SuperTuxKart v0.8.1.06 (Pandora Game Port)

SuperTuxKart is a free 3D kart racing game, with many tracks, characters and items for you to try. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.


* New build, using GCC 7.1
* Updated libs

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PVSnesLib v2017.05.21 (SNES misc)

PVSnesLib is a small, open and free development kit for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by alekmaul.

PVSnesLib is a library to develop programs for Nintendo SNES in C langage. It contains snes-sdk compiler / linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds / sprites / pads / music & sound on SNES system. It also contains examples to help how to use functions with the library.

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The Retro Hour EP71 – Atari UK: The Rise and Fall (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We get the highs and lows of Atari UK with former marketing manager Darryl Still. From the ST glory days to defending the Jaguar, and hanging out with Fatboy Slim and Chesney Hawkes!

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Hase v1.6.5.0 (Pandora Game)

Hase by Ziz is a 2D worms like game with gravitation and other things.


– Improved camera handling, especially for small device screens

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Video: Mega Drive Longplay – Fix-It Felix, Jr. [Homebrew]

Future Drivers Genesis homebrew Fix-It Felix, Jr. is always good for a couple of minutes.

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Fast Food 2600 Remake (WIP) (16-05-2017) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Fast Food 2600 for Atari Jaguar by Wave1 Games got a minor update. Please check out the video.

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REV’n’GE Issue #74 (misc)

Bored? Need something to read? Maybe even free? What about the latest REV’n’GE? Issue #74 is out!

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Video: Mega Drive Longplay – UWOL: Quest for Money [Homebrew]

UWOL: Quest for Money is a very decent platform game by the Mojon Twins. Didn’t play it yet? What you are waiting for?

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Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay [002] Rotris [Homebrew]

Who remembers Rotris by Yarin? It’s a pretty nasty Tetris style game for GBA which will make your mind rotate as well.

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Ninja II (NES Game)

Ninja II is an indie-game for the NES that’s a sequel to “Ninja” that was released back in 2016 (under Toshi503 Studios). It’s a continuation of the trials and tribulations that one must overcome in order to be honored with the title of Ninja. Loaded with a whole new soundtrack the game will feature ‘events’ that house their own unique sets of challenges; testing even the sharpest of gamers. You’ll run, jump, climb, sneak, and even gather rice-balls with your trusty wolf.

This game will feature:

— All original coding/music (NOT a hack or repro)
— 1 or 2 players
— Event selection screen (practice mode)
— Timed and “QTE” styled events
— Hidden scoring system (compatible with RetroUSB’s AVS)
— Extra Point rewards for faster times/mad skills

There will be a Limited Edition (LE) auction soon for Ninja II at:

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