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Go Round ZigZag v1.6 (Android Game)

Go Round ZigZag is a new Android game by Gemini Software Studio. Make your little car staying on the path as long as you can. Just tap the screen. Addictive funny game. Control directions of the car and try not to fall off the edges.


– Cool Facebook share feature added. Share your fantastic score with friends on your Facebook timeline.

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Flow Rush v1.01 (Android Game)

Flow Rush by blackhornet.workshop is a free unique logic puzzle game. Your task is to deliver all messages to the destination points. To solve the puzzle, you should rotate and connect hex tiles in such a way as to find the right path for a delivery of abstract messages. Use the doves to fast transferring over distances.


– We have improved graphics quality for maximal screens resolution. Now the game is absolutely suitable for tablets!

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Pin The Colors v2.2 (Android Game)

Pin The Colors is an Android game by Ad4m4. You have to pin each color of the circle with needles of the same color. There is also a special needle (the multi color needle) which can eliminate all the needles existed in one color of the circle without affecting the score. Oh wait! 2 needles can’t touch each other!


– Choose Your Favorite Background Color
– New Animations
– New Buttons’ Icons
– Leaderboard + Acheivements
– Share a Screenshot of your HighScore and Challenge your friends
– New Chiptune Music
– Sound Control
– Continue Button ( if Score > 24 )

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Teeth Man v1.0 (Android Game)

Teeth Man is an Android game by Bracksoft. Eat all the fruits without losing your teeth! Be very careful, precise and all the fruits out there. But watch out as you got limited amount of teeth. Score points by eating the fruits and be the most healthy person, in the world!

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Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise v1.0.23 (Android Game)

Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise is an Android game by Kaleb Parham Productions.

Help Paris and Max overcome a puzzle by an ancient human civilization and overthrow an evil madman!! Quickly arrange multi-colored gems into lines and clear them away. Build up your skill, compete with friends, and obtain Shirlanka in crazy energetic puzzle madness!!!

Use quick witted strategy to shift four or more gems horizontally, vertically, or into a square for points. Do it quickly to earn combos and bring your score up even higher. As you figure out the game, you can push it to get higher scores. But as you push the game, the game pushes back even harder. If you fill up the entire playfield with gems, you lose!! Can you conquer the Gemanator and discover Shirlanka?

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CatPOP v1.0.0.0 (Android Game)

CatPOP is an Android game by Bracksoft. Sensitivity is very important in this game! Jump on the yellow cove blocks using reflexes. The yellow tomcat should not fall into the forest!

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The Square v2.1.17 (Android Game)

The Square is an Android game by Łukasz Durniat. The easy game created for fun with the simple rules. Just try keep the square in top of an screen as long as possible. With each move you need put the square on the white blocks but aware the white blocks get smaller and smaller.

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BBQ Master v1.0 (Android Game)

BBQ Master by OG Games Studio is an addictive game, where your goal is to make as many as you can grilled burgers! But watch out of cow’s agents! They’ll do anything to stop you! If you meet some, throw them coal! This should help.

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Thurs Puzzle v1.5 (Android Game)

Thurs Puzzle by Adelante Games is a logic 2D game. A goal of the game is: you have to push the characters from the playing field so that there is only one left. The characters can only be pushed vertically and horizontally. At this stage there are 240 mind-blowing levels with various obstacles such as rocks, turns, portals, etc. you should try your best to solve all levels.

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Realms of Idle v0.2.3670 (Android Game)

Realms of Idle is a strategy game for Android by ilMare Games.

Release notes:

– Started working on a 2nd scenario
– Added Rate functionality
– Minor bugfixes

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