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The Faerie Princess (GB Game)

The Faerie Princess by Videlais is a Game Boy game released for bitbitJAM #3.

Based very loosely on the story of Saint George and the Dragon, but, you know, swapping in a princess instead of Saint George. Primarily, other than introductory text, it is a boss battle against a dragon. Get four spear-throws against it and you win. However, allow four fireballs to hurt you, and it’s game over for both you and the princess.

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Guns & Riders v1.0 (GB Game)

Guns & Riders is a new Game Boy classic game in 2016! Developed by J.M. Climent (Kanfor). Protect people by eliminating bandits. Bang! Bang!

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Beep Boop Boom Box (GB Game)

Beep Boop Boom Box is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Beep Boop Boom Box (Game Boy)

Beep Boop Boom Box is a “tone matrix”-style music toy where activating squares on the board makes music play. There are two customizable channels to use, as well as a percussion channel on the bottom of the screen. You can change certain aspects of the sounds by opening the settings menu and playing around!

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Blarble 1290 (GB Game)

Blarble 1290 is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Blarble 1290 is a sci-fi interactive fiction story about humanity’s relation to machines. It uses the Game Boy Printer to print out parts of the story.

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Dodgeball (GB Game)

Dodgeball is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Dodgeball (Game Boy)

Dodgeball is a sports game where you must throw balls at your opponent while dodging theirs. First to 10 points wins! Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to victory!

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Tiny Dancer (GB Game)

Tiny Dancer is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Tiny Dancer (Game Boy)

Tiny Dancer is a rhythm/memory game where you are a student at a dance studio learning a dance routine. You must follow the teacher’s instructions as they get faster and more complex!

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Orb Catcher (GB Game)

Orb Catcher is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Orb Catcher (Game Boy)

You can roll back up by touching a ball winder or by backtracking your steps. You cannot roll over previously laid yarn (i.e. cross your own path). Goals and winders are only activated if touched using your last piece of yarn. You can see how much yarn you have left on the bottom of the screen. The number on the bottom right of the screen is the level number. There are 23 levels total. Can you solve them all?

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Yarn Ball (GB Game)

Yarn Ball is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Yarn Ball (Game Boy)

In Yarn Ball, you play as a ball of yarn traversing a series of mazes and caverns. You only have a limited amount of yarn to roll around with, so you must find rewind points along the way to wind back up and keep going. You can also find extra bits of yarn that can extend your reach! You never know what awaits you!

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GB SFX Generator (GB misc)

GB SFX Generator by Patchwork Games is a small tool for creating authentic Game Boy sound effects. It was created using the Game Boy Development Kit, and takes advantage of the Game Boy sound chip to make all kinds of bleeps and bloops for you to use in your own (non-Game Boy) games.

GB SFX Generator (Game Boy)

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Ichi Ni San (GB Game)

Ichi Ni San by Quang Nguyen is a a Nintendo Gameboy auto-running platformer with vague instructions. Giving you a mish mash of old and new styles. Make it through the increasingly difficult levels of pixel perfect jumping.

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