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The Return of Double Dragon (DC misc)

The very first Double Dragon game entered the arcades in 1987. Time to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary by playing some Double Dragon remakes on your Dreamcast.

All three remakes are based upon OpenBOR.


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Interactive E-Book (DC misc)

Here comes a release from DC Evolution ( thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news. )

This is an interactive E-Book for your Dreamcast (similar to our Christmas release), it contains 10 classic stories, 5 real-life stories, 5 eerie tales, and the entire ‘Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, all set to background art and an unsettling soundtrack. For extra novelty value we’ve thrown in a collection of jokes and recipes to try out, along with a Halloween Jukebox with loads of Halloween themed tunes.

As the PC extras, this time there’s over 200 Pumpkin carving templates on the CD for you to make a masterpiece on Halloween night, 131 Halloween/Horror themed Fonts, 23 Halloween/Horror Dingbat Fonts, and 16 sets of Halloween themed Desktop Icons. For the younger ones, there’s a collection of ‘print-and-play’ activity books (word searches, connect-the-dots, mazes etc.), print-color-cut Halloween masks, coloring books and posters. You could always just pop the CD into your PC CD/DVD drive and enjoy over 6 hours of Halloween music including a massive set of spooky SFX.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!.


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Code – Blocks DC (Dev R1) (DC misc)

Code::Blocks is a development enviroment for Dreamcast.

About R1:

– upgraded to Code::Blocks svn (1.0 RC2 support dropped)
– no Makefiles needed
– includes Dreamcast sh-elf compiler (GCC 3.4.6)
– building romdisks within the IDE
– project files for most of KOS’ Dreamcast examples
– configuration program automatically sets Dreamcast compiler for you
– easy uninstallation


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Cutre Bubble (DC Game)

Cutre Bubble is a Puzzle Bubble Remake for Dreamcast.


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Fenix Engine v0.93 (DC misc)

After quite a while being offline, http://www.dc-swat.net.ru is back online. Swat also posted about a small update of Fenix v0.9.3:


Emulation of the keyboard now same as at chui, for the best compatibility with your projects..

Thanks to Christuserloeser for the news!


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Fenix Engine v0.92a (Beta) (DC misc)

SWAT created a port the latest Fenix engine v0.92a to be used with the Dreamcast. This version runs *.dcb and app.dcb files from the root directory of its CD.

Thanks to Christuserloeser for the news!


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Kill Brick DC (DC Game)

Kill Brick DC is a clone of LBreakout, which itself is, well, a breakout/arkanoid game.

PS: Posting from Abu Dhabi International :) Yeh, free internet!


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DragonDC (a11) (Dragon 16/32 emu for DC)

Here is the Developer release of DragonDC. Includes last Dreamcast port formed by binary and source.

DragonDC is a Dragon 32/64 & Tandy Color Computer emulator and is created on a preliminary port of Quzar, based on Ciaran Anscomb’s XRoar 0.11.

It needs a GUI like DCider urgently and a few adjustments. Works fine on all emus of DC. A good idea is to enable the GUI included with the XRoar orignal source code.


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Noiz2sa (Beta 1) (DC Game)

Noiz2sa is a port of an abstract shooter game for the Dreamcast by chui. It now has reached beta stage.


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DCaSTaway rc5 (Atari ST emu for DC)

DCaSTaway is a Atari ST emulator for the Dreamcast which runs pretty well. The authors are Chui & Ron.


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