Snakes v0.2.5 (3DS Game)

Desynched updated Snakes. It’s a snake game for up to eight local players, which makes it something very special to currently existing 3DS homebrew releases.

Release notes:

This means there are 1 – 3 bot opponents with customizable difficulty settings to play against! You can also use Autopilot if you want to watch the game play itself, or want everyone to play while you go afk. If you spot any bugs, please let me know!

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ctrmus v0.4.10 (3DS Application)

ctrmus is a music player for the Nintendo 3DS. For now it plays PCM WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Opus and MP3 files. Due to limitations in ctrulib, only ASCII characters are displayed correctly. Other characters will appear garbled, but functionality is not affected.


* Fixed an issue whereby the console would flash whilst browsing files.
* Files are sorted in alphabetical order. There is no option to change this currently.

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SNES9x 3DS v1.00 (SNES emu for 3DS)

SNES9x for 3DS is a high-compatibility SNES emulator for your old 3DS / 2DS. It runs many games at full speed (60 fps). It supports games that use CX4 chip (Megaman X2/X3), and the SDD-1 chip (Star Ocean, Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha). It can also play games that use the SuperFX chip (Yoshi’s Island, etc) but they run with plenty of frame skips. It has generally much high compatibility than existing SNES emulators on the old 3DS because it uses Snes9x 1.43 as a base, and is a good alternative if your existing emulators cannot play all the games.


* Implemented SA-1 sleep speed-hacks on the following games. These games run faster and some are able to run at 60 fps on the Old 3DS when things on-screen aren’t too busy. Super Mario RPG; Kirby’s Dreamland; Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius; Kirby Super Star; Marvelous; Super Robot Taisen; Panic Bomber World; Dragon Ball Hyper Dimension; SD Gundam Next; Power Rangers Zeo; Daisenryaku Expert 2; Masters New Augusta 3; Bass Fishing; J96 Dream Stadium; Shining Scorpion; Pebble Beach New; PGA European Tour; SD F1 Grand Prix;
* Fixed mode 7’s CLIP_10_BIT_SIGNED formula to use the original Snes9x’s formula. This fixes Super Chase HQ’s mode 7 intro.
* Imported SPC7110 decompressor chip code from Snes9x 1.52. Now Tengai Makyou Zero (Far East of Eden Zero) can boot after 2 restarts, and in-game graphics appears without problems.
* Fixed important bug in cheat engine so that it doesn’t not increment the 65816 processor’s clock cycles when enabling/disabling cheats.
* Fixed the problem of the menu not using the correct font when the emulator first boots up.
* Added one more mode when using the 3D slider for a sharper image.
* Major refactoring of code.
* Fixed SA1 MMC’s memory map code by copying it from Snes9x 1.54.2. Now Super Mario World hack VLDC 9 boots.
* Fixed Mode 0 rendering bug. The original bug was there since day 1 and with this fix, Lagoon’s title screen looks right.

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Super Office Stress v1.13.0.03 (Pandora Game Port)

Super Office Stress by Sos Sosowski is an action roguelike where you have to climb your way to the top of big corporation. By the way you need to make use of any office equipment you can find by eating throwing and equipping it. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.

Super Office Stress (OpenPandora)


– no changelog yet

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Gravity Bone v1.1.0.02 (Pandora Game Port)

Gravity Bone is a short freeware game based on a modified Quake2 engine. To make it in Nuevos Aires, one needs nerves of silk and the filthiest of hands. Mix together a batch of espionage, some high- speed car chases, fire-spewing assassins, and you’ve got one oven that’ll never bake cookies again. We provide the pliers and you bring the moxie. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.

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Powder v0.118.beta3.3 (Pandora Game Port)

POWDER is a Rogue-like game, which is not a port of an existing Rogue-like. It is built around re-playability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait.


– Removed SDL mouse cursor (thanks alxm for his help)
– Added this patch to the src directory

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The Retro Hour EP59 – Scott Adams – The Father of Adventure Games (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We talk about the dawn of home computers and games with the legendary Scott Adams, founder of Adventure International.

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Tetrix v1.8 (Android Game)

Tetrix (previously known as Cylinder) is an Android game by Franz Lankes. Take a very famous Russian block game and instead of lines, try to produce those lines around a cylinder. Voila!

Cylinder (Android Game)


* More levels
* Music can be turned off
* Points are being counted
* Improved fonts

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Hanoi (Atari Lynx Game)

Hanoi is a brand new Atari Lynx game by rygar and vince. As the name of the game suggests it’s a Hanoi Towers game. The game will be ready in March or April. If you are interested in a physical copy, you can already reach out to rygar via the AtariAge webboards.

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Bounce Me v1.30 (Android Game)

Bounce Me is an Android game by Spacesh1p. Avoid the dangerous spikes on the road and see how far you can bounce in this fun and bouncy 2D game. Your skills of avoiding spikes are set on the ultimate test here in Bounce Me. Brag with your new found skills in the leaderboards!

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