.1.9.11 (Pandora misc)


# released Sept 16th: Added about 4-5 books. Among them, Open Government from O’Reilly and CIML for Machine Learning.

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