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Bomb on Basic City (Commercial) (Genesis Game)

Created by Studio Vetea and inspired by Gamopat’s Bomb on Pixel City, Bomb on Basic City is an addicting arcade bomber style game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Retail price is 54,99 US$ right now.

Bomb On Basic City

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Blow ’em Out (Genesis Game) (Commercial)

Blow ’em Out by Retroscribe is a new Genesis/Megadrive game limited to 100 pcs only. Blow ’em Out is a single-screen platform game with 10 levels. It’s your birthday – and you have to blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake.

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어쩌라고 (Genesis Demo)

어쩌라고 by Limp Ninja is a Genesis demo released at Sundown 2016.

So What (Genesis Demo)

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Malabars Bumper (Genesis Demo)

Malabars Bumper by Resistance is a Genesis/Megadrive demo released at Solskogen 2016. It ranked 4th in the oldskool demo competition.

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Ufo Micro-Demo (Genesis Demo)

Ufo Micro-Demo is a Genesis demo released by ALKO. Initially released at DiHALT 2016.

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Downforce v0.1.0 (Genesis Game)

Downforce is a racing game for Genesis by Pocket_Lucho, ManuTrigger, PixelArtM and DavidBonus. It’s possibly one of the most polished entries for the bitbitJAM #3. Only downside is, that the game has a working trail mode only at the moment.

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Red Queen Rampage v0.1.0 (Genesis Game)

Red Queen Rampage by Demens Deum is a Genesis homebrew game. The Red Queen has been captured inside deadly maze, she is going to kill everything on her way to freedom.

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Bare Knuckled Princess v0.2.0 (Genesis Game)

Bare Knuckled Princess is a new Genesis game by OhCarson, crated for bitbitJAM #3.

Princess Linear, the fair and loved princess of Bitland has been openly shamed by Princess Plum of Polygosia, accused of fraternizing with lower class men & women. The ancients decree that the only way to resolve matters of this kind is trial by combat! So the 3rd Royal Rumble takes place! Step forth Princess Linear, and defend your home lands honor, in the ring!

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Shattering Jaws v0.1.0 (Genesis Game)

Shattering Jaws is a homebrew Genesis game made by MoonWatcherMD. The game is part of bitbitJAM #3. The game has brief nudity and pixel blood.

You are little Timmy. Be a good boy and pay attention to mom’s advice. Exceed level 4 and get your reward. Be smart, you are the slowest thing out there, learn how to use boats to your advantage. It may be challenging sometimes, don’t give up!

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Papi Commando Tennis (11-06-2016) (Genesis Game)

Papi Commando Tennis by Vetea is a Tennis game for Megadrive/Genesis, which is currently in development.

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