Pale Moon v26.4.1.27 (Pandora Application Port)

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own source with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser’s speed*, stability and user experience, while maintaining compatibility with thousands of Firefox extensions many have come to love and rely on.


* Update to 26.4.1 sources

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VICE SVN v2.4.30.0 (C64 emu for Pandora)

VICE SVN is version 2.4.x of VICE, the multi-platform C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and CBM-II emulator. This version can be compiled for MSDOS, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, QNX 4.x, QNX 6.x, AmigaOS, Dingoo, Syllable, SkyOS and for most Unix systems provided with the X Window System version 11, R5 or later. Pandora Port compiled and maintained by Canseco.

The following programs are included:
– x64, a C64 emulator;
– x64sc, a C64 emulator focused on accuracy;
– x64dtv, a C64 Direct-to-TV (DTV) emulator
– x128, a C128 emulator;
– xvic, a VIC20 emulator;
– xpet, a PET emulator;
– xplus4, a PLUS4 emulator;
– xcbm2, a CBM-6×0/7×0 emulator;
– xcbm5x0, a CBM-5×0 emulator;
– vsid, a SID player;
– c1541, a stand-alone disk image maintenance utility;
– petcat, a CBM BASIC de-tokenizer;
– cartconv, a C64/C128 cartridge conversion program.


– Latest beta release, based on r31913.
– Thanks to groepaz and Blacky_Stardust VICE devs for helping fixing a segfault.
– Updated libs and sources.

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QupZilla v1.8.9.9 (Pandora Browser Port)

QupZilla is modern web browser based on WebKit core and Qt Framework. WebKit guarantees fast browsing and Qt availability on all major platforms. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Updated openssl to 1.0.2j version.

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Fruit’Y v1.00 (Final) (Nintendo 3DS Game Port)

Fruit’Y – Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem’X, which has been seen on computers such as the Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. The game consists of two boards of fruits. The left field belongs to a cute tiger who needs to reproduce the right field 1:1 being able to proceed to the next level. Sounds easy?! Possibly it does, at least for the first few levels! Ported to Nintendo 3DS by nop90.

Public downloads are available for these fine systems: Android, Playstation Portable, GP2x Wiz, Dreamcast, Wii, GameCube, GCW Zero! Along with other systems not covered by PDRoms such as Amiga OS4, MorphOS, Linux, Windows, NetBSD, TI Nspire CX, …

Fruit'Y Nintendo 3DS


* Fixed the last problems with the CIA version

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Retroid (10-09-2016) (GB Game)

Jonas Fischbach recently came up with Retroid, a non-commercial game for the Nintendo Game Boy! Retroid is a Game Boy game based on the classic arcade game that was originally published as “Breakout” by Atari and later brought to perfection as “Arkanoid” by the Japanese software firm Taito. The player controls a paddle at the bottom of the screen that reflects a ball to destroy bricks at the top of the screen. That simple but addictive game principle has probably been copied more often than “Space Invaders”, “Pac-Man” or “Tetris”. This game has truly commercial quality, compared with Game Boy games back then.

Retroid (Game Boy, Cover Art)

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Ufo Tofu v1.0 (PICO-8 Game)

Aliens are hungry for Ufo Tofu! Make symbol palindromes on a Bejeweld-like board. Snake your cursor around the field to find mirrored patterns. Be careful, though, as the aliens will eat the first palindrome you show them, even if it’s shorter than intended.

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Rock Concert (Build 2) (A2600 Game)

A trio of rocks are playing instruments at a concert, they’re playing rock music (or as close as you can get to it on the Atari 2600.) Pressing the fire button will switch the game from the title screen to the main game. In the game, rocks are falling onto your keyboard. Your job is to pick them up and put them into the tray below. But don’t even touch the red hot rocks, they’ll burn you. But since I just started this earlier today, there are no rocks to pick up yet. But you can move the arm and hand around. Pressing the fire button in the game will pick up rocks. Hold on to the rocks with the fire button and then drop them into the tray below by letting go of the fire button.

Rock Concert (Atari 2600)

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fMSX v4.7.1 (MSX emu for Android)

fMSX is an MSX home computer emulator. It will run software written for MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ computers. Before running fMSX, make sure you place the following MSX system ROMs onto your SD card: MSX.ROM MSX2.ROM MSX2EXT.ROM DISK.ROM.


* Fixed crash on exiting emulation introduced in version 4.7.
* Released free fMSX 4.7 for Windows and Linux.
* Added “In Android Gallery” option to File Selector menu.
* Uncheck it to stop Android Gallery from indexing the current folder.
* Automatically excluding /sdcard/fMSX from media indexing.
* Removed Chartboost ads from the free version (they suck and never pay anyway).

This is a free, limited version of fMSX that may show ads and nag you to buy the full version. For the full, ad-free version, get fMSX Deluxe. Or, you can buy any one of the authors other emulators and the fMSX ads will stop.

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Speccy v4.0.13 (Spectrum emu for Android)

Speccy is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer emulator, but also emulates a Sam Coupe. It will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion home computers.


* Fixed crash on exiting emulation introduced in version 4.1.2.
* Released free Speccy 4.1 for Windows and Linux.
* Added “In Android Gallery” option to File Selector menu.
* Uncheck it to stop Android Gallery from indexing the current folder.
* Automatically excluding /sdcard/Speccy from media indexing.
* Removed Chartboost ads from the free version (they suck and never pay anyway).

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Alite v1.5.7 (Android Game)

Alite is a fan port of the classic Elite from the 80s by Philipp Bouillon. Specifically, Alite focuses on the Amiga version.

Command your Cobra space ship in a fantastic voyage of discovery, adventure, and trade, a supreme test of your combat, navigational and entrepreneurial skills. Trade between countless planets, using the proceeds to equip your ship with heat-seeking missiles, beam lasers and other weapons – corporate states can be approached with little risk, but unruly anarchies may be swarming with space pirates. There is a lot of bounty to be made for the daring pilot. Do you have it in you?

Learn how to fly your Cobra in a series of face-to-face lessons from renowned Commander Quelo and profit from his vast experience. Remember: Black market trading can be lucrative but could result in skirmishes with local police and a price on your head! However you make your money, by fair means or foul, you must blast onwards through space annihilating pirate ships and hostile aliens as you strive to earn your reputation as one of the Elite!

Release notes:

Alite 1.5.7 Fixes the annoying “endless space bug”: When you are trapped in space and there’s no Ship anymore to control, you will be reset to the title screen after 10s. Another bug regarding saving of trade items was fixed, too. [And 1.5.7 fixes a bug introduced in 1.5.6 which made commanders occasionally reset back to default — whoops :)]

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