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Megademo IV 2 (DC Demo Port)

MEGADEMO IV 2 is an audiovisual experiment by Artwork.

Quote from http://www.digital-circuits.org/mdiv2/index.html :

This is a quite unusual “scene” demo. As it is unusual in several aspects. It has a very uncommon style using lots of multilayered effects, nearly no 3d scenes and a it has only a “sound-background” instead of the usual, mostly techno-style demo musics.

The other very unusual aspect is that this demo is 100% system independent, it is portable. This was achieved by programming the demo in 100% ANSI C and using no hardware or OS-specific functions (special interrupts etc.)

The demo has been ported to Dreamcast by Marq/Fit.


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Viagra DC (DC Demo Port)

The 64kb Intro “Viagra” by Mewlers ( http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=293 ) has been ported over to the Dreamcast by Marq/Fit.


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WizarDC Allegro (DC Game Port)

Here comes another Ron fast-port for Dreamcast. This one is a port of Wizard.

Thanks to Maturion of http://www.dreamcast-germany.de/ for the news.


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Blaster Allegro (DC Game Port)

Ron released a fast-port of “Blaster Allegro” for Dreamcast, using Chui’s Allegro port.

Thanks to Maturion of http://www.dreamcast-germany.de/ for the news.


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uMSX v0.2 (MSX emu for DC)

Uguru has also released a port of fMSX to the Dreamcast, two days ago. uMSX is already in an pretty advanced stage and is worth a try out.

Thanks to http://www.dreamcast-germany.de/ and http://www.developia.info/ for the news.


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fMSX (Alpha) (MSX emu for DC)

ron has released an first alpha of his fMSX port for Dreamcast.

Thanks to http://www.dreamcast-germany.de and http://www.dreamcast.es for the news.


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Yellow Rose of Texas (29-02-2008) (DC Demo Port)

“Yellow Rose of Texas” is the winner of Assembly’03 4k intro compo. A coproduction between Fit and Bandwagon.


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Planet Hively (05-06-2008) (DC Musicdisk)

Planet Hively is a “musicdisk” released for plenty of platforms, such as Dreamcast.

Official page of the creator group “IRIS” – http://www.irishq.dk/


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One Day Miracle (07-06-2008) (DC Demo Port)

One Day Miracle is a fast party intro for Assemly’02, featuring even some design.


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Anataus 4 (28-02-2008) (DC Demo Port)

Anataus 4 is the fourth member of the Anataus-series, 3rd at the ABD’97 demo compo. Contains the famous ‘Love boat’ part.


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