PCE Advance v1.2 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa spend more time into his”PCE Advance”project and brings us version 1.2! The changes are:

– Fixed menu characters and palette.- Fixed disapering sprites (JJ&Jeff, Image Fight, Cyber Cross and more)

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XCade GP32 Public alpha 001 (Arcade emulator for GP32)

Text taken from it’s official page:

We’ve ported our XCade application from Palm OS to the GP32, and are giving it away free. We’ve always been big supporters of the free software and open source movements where we can, and in that spirit want to do our small part to support this marvelous little machine.This version is running very well; it runs Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Pengo, Puckman and Hanglyman. Colours are broken, but otherwise runs nice. Some screen clipping is performed to fit nicely on the GP32 display without speed hit.

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Darts WIP (GP32 Game)

News taken from Guyfawkes/GP32emu:

A few people have been asking me about the Darts game icon that was shown in yesterdays screenshots of WinGP. Its a WIP game of Darts that I am writing but have not released yet. It is a seperate game and nothing to do with WinGP, I just forgot to remove the game from the SMC when taking the screenshots of WinGP :)The game is mostly playable at the present time, but only 2 players, no CPU AI yet. I will try and get it finished (2P mode only) in the next week or so, as I am having too much fun writing WinGP at the moment, so my free time is being spent coding that.

A screenshot can be found at gp32emu!

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winGP WIP (GP32 application)

News taken from GP32emu:

I (Guyfawkes) thought it was about time to announce a project I have been working on the past couple of weeks named WinGP. It’s similar to Karthur’s great GP32 program Wind-ups, in that it can load FXE files etc. but it has the advantage? of not relying so much on a configuration file to get the program names, icons etc. as WinGP gets this information from the actual FXE files themselves.

Many many details and many many screenshots can be found at gp32emu!

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Dangerous XMAS – Update (GBA game)

The Spoutnick Team updated their GBAX 2003 entry”Dangerous XMAS”(ranked #2) with a couple of tiny and cosmetical bugfixes.

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Arcano v1.0 (GP32 game)

News taken from GP32emu:

Arcano is a new homegrown game released by Franz Lankes. It is basically a game similar to the classic Arkanoid game, but it has one difference ;) The screen is rotated 90 degrees so you hold the GP32 lengthways. It features some very nice graphics done in 16bit graphics mode (check the very cool animated background) and sound.

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After three months I managed to get another interview done. This time it’s Mr.”Rotris”:) Oh well… we know him as Yarin :) Hope you’ll enjoy the interview.For those who do not know: Yarin is a GBC/GBA coder and did games like Rotris (GBA) and Sqrxz(GBC).

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ZXAdvance v1.0.1 (Spectrum emulator for GBA)

Guyfawkes, webmaster of GBAEMU, received an e-mail from The Hive containing a new version of ZXAdvance. The changes:

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone using 1.0 switch to this. It has some core fixes, and cosmetic/asthetic enhancements. And a couple o’ requested features.

You can get the download from GBAEMU.

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Tiltris (GBA game) WIP News

MrMr[iCE] is on the way to bring us a new Tetris game. But it isn’t just another Tetris game. The one or other might remember a game called”Rotris”by Yarin which was 4k in size and really fun to play. Tiltris works similar.The pieces fall at a constant rate but as you gain levels, the board twists harder. The 4th number is a bonus multiplier and the more the board swings, the higher that number is. The higher that number is, the more points you get.Currently Mr. Mister is in the task to fix the highscore… after that he is going to release it to the public, and you can be sure to see it here after it’s released :)

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Gianas Return (GP32 game) WIP

Many of you might remember a game called”The Great Giana Sisters”. It was developed in 1987 by Chris H?k (Music), Armin Gessert (Code)&Manfred Trenz (GFX). The game was avaliable for Commodore 64 and Amiga.A few people (including myself) created a remake of this alltime cassic game called”Giana’s Return”. We entered it in the GBAX Competition, but didn’t got permission from Armin Gessert in time, to release it. Since there is allready a screenshot floating around (at the GBAX2003 page) we decided to release some Information about the GP32 version.In general the game has 5 worlds where each world is splittet into 5 levels and themed (snow, fire, mountain, cave). The grahpics are completly redone and overworked by Arthus. CHN did all the code, Myth created the leveleditor (he also did”Giana Worlds”a PC remake which was never finished,”Gianas Return”is manly the final version of”Giana Worlds”). My part (Kojote) was to design all the levels and level-beta testing. Finally our Mr. Music”Operator/Sue??composed a few nice chiptunes for oldschool feeling.The game is nearly at the stage we want to have it and of course its allready full playable! As mentioned we are just waiting for the permission to release it to the public. This might take a while. In the meantime you can have a look at the screenshots :)CHN wrote a bit more about the technical stuff behind”Gianas Return”on his page and posted a few other screenshots which aren’t posted here. See related links for a link to CHN’s page!The pics:

Related Links:“The great Giana Sisters”Original Team – Armin Gesserts Company – Manfred Trenz Fanpage – Official Page of Chris H?kImportant Note:Please don’t BUG any of them regarding”Gianas Return”since it’s a remake and they don’t have to do anything with it!!!“Gianas Return”Team – CHN’s Homepage – Myth’s Homepage – Demogroup where Operator is Member ofAnother Note:Myth’s Homepage is horribly outdated! We do not need Leveldesigner for any clone of Giana and there is NO support for”Giana Worlds”or any of the DOS versions! Arthus does not have a homepage as far as i know.

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