Something personal (misc)

Kia’ ora!

As some of you might already know, i’m in New Zealand since 2 weeks as an exchange student for half a year, so i think i won’t have much time for improving Jep, just wanted to tell ya this :)

And now something for the people living in NZ:
If you wanna get in touch with an Austrian student, just write me an email (pancid at pdroms dot de). I’m living next to Auckland and i really enjoy meeting new people!

Ok i think that’s it so far…
See ya!

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SID Machine v0.5 (GP32 Application)

Sasq released another SID player for the GP32. Thanks to GP32NEWS & GP32EMU for the news.

Small playsid-player using libpogo (no offical libs). Handles long filenames. Also handles gzipped files.Looks for sid.pak (in root) at startup. A pak-file is an archive of files, used to avoid the overhead of having many small file on a fat filsystem (the hvsid-collection takes about half as much space in a pak file). In this way, the entire hvsids collection takes only 60MB

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Jomo v1.01 (GBA Game)

Saikou released a good puzzle game with 100(!) levels. Details and download from his page.

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Ball Of Death (GBA Game)

Ball of Death is a new game release by C. Brandon Patterson. Details and download from

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InfoNES GP32 (Release 2) (NES emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund released an updated version of his InfoNES port. This version has improved sound quality and a few minor speed improvements.

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PDROMS Poll: Why do you visit PDROMS? (misc)

PDROMS is back since nearly 6 months, and I want to know why you visit my page. Please have a look at the link (it will forward you to the forum where the poll is).

Due to security reasons only members of the board are allowed to vote. So i can be sure everyone does it only once (Signup only takes a minute).

BTW If you want to leave feedback about pdroms (what could be done better, …) just let it out! I’m thankfull for _any_ feedback! (Please take care of your words, even if you think my page isn’t good)

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Slide Show (NGPC Techdemo)

Thor released a small slideshow for NGPC which shows the capabilities of his default “gif/jpg to ngp” import tool (up to 90 colors). Thanks to Mr. Spiv for the news!

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BIOS Monitor v0.2 (GP32 misc)

Mr. Spiv just informed me that he made his “own version” of the GP32 BIOS. But read more…

Ok.. I made a custom BIOS to GP32 (based on English FW 1.5.7). This BIOS includes Exception handlers for Data&Prefetch Aborts (MMU and memory related errors like unaligned access) and invalid instructions. In case of Exception the BIOS runs a simple monitor which shows all possible registers, Exception reason, and relevant cp15 registers. Also a small memory browsing monitor is included. Finally the BIOS also skips the animation during the boot, which means a way faster booting time. All this was fitted into less than 3.5K of code (includes 1K of font data, all texts etc). Oh.. the USB fix is also included :)

Please remember that this is a PATCH! You need the original “English v1.5.7 Firmware” by yourself. I nor Mr. Spiv can support you with _any_ BIOS Files!

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aGBe WIP News (GB emu for PSX)

aGBe is a Gameboy emulator for the Playstation 1 (PS2 compatibel). The official aGBe homepage has been updated with these WIP news:

After 6 months of idling, this project has been picked up again, it’s still in the development phase. There’s a lot of things that still need to be adressed before this will be a fully functional emulator. It’s not that easy to do, because of the PlayStation aspect and the fact that I’m only working on this in my spare time (which for the last 6 months has been non-existant). But at any rate, in the spirit of Dev’ing, I’m sure there will be a lot of support and interest in the project, and I’ll need a lot of help with the testing. (There is NO beta yet, calm down!). There will be time in the near future to get all your features in, but don’t expect miracles! (just yet). I will be releasing the src after my development time is done.. (until I can’t work on it any more). And I’m also looking for *experienced* psx programmers if they would like to help out. Please use the forums responsibly, and try not to get yourself all hyped up, because i dont know when the first release will be. But I’ll be sure to keep thestatus posted as often as possible. Special thanks go out to [vEX] and justice7. – gxd (main programmer)

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Dancing Baby (A2600 Techdemo)

Text taken from [Newsdate 16th Jan 2003]

Andrew Davie has put together an impressive tech demo of a Dancing Baby. This demo should give you an idea of the type of animation Andrew is shooting for as he continues to develop Fu Kung!

You can download the Demo from Atari Age.

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