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Big Santa v1.05 (Android Game)

Big Santa by Digital Mind is a classic style platform game. Help Santa Claus to recover his sleigh and the gifts that the Grinch has snatched him through his 10 levels in this first campaign. Each update will come with new content, challenges and levels.

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Ghost Hitch v2.1.4 (Android Game)

Ghost Hitch is an Android game by PlayHouse Games.

The Ghost Squad needs your help to rescue all the baby ghosts that were kidnapped by evil toys. Guide Norman and his friends through levels full of puzzles and quests to solve. Rescue the baby ghosts, avoid dangerous obstacles and enemies, collect stars, unlock new characters and defeat the bosses!

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Math Run – Times Table v0.96 (Android Game)

Math Run – Times Table is an educational Android game by OTTCat.
Learn the times tables from 2 to 9 by going on a journey with your favorite animal friends! You can master the times tables with ‘Math Run – Times table‘.

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Halloween Nightmare v1.1 (Android Game)

Halloween Nightmare is an Android game by PHANTOM games. It is a dark Halloween night and it’s time for bed. But something strange happens, our scary friend is lost in a weird land. Fight and defeat monsters and help our little hero to go back home!

Collect candy… Walk through the graveyard and the haunted tomb… Climb the icy peak… Explore the dark forest and the ancient castle… Fight against zombies, ghosts, walking deads, skeletons, bats and other monsters!

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Tappy Colors v1.1.1 (Android Game)

Tappy Colors by Kelter is a new game that tests your reactions. Game rules are simple: you must touch the color that appears in text. Seems easy, but the difficulty arises from the limited time you have and that keeps decreasing. It is important to stay calm within your minimal time window, stay concentrated and pick the right color.

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Color Drift v1.3 (Android Game)

Color Drift by Gilly Works is an addicting, color-based reaction game, in which the player taps circles that are the same color as the character in a test of reflexes and color perception.

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Gilly Connect v1.0 (Android Game)

Gilly Connect by Gilly Works for Android is a multi-directional version of connect four! Add the ball from the top, bottom, left, or right! Goal: Connect 4 of your own circles in a row.

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UAE Camel Racing v1.5 (Android Game)

UAE Camel Racing is an Android game by Aqdar World Games L.L.C. Bored of playing animal racing that isn’t exciting enough? Take control of your camel, as you race through different tracks with more racing friendly modes.

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Crazy Space v0.5 (Android Game)

Crazy Space is an Android game by Home Game Studio. Choose one of three shapes. The chosen one must be bigger than the inside one and smaller than the outside one. Be careful with the incorrect shapes.

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Little Jumping Car v1.4 (Android Game)

Little Jumping Car is a little car driving game by Gemini Software Studio with a special twist. High above the ocean there are over 250 secret manic stunt tracks. While clock is ticking, take your little blue jumping car and win them all.


– Facebook integration. Easy and secure Facebook share of your amazing game scores.

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