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Meathook Massacre (Commercial) (NES Game)

Meathook Massacre is a horror platform game by Sinister Studios. For ~76 USD a copy could be yours and comes visually like a real NES game with everything expected.

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A Winner is You (Commercial) (NES misc)

A Winner is You is a collection of video game tunes played on real instruments. This is no ordinary musical cart.

This cart was created with a special custom board that has a whopping 64MB ROM and allows for full uncompressed PCM audio playback through your console! That means you get actual instrument sounds coming out of your NES! No modifications to your console are needed in order experience the full quality of these awesome musical recordings!

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Dushlan (13-09-2016) (NES Game)

Dúshlán by Peter McQuillan is based on the classic Tetris, but with a few twists on the game and some extra features that are not commonly available like ghost (where you can see where your piece would go if you dropped it) and save (where you can swap a piece in play for later usage).

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Scramble (WIP) (NES Game)

KHAN Games is heavily working on an Arcade Port of Scramble for the NES.

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Banana Nana (Ludum Dare 32) (NES Game)

Help Nana the monkey retrieve the three golden bananas to improve her BANANARANG and access new areas.

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Spacy Shooty 2016 (06-09-2016) (NES Game)

Spacy Shooty 2016 is a game by dougeff, which is a rewritten example game from his blog. It’s almost a full game now…you can play through it in 5-10 min. The source code is available as well.

Spacy Shooty 2016 (NES Game)

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Lala The Magical (NES Game)

The Mojon Twins released their stunning NES homebrew Lala The Magical! Go and get the free ROM to play this great platformer.


In the ancient ruins (province of Badajoz) lives Lala with her teacher. She is learning magic but still has a long way to go.

“Tell me about the Sky Palace” – asks Lala, and her teacher tells her again about the three Power Gems hidden inside. “I’d love to see them”, but Lala’s teacher would say no… “It’s too dangerous, and powerful magic is required to traverse the palace”.

But now the teacher has left for a few days and Lala is bored… “His Magic Wand should provide a power that’s strong enough to be able to cope with the perils hidden inside the Sky Palace. Problem is, the Wand is locked in a special vault, and the lock is also magical!” Not only she needs to find the key, but become stronger collecting eight magic potions.

Let’s get busy! Help Lala get the Wand and travel to the Sky Palace to find the three Power Gems! Just because she’s bored!

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Dragon Leap (Web-Release) (NES Game)

Dragon Leap is an older NES homebrew game by 64KB Games, which totally slipped under our radar, but better late than never? If you are into platform/puzzle games, this might be a pretty nice game to check.

After a nice dinner of succulent cattle and one very angry farmer, the little green dragon decided to take a walk while his food settled. So the dragon decided to take a walk though the red mountains. Then the rock crumbled beneath the dragon’s feet as it fell into a strange cave with faces carved into all the walls. Can the little green dragon find it’s way out of 464 rooms spread across 8 strange mazes?

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Lala The Magical (WIP) (NES Game)

The Mojon Twins work on a new NES game called Lala The Magical. Now if this doesn’t look fancy!

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MintaBOOM (11-07-2016) (WIP) (NES misc)

MintaBOOM by za909 is a new, work-in-progress music player, which aims to make it possible to play sample-based music in games without having to completely suspend gameplay. The additional cost of an IRQ source in a cartridge has also been considered, and as a result, no complicated mapper hardware is needed to make use of the music player, as it runs using the DMC channel for its timing!

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