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Nintendomax and Tetris Holdings LLC (misc)

The french homebrew scene site Nintendomax got a C&D letter from Tetris Holdings LLC.

Obviously Nintendomax had a homebrew hosted, which uses the copyrighted name “Tetris”. Tetris Holdings LLC managed to get Nintendomax’s file account closed, so basically all downloads are not working anymore.

This is a great loss for the homebrew scene, but nothing is 100% lost yet, as the guys at Nintendomax try to sort out the issues.

All this shows once again, that homebrew coders should step away from using copyrighted materials for their projects, unless they have an official and legal permission. This applies not only to trademarks, brands, but also to music and graphics.

Let’s see where this journey will end up!


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10 Day Craptastic Coding Competition (Misc)

Openxile.co.uk are holding a Crap Games Coding Competition. Deadline is the 25th August 2009. Check out the full announcement via the link below.


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the openXile 10-Day-Craptastic-Coding-Contest. (Or the 10DCCC if you wanna be smart about it)

Featuring fabulous prizes, your task is to code the most interesting game or application in the ten day time slot. We aren’t looking for a work of art, just something that can keep our attention for more than a few minutes.
Platforms include, but aren’t limited to:

Wiz, GP2x, GP32, DC, PSP, GBA, etc


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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 63 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #63 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

01. Press Fire To Begin
02. Retrogaming News
03. High Score Monthly Profile
04. Show Report: California Extreme 2009
05. RTM Idiocy: Blissful Ignorance And Dangerous Knowledge (Act 3) |
06. Apple II Incider – Marble Madness |
07. All Eyes On Blaster Master 2 |
08. The Thrill Of Defeat: The Ugly Duckling |
09. Modern Retro – Bionic Commando: Rearmed |
10. Old Wine In New Bottles: Capcom Classic Collection Volume 2
11. Videological Dig – The Vid Kid
12. Laughing Pixels
13. Gaming Advertisements
14. Game Over


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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 62 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #62 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

01. Press Fire To Begin
02. Retrogaming News
03. Moonwalking Into Heaven
04. Movie’s With A Byte: The Wizard
05. Lunch With Tim McVey
06. Show Report: Funspot XI
07. On Parallel Universe Theory And The Art Of Cornering
08. RTM Idiocy: Blissful Ignorance And Dangerous Knowledge (Act 2)
09. NES’cade – Gun.Smoke
10. Apple II Incider – California Games
11. Squaring Off: Demon Attack
12. Atari Playfield – Michtron
13. The Thrill Of Defeat: Hurting The Ones We Love & Making Up For It
14. A Next-Gen Blast From The Past: Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection
15. Old Wine In New Bottles: Capcom Classic Collection Volume 1
16. Videological Dig – Moonwalker
17. Laughing Pixels
18. Gaming Advertisements
19. Game Over

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.


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PDRoms Coding Competition v4.01 – Official Results (misc)

And here are the long awaited results of the PDRoms Coding Competition v4.01!


#1 Skipp and Friends (SNES), 1325 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5967

#2 Factory Bots (GBA), 1225 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5964

#3 Poomania (GBA), 1110 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5931

#4 Clem the Retarded Elf 2 (GBA), 1065 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5942

#5 Shunting Puzzle (ColecoVision), 1030 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5998

#6 GemVenture (Beta) (NES), 1000 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5941

#7 Gears Of Fate (NGPC), 990 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5930

#8 Droplets (GBA), 535 points – http://www.pdroms.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=5968

Thanks to our sponsors again:
& ph0x.

Congratulation to all winners (in fact everyone, as we had prizes for the first 15 and only had 8 entries). – You’ll be notified by e-mail in the next two days.


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PDRC v4.01 – Judging status (misc)

Unfortunatly one of the judges still did not bring in his results. If this should not happen latest during comming weekend, we will publish the results on Monday 29th June 2009.

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Scenery Beta 2009 International Homebrew Showcase (misc)

SceneBeta.com is having something nice comming up!


A whole year has passed since the first Scenery Beta 2008, and our particular Homebrew Festival has returned with the summer time. This time we are glad to announce that we will give real trophies to the winners of each category. We hope that the Scenery Beta 2009 will bring to us even more Homebrews than the last festival (specially in sections like Wii and NDS). In order to achieve this purpose our Homebrew Festival will dristribute as much money as the last year (2.400 EUR even despite the global crisis), new model and capacity for the pendrives (4GB each one), new trophies, commemorative stickers and official diplomas.

Scenery Beta 2009 is not a competition, it is just a festival (similar to cinema festivals) which not only pay tribute to all those great coders who make the scene bigger and bigger, but also make the rest of us enjoy with new games and applications for our favourite consoles: PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC.

SceneBeta.com welcomes you to Scenery Beta 2009. Let’s get this party started!


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RetroChallenge 2009 (misc)

Do you like old computer/handheld/console stuff? Here comes a nice compo!

Read on:

RetroChallenge commences July 1st, 2009 and runs until July 31st, 2009
In order to qualify, computer systems must use a pre-pentium processor… in general, this means 486 or below, 680×0 and pretty much everything with an 8-bit processor, but we’ll also let you in if you have an old Cray kicking about.
Gaming consoles and PDAs qualify if they are at least ten years old as of July1, 2009.
Where appropriate, replica hardware and emulators may be used.
Entrants are responsible for adequately documenting their projects and submitting occasional updates during the contest.
Projects may encompass any aspect of retrocomputing that tickles the fancy of the individual entrant.
Winners will be arbitrarily chosen and crap prizes doled out during the first week of August 2009.
Have fun.


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PDRoms Back Online (misc)

Dear visitors,

We had a hard disk crash recently, which resulted into a loss of our bootloader and other problems. It was very difficult to handle the situation as our server farm is bound to specific working times and were not reachable during night, which pulled everything further into the future.

Thanks to EvilDragon ( http://www.gp2x.de ) we managed to come back online. All the fame should go to him – he’s a smart guy and didn’t even moan a second to help out.

The coding competition results for PDRC v4.01 are still pending as one judge is not done with his vote yet. As soon as this is done, the results will be compiled and presented. Please be a bit more patient.

Also by now Kojote has posted more than 70 news of major homebrew releases of the past five days, so be sure to check the backlog and let everyone know we are here again :)

The usual service should be back to normal soon!


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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 61 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #58 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

High Score Monthly!
Who Am I?
Lunch With Paul Zimmerman
Show Report: CCAG 2009
Dinosaurs, Algebra, And The Three-Handed Controller
How Phantasy Star II Taught Me To Spell
How I Discovered THE SECRET Of Missile Command
Never-Lander: A Programming Odyssey
RTM Idiocy: Blissful Ignorance And Dangerous Knowledge
NES’Cade – Arkanoid
Apple II Incider – Computer Baseball (Revisited)
The Thrill Of Defeat: ZX81 Games That Mostly Rock, Part 1
Videological Dig – The Doom Phenomenon
Laughing Pixels

Thanks to http://www.atariage.com for the news.


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