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Pandora goes VICE (Pandora misc)

EvilDragon has a few kind and nice words for all Pandora supporters out there and presents a buch of C64 classics, running flawless on the Pandora.

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Aleph One (WIP) (Pandora misc)

Master Pickle is working on a port of Aleph One for the Pandora.

Aleph One is a game engine currently in development by the Open Source community. It is based on the source code of Marathon 2: Durandal, a game created by Bungie Software in 1995. Since Bungie released the source code, Aleph One has matured to include a variety of new features and improvements.

Go and check the video, thanks to Pickle himself for the very fresh news :)

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First Fully Assembled Pandora (Pandora misc)

Here it is, the first fully assembled Pandora!

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PXML File Validator v1.0.1 (Pandora Application misc)

PXML File Validator is a tool that validates PXML files. You will need Java to run the application.

It can run in 3 modes:

– “syntax”: checks the XML syntax of the file
– “permissive”: checks the most important aspects of the PXML format
– “strict”: goes through the PXML file, highlighting every little issue it can find.,0,0,0,14,36

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Pandora Article on (Pandora misc)

For all of us who understand German, the Austrian news page “Der Standard” wrote an article about the Pandora.

They state that the device is almost ready and also mention the technical aspects. The article is actually a bit too long to translate, but there is still Bablefish if you are keen on it.

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PXML v2.0 (Pandora misc)

The Pandora’s PXML description has been updated. The PXML file format is a standard that has to be included with every application to ensure it’s working properly with every Pandora GUI.,0,0,0,45,35

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Nearly there (Pandora misc)

EvilDragon already posts quite frequent about the latest Pandora happenings, so did he recently with more fresh information!


What? Another blog post? And still no pictures of the finished case?

Well… yes. but I thought you might be interested in the (good this time!) news we have.
ALL the moulds are finished now! They are currently doing a test injection (we should be getting the results tonight or tomorrow).

If the injection is fine, they’ll ship the sample case via express to Michael. And if he says “Yep, that’s what we want!” they’ll immediately start producing.

And now here’s our special deal: After talking with them, threatening their life and bribing them with more money the Gizmondo guys ever spent… ahem. Well, anyway, they agreed to start immediately and finish 1000 cases until December 1st!

The rest will follow shortly after, but this would mean we can start mass production as planned early december.

Okay, cross your fingers, pray to the mould injection gods and wait for some new pictures!

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Lightpipe in Action (Pandora misc)

Michael Weston did post image which shows the lightpipes working! Of course we at PDRoms can’t hold this back, here we go:

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Board Testing Success (Pandora misc)

The Pandora guys have news for us and damn good ones too!


We’ve got some good news! 103 out of the 105 boards did pass the test, this is slightly more than 98% success rate!

TI set up a unique testing environment, especially for the Pandora boards. With a special firmware, every hardware piece of the Pandora can be checked with as little human interaction as possible.

We also got some news from the moulds company. It looks they’re finally nearing completion of the last mould which means we should see the final case moulds soon. There’s not much time left until christmas – but you can be sure we’ll do everything possible to assemble and ship it out just in time!

The latest OS image is also running pretty stable. I’ve been playing around with XFCE myself for the last hours and didn’t encounter any crashes.

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Pandora OS Progress (Pandora misc)

While the parts are partitially mass produced already and assembling those will be the next big step, here are some news about the current progress on the Firmware:


The OS is also coming along quite nicely. Automatic PND-Discovery and PXML support is working perfectly, as can be seen in this little video done by skeezix (sorry for the low quality, devs usually don’t have professional video cameras. As soon as cpasjuste’s GUI is included, I’ll make a hires video showing a nearly completed stage of the OS).

The video shows how the icons of the apps appear on the Desktop when you insert an SD Card and how they disappear as soon as you remove them.

The only thing that needs to be done to make the OS ready for a first release is to include cpasjustes GUI and add a First Boot Wizard which helps you to easily setup your Pandora.
And that’s what we’re currently working on.


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