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Christmas Coding Compo Releases (NDS misc)

The Drunken Coders Christmas Coding Competition has ended and are now ready for download.

Here is the official announcement:

The christmas coding compo has come to an end with 21 entries. I have posted the entries as a single large rar file (the exact same file that was sent to the judges) until i have time to post a more proper page. If you entered please verify we have your entry included and if you are one of the several people that sent in updates make sure we have the most current version. Expect results by the 8th.

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Animal Crossing Trainer v0.04 (NDS Trainer)

This is a trainer / cheating application for the game “Animal Crossing Wild World”. More information on it’s official page. Use at own risk!

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Two Pass 3D Rendering Demo (NDS Techdemo)

ecurtz has released a “Two Pass 3D Rendering” Demo for the Nintendo DS.

The release notes:

Here’s the promised two pass 3D demo, it took me longer than I expected to get it finished. Unfortunately, I still can’t get it working with only one bank of VRAM – I’ll send a shiny new DS game to anyone who can get that going…

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MoonShell v0.7+1 (NDS Application)

MoonShell is a shell for the Nintendo DS by Infantile Paralysiser and has been udpated.

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Iro v0.9c (NDS Game)

Iro is a breakout game by scawf.

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MoonShell (Beta Test 2) (01-10-2005) (NDS Application)

Infantile Paralysiser has updated MoonShell…

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ChopLifter DS (01-10-2005) (NDS Game)

ChopLifter DS has been updated.

The notes for todays version:

Got the collision detection pretty much down now. Atleast when it comes to the soldiers, and basic chopper movement. Might have to work a bit more on collision response though.Added basic logic to the soldiers, so they’ll both find the chopper, and bases. And get out of the chopper when it lands on a platform near a base. Check out the new demo!

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