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PDROMS relaunched! Welcome! (misc)

Dear Ladies! Dear Gentlemen! :)

Most of you might remember that my page (pdroms, aka Kojote’s Homepage) closed down on the 4th December2001. Now I’m proud to announce that pdroms is back today, on the 20th June 2002 (which is also my 22nd birthday :) !

Pdroms still contains only legal images (Freeware) for various systems, such as Gameboy Color&Advance, Wonderswan Color, Playstation, Genesis, Master System, etc… Up to the 4th December I also had computer demos and freeware (Atari ST, Amiga, C64, …), but in my opinion they are still very well supported trough other pages, so I left them out.

During the last weeks, and with the help of a few people, it was possible to re-launch the page. On this place I’d like to say “Welcome & Thank you ” to “Pancid”! He is the new guy here at pdroms, and responsible for the PHP coding only. He did great work, and the scripts will still improve in the future.

Other people who helped with feedback or suggestions were (in no order) Duo, Gollum, fr4nz, Meij, Dox, Clem, Peitschi, Guyfawkes, Space Commader, MK2k, Somnium, Operator, Sjaak, Ph0x, Lai, EmuManiac and everyone I forgot (shame one me :).

The facts so far:
– 745 Images online! (some with picture)
– PHP & SQL inside :)
– less colours, I still remember people complained about my design :)

Enough written for now! Enjoy the offer, and dont forget to visit EFNET #pdroms from time to time :)


[Update 12:00 CEST]
DuoDreamer has released a re-launch GBC intro for PDroms :)Click here to Download!!!Thanks man! :)

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Re-launch in approx 14 hours! (misc)

Well… the re-launch comes closer and closer. Currently I’m fixing smaller problems, most of the work is allready done! Unfortunatley the transfer of my .com domain isn’t done yet, so I’ll go online with the .de domain!

Thanks to all people who informed me about various page problems yet! I think I don’t have to mention any name, you know who you are! :)

Cya all in 14 hours! :)

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New Stuff (misc)

Here are three new files:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Great Juicy Gypsy by Nocturnal (Demo)
Grooveboy by Scania (Demo)

Playstation II Additions
Jum5200 v0.6 by Jim Higgs (aka Jum Hug) [A5200 Emulator]

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Direct downloads enabled! (misc)

Pancid is really in hurry, because he is away for one week very soon. Today he did following:

– Direct downloads enabled!
– Layout changes in the News Section

Hopefully these things will be done by tomorrow evening:
– Screenshot appears in an extra box, but sized to the size of the image, and not in a full window
– Small cosmetic fix in the News Section

Well that’s it again… cya on EFNET #pdroms :)

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Screenshot pop-up (misc)


Now every screenshot appears in an extra box which is sized to the size of the image.

Ok that’s it, I don’t have time to write more :) …

I hope the re-launch of pdroms.com will be exciting, see ya in a week!


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New Logo :) (misc)

Yesterday I uploaded a new logo, I hope you people out there like it more than the first one.

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:~( pdroms.com troubles! (misc)

Seems those guys can’t transfer my old .com domain! This .de domain ist just here for temporary work. Well I’ll call a shitload of people now, we’ll see what this will bring :(

I’ll not re-open without my .com domain! So instead of 8 days it might take a while more before I can present the re-launch!

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Download problem fixed (misc)


The download problem with the “&” in the filename has been fixed!

Nothing more…


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Download-Problems and NEW GBA Additions (misc)

Hello together,
unfortunatley I’ve found a small problem if you try to download files which have a “&” in it! The download simply will not work! The same problem occours if a Screenshot has “&” in it! We are working to fix the problem.

Gameboy Advance Additions
Absolute Zed by CraigX
Ace Beta 11 by NightC1 & Kyp4
Awale by Apsod
Bad Bad Beez by ILGS
Ballistic v1.0 by Dave Smith
Blob by Zen Psycho
Bogey6 by Jay Cook
Bunnykost by Icebird
Desolate by Daniel Capek & Pavel Cizek
GBAmenu v1.0 by Sjaak
Hockey by Fatgraham
Kara Kara Cubes by Matt Kyle
Move On by Hugo Smits
Osiris by Alistair Phillips
Scanboy by Karthur
Scoopdemo by Team Bomba
Simonchu by Jagos
Skool Daze by Martin Eyre
Skull Smasher by Ben
Slime Ball by Erik Schellenger
Starzone by Unknown
Tokkun Advance guv of Zero Degrees
Transmission Control (Compo Edition) by BludClot
Viper3D v1.2 by Royale00
We Are Armed (Preview) by Checkpoint

I think this will be one of the last additions before the official re-opening. That’s it for today. Have a nice day!

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Download limit (misc)


Today I’ve coded a script for restricting the transfer limit to 1.5gb/day, which is very important actually because otherwise Kojote would pay quite a lot if our traffic would reach more than 60gb/month.

However, right now the page is nearly finished i think and if you find any bugs please tell me BEFORE june 14th because i’m on a school trip from june 15th – june 21st…


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