gpQuake (GP32 Game Port)

Anders Granlund in the news again :) Before you jump up and think you can play Quake on your GP32 please read the following lines taken from the readme.txt:

Ported to GP32 by: Anders Granlund

gpQuake shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it was mainly done as a fun excercise to see how difficult it would be to port it. I have little intentions in working much more on this port. The framerate is VERY low, so the game isn’t really enjoyable to play… It is however quite cool to see Quake running on the GP32!Quake for PC made heavy use of the FPU. The GP32 doesn’t have such a coprocessor which is the major slowdown in this port. The PC version used assembly language for rendering, the GP32 port use much slower C functions for this task.There is no sound in this port, and the input handler is just a quick hack to allow me to test it.If someone wants to make a proper playable port of Quake to GP32 then by all means, hack about as much as you like — I’d love to see a good playable version for GP32.

Some stuff which would benefit a GP32 port:
– Sound.
– Proper keymappings.
– Fix graphics glitches.
– Rewrite some rendering&math code in asm.
– Rewrite engine to fully use fixed point math instead of floats.

Pocket quake use some degree of fixed point conversion, but the port would benefit from a total rewrite to only fixed point in the engine…

Installing and running:
– Put gpquake.fxe in”gp:gpmm”
– Put quake datafiles (*.pak) files in”gp:gpmmquakeid1 “When the game console comes up after starting the .fxe file press the “START” button and select singleplayer ->new game. Keep in mind that it will take a good while to load the first level… I’ve tested this port with the shareware version of quake only…

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GBAX 2003 Coding Competition (misc)

News taken from

GBAEmu and GP32Emu have joined up to bring a new GBA and GP32 coding competition. This year we decided that entries should be either a game or emulator for either machine, sorry no demos this time as its difficult to judge against games and emulators.

Prizes are:

1st $150 & GBA-SP Console
2nd $150
3rd $100

In addition, all three winners receive a Game Wallet & 128MB SMC or something else of their choice from GBAX. There are also runners up prizes and all good entries will receive a smaller prize. For rules and other details check out the official page.

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Webboard / Forum – Details (misc)

I allready posted about the new webboard yesterday. Now I want to go into detail. The sections are:

PD Roms – News regarding planned things or new additions
New FREEWARE Console Releases – Got a new version of your game/demo/application? If so you are right here (No registration for that part needed. Please don’t misuse this, otherwise we’ve to disable Guest posting)

PD Roms – Talk, Talk, Talk :)
Freeware ROM Talk – Talk about Freeware ROMS (old and new stuff) here
Development Talk – How? Why? What? Questions over questions, maybe you getan answer here
Console Hardware Talk – Hardware Add Ons, MOD-Chips&Co
Off Topic Talk – Everything which does not fit above

Freeware ROM / (DISK) IMAGE requests – You are looking for a FREEWARE computer/console production? Ask here and we’ll try to help you out! (REMEMBER ONLY FREEWARE allowed, if you are not sure about the status of the production you request better let it, any commercial production request will end into a ban)

So far this is all. Moderators besides me and my cousin Nabeel are: Guyfawkes/GBAemu & fr4nz/Spoutnick Team. I hope the one or other will sign up and discuss with us. So far there are allready 17 registered users.

A thanks to following people helping me setting up the board: Guyfawkes, and Space Commander/Bytegeiz

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AYBABTU (GBA Techdemo)

Lynx sent me a simple tech demo for GBA which displays a “Zero Wings” logo. You can press left/right and it will move into that direction. If you press the same direction again it will get faster etc…

The demo has been uploaded to the PDRoms archive. Download it from the GBA/Demo section.

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File Uploads! (GBA/GP32) – 12oo Images reached! (misc)

Gameboy Advance
FPocketNES v8U9 by FluBBa

Game Park 32
Sarien (GP32) v0.3 by Anders Granlund
InfoNES (GP32) v1.0 by Anders Granlund

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InfoNES GP32 (Release 1) (NES emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund released a port of InfoNES yesterday. Download from his page.

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Sarien v0.3 (GP32 misc)

Anders Granlund updated his Sarien port again! More information on his page.

[2003-01-14] version 0.3 – Fixed save/load bug

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FPocketNES v8U9 (NES emu for GBA)

Flubba released another unofficial version of PocketNES yesterday. The changes in this version:

v8U9 (FluBBa)
Fixed sprites to background priority.
Fixed sprites animation with CHR switching (SMB3).
Also fixed PAL timing IRQ for mapper 69 (Mr. Gimmick).
Added mapper 93 (Fantazy Zone (J))
Added mapper 105 (Nintendo World Championship (U)) remember to disable CPU hack (for”Rad Racer”).
Added mapper 180 (Crazy Climber (J), no controller yet though).

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PD Roms Webboard / Forum – Opened! (misc)

I thought it’s time for a Forum/Webboard… and here we go!

Hopefully it will be usefull for the one or other! This board is about Freeware Rom & Development Talk only. Commercial rom requests and commercial game talk is strictly forbidden.

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GBonGBA v0.4 (GB emu for GBA)

A new version of “GB on GBA” appeared yesterday. GBonGBA is a Gameboy Emulator for Gameboy Advance.


12/01/2003 :GB on GBA is not so dead!! – Speed up a bit (say 15% faster now)

GBonGBA 0.4.
– Fixed Sound Channel 4, it now plays waveram banks.
– Added a cpu trace mode in option menu. So options are: To enter menu : LS + RS to switch Trace on/off : ATo switch sound on/off : BTo exit menu : RS

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