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Tattoo Apprentice (WIP) (13-06-2016) (NES Game)

glutock is working on a NES RPG called Tattoo Apprentice. You’re a young tattoo artist, trying to become a famous one. Starting in a small country village, being an apprentice in a small tattoo shop. Classic RPG-battles are replaced by timed tattooing challenges, and you have to manage your own promotion, visiting bars, clubs, … and manage your stock (ink, needles, tattoo guns, …). Let’s see how this project will work out. Good luck!

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The Wit.nes (Demo) (05-06-2016) (NES Game)

The Wit.nes by Studio Dustmop is a demake of Thekla Inc’s 2016 game “The Witness” has you exploring a mysterious island and solving puzzles. Developed in over 2 months, this NES ROM stands as a reinterpretation and tribute to the original work. Aimed at both players unfamiliar with the full game who want to learn what it’s like, as well as veterans that need a fix of new puzzle panels to solve.

The Wit.nes (NES Homebrew Game)

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Danmaku 100 Bullet Demo (NES Techdemo)

Danmaku 100 Bullet Demo is a techdemo by pubby. It displays up to 100 bullets on the screen at once using the backround layer to prevent flicker.

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Ralph 4 (18-04-2016) (NES Game)

Ralph 4 is a rather fresh NES game by pubby, with music by MovieMovies1. The game is explained rather easy. Collect diamonds and avoid the fluffy cute bears. Few bears wont move at all, others do. The entertainment factor is great, but the game rather short.

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Color a Deer (20-05-2016) (NES misc)

Color a Deer allows you to color a deer. It’s a top notch highly entertaining Nintendo Entertainment System program by pubby.

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Crypto (NES Game)

Crypto by Engin Mercan, Erdem Yeni, Mustafa Korkmaz and Ugurcan Orcun is a co-op NES game that can be played with an emulator or on a console with a flash card or online. The main objective is to take special items spread on map to the middle for completing a ritual.

Crypto (Ingame) (NES)

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Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller (Commercial) (NES misc)

Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller is an original love horoscope game programmed for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game is 40 KB and was written in 6502 assembly by Rachel Simone Weil, aka Party Time! Hexcellent! Download includes NES ROM, a readme.txt, and a four-page booklet about hacking, programming, and sleepovers entitled “Do Fun Things with Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller.” Purchase Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller for $1.99 or more.

Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller (NES)

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Tower to the Truth (NES Game)

Tower to the Truth is a NES game by MrValdez. Decide if you want to evolve or get along with your other race. As you become “better” than your fellows, you’ll climb a tower that suddenly appear as you gain self-awareness. Start your journey as a rock and reach your fate. Why did this tower appeared? What mystery could be revealed at the top?

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Hunt or Run (NES Game)

Hunt or Run by Adrian Laubisch is a 2D platformer arena multiplayer-only NES prototype. The idea behind it is that each player has a role that flip between them over time and time again. The players must concentrate on “What do we do now? Hunt or Run?”, because if not, they can get themselves killed quickly! Basically two players must kill each other by hitting he/she with a ball. But there is only one ball available! And you only can touch the ball on your turn, otherwise you are dead!

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Browny Blaster (25-10-2015) (NES Game)

Browny Blaster is a NES game by Vectrex2809. Bronies all over the world went mad because of the cancellation of “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic”, and it’s up to you to stop them.

Browny Blaster (NES)

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