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Modizer (Beta 4) (iPhone Application)

Modizer is a .mod player supporting a large number of formats, including videogame devices from Sega, Nintendo, NEC & Sony.


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Scenery Beta 2010 Coding Competition (iPhone misc)

Scenery Beta 2010 is by it’s organizers definition not a competition, but a festival, which should pay tribute to homebrew productions. Allowed are PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC and this year also “iDevices” and Android.

The prize pot has accumulated to a total of 3200 Euros. Deadline is the 1st September 2010!


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MemoryTap v1.0 (iPhone Game)

The Game is simple and fun. Remember the sequence of squares as they are highlighted in color. This mind boggling game, will test your memory and your brain. So, will you remember?


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Defined v1.0 (iPhone Game)

Defined is a word game that challenges players to guess as many words as possible by only reading their definitions. When a word is guess correctly, the player is awarded points and moves onto the next word. If a word is guessed unsuccessfully 3 times, the player loses a life. The game is complete after 5 lives.

Think it sounds easy? Test your knowledge of the English language with Defined!


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Ghost Bash v1.1 (iPhone Game)

The Ghosts are escaping and it’s up to you to stop them. Bash them on the head to banish them back into the darkness. Frantic fun awaits anyone brave enough to enter the graveyard. So simple anyone can play but be warned it gets hard!


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ArrGeeBee v2.0 (iPhone Game)

Test your RGB color matching skills with ArrGeeBee!

Play three levels of difficulty, from casual to nightmare. Manipulate Red, Green and Blue sliders to see if you can get your swatch to match.

ArrGeeBee is a fun introduction to additive color mixing. Can you match the color before time runs out?


IMPORTANT! Installing this version will remove your old High Scores!

Difficulty levels have been scaled down based on player feedback. Here’s the new breakdown:

Casual Difficulty features 64 possible color combinations (old version featured 1,000). Each slider has 4 possible values.

Serious Difficulty features 1,000 possible color combinations (old version featured 1,000,000). Each slider has 10 possible values. This level used to be called Casual in version 1.0.

Nightmare Difficulty features 1,000,000 possible color combinations (old version featured over 16,000,000). Each slider has 100 possible values. This level used to be called Serious in version 1.0.


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Chick Hatcher v1.0 (iPhone Game)

The chicken needs to hatch from the egg but he needs your help. Tap the egg as fast as you can to set the chick free.


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Lights Out for iPhone v1.0 (iPhone Game)

Clicking on a bulb will toggle the state of that bulb and of all the surrounding bulbs (any bulbs that are on will turn off and vice versa). The aim of the game is to switch all of the lights off.

If you want to start the current game again, press the restart button. To play a new, random puzzle – press the New Game button.


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iBodger v2.3.0 (iPhone misc)

iBodger is a free application for creating army lists for Warmachine and Hordes, two fantastic tabletop games of miniatures combat from Privateer Press. iBodger supports all factions, special forces, and rules up to and including MkII Prime. It also includes links to Battle College and many of Chris Walton’s sketches.

iBodger includes full support for both MkI and MkII rules (including the Mercenary Theme Forces), along with the option to convert armies between the rule sets. It also lets you keep track of your collection of models.

Follow ibodger on Twitter for the latest updates.


Added new models and themes through Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate, and NQ 30. This includes tiers for Fiona and Captain Shae, and other previewed models.
Fixed a bug where the iPhone version would not work on iPads. (A true iPad version is still in development.)


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Route-Rageous v1.0 (iPhone Game)

Route-Rageous! A cool brain teaser that’s sure to test your mental moxie!

Ready for a challenge? Progressive’s new Route-Rageous game is an addicting brain teaser that’s sure to test your mental moxie. Guide your ride through twists and turns to reach the checkered flag. But watch out — dangerous hazards can send you back to the starting line. And as you master each level, you’ll encounter new and exciting challenges with the next one!

It’s Route-Rageous!


– 10 levels of brain-teasing fun
– Facebook Connect integrated leaderboard
– Choice of five vehicles, each with its own unique skill
– Run errands and collect coins to increase your score
– Unlock unique bonuses and special areas
– Replay levels with new solutions to increase your score
– Cool graphics and music
– Complete one level to unlock the next!


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