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Alphablocks v2.0 (NDS misc)

Alphablocks by IceDaddy is an educational program for pre-schoolers to get learning letter sounds.

20111030 alphablocks v2.0 (nds misc) Alphablocks v2.0 (NDS misc)

Release notes:

This is now version 2. It is exactly the same functionally as before but it has been upgraded to use viDSnips 2; so the sound is vastly improved, the video playback is more robust and the game size is much smaller (about half what it was before).

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Puzzle 48 (31-08-2011) (NDS Game)

Puzzle 48 by Aguilera_87 is a sliding puzzle game for Nintendo DS in Spanish language.

20111030 puzzle 48 (31 08 2011) (nds game) Puzzle 48 (31 08 2011) (NDS Game)

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viDSnips Library (28-10-2011) (NDS misc)

viDSnips is a basic media player for the NDS intended for showing short video clips within games. This library uses viDSnips 2 that has a number of significant improvements over the initial player. The choppy sound issue has been sorted out with crisp audio reproduction in version 2. The video playback is also improved and more robust and the .vDS media file format has also been improved allowing much smaller media files. I have also made the video converter tools much more manageable.

This viDSnips library is to be used with DSGM and/or PALib based projects.

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Rick Dangerous II (WIP 2) (NDS Game)

Alekmaul is working on a remake of Rick Dangerous II for the Nintendo DS. The game code is based on Foxy‘s Rick Dangerous II disassembly from the commercial Atari ST version.

The official page is now online (linked below) and rumors tell that the release could happen within or less than two weeks.

20111027 rick dangerous ii (wip 2) (nds game) Rick Dangerous II (WIP 2) (NDS Game)

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Links Crossbow Training DS (Beta 6) (NDS Game)

Links Crossbow Training DS is a crossbow shooting game. It comes with three different training modes and 10 levels in total.


* Achievements, Slight Graphical update

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Cards Of Incantation v1.0 (NDS Game)

“Cards Of Incantation” (previously known as WagicDS) has been updated. It’s a strategy card game for Nintendo DS by Virman. Thanks to Virman himself for the news.

20110911 cards of incantation v0.6a (nds game) Cards Of Incantation v1.0 (NDS Game)

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WiXP v6.0 (NDS Application)

WiXP by ametller124 is a shell application for Nintendo DS, designed after Windows XP. This release comes with a new subprogram named Añadido Paint and a few bugfixes.

20110824 wixp v5.0 (nds application) WiXP v6.0 (NDS Application)

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My SPACE iNVADERS v1.0.3 (NDS Game)

My SPACE iNVADERS by BLL Productions & COMMsoft is a remake of Space Invaders for Nintendo DS created with DS Game Maker.

20111027 my space invaders v1.0.3 (nds game) My SPACE iNVADERS v1.0.3 (NDS Game)

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DS2x86 v0.25 (DOS emu for NDS)

DS2x86 by Patrick Aalto is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. DS2x86 is a port of DSx86 port using the SuperCard DSTwo’s MIPS processor, therefor it will just run with such a card.


- Fixed a copy-paste bug in REP MOVSW string opcode (fixes Heretic, Hexen, etc)
- Implemented INT10 calls AX=1008, AH=12/BL=34, AH=F1/DX=0020, AH=F1/DX=0028
- Implemented missing 66-prefix variations for LFS and LGS opcodes (NORM)
- Implemented missing RCL/RCR opcodes using 32-bit registers (SWS)
- Implemented read/write to/from CPU debug registers (RAYMAN)
- Enabled directory access using the 8.3 alias of a long directory name
- Ignore writes to I/O ports 0×140..0x14F (DESCENTR)
- Some other minor fixes and enhancements.

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DS Vista v2 (NDS Application)

DS Vista by Filou HB is an early shell application for Nintendo DS featuring a Windows Vista theme. It has been recently updated and a changelog in french language is available on it’s download page.

20111027 ds vista v2 (nds application) DS Vista v2 (NDS Application)

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