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Quake 2 WIP (Pandora Game Port)

Soon we will have the real Pandora into our hands, while we don’t here is another video (Quake 2 Port) showing the Pandora in action.

Quote from notaz:

Here is a of FPU demanding game, running on Pandora board:

It’s running in pure software mode, 320×240 resolution scaled to fit screen.

I had some trouble adjusting my webcam for this video, dark places were too dark and bright too bright to see anything, so the quality is quite bad, unfortunately.

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FinalBurnAlpha WIP (Arcade emu for Pandora)

Quote from ZodTTD:

Just a matter of minutes ago the team, makers of the homebrew software friendly gaming handheld Pandora, released a video of it in action!

Here we can see the emulator FinalBurnAlpha running the game DoDonPachi. The performance is amazing, running nearly twice as fast as the normal framerate when allowed to go as fast as it can. Even better, this is at 500MHz. With reports of Pandora possibly hitting 900MHz, imagine the possibilities!

Video in action:

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PSX4Pandora WIP (PSX emu for Pandora)

While the Pandora is not public yet, first developers as ZodTTD do already have a devboard. Here is a video of PSX4Pandora, which is a Playstation 1 emulator.

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ScummVM Pandora WIP (Pandora misc)

The first devers already got the new powerful handheld device “Pandora” and DJWillis had progress on a ScummVM port:


I have had a basic version up and running on the OMAP3 for some time and there will be a Pandora optemised official version (rather then just a simple ARM cross compile) in time for release (I hope, depends on my own free time).

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Pandora Preview Video (Pandora misc)

EvilDragon has released a rendered preview video of the Pandora. It’s not the actual model (and the keyboard is just a preview and doesn’t have anything to do with the real keyboard).


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Pandora PBC v2 picture – more is more (Pandora misc)

Craig has posted another Pandora PBC picture, this time in version 2, titled “More is more”.

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Possible Pandora Logos (Pandora misc)

A long and heavy thread is going on on with plenty of “Logo” suggestions for the Pandora.

The logo above is just an illustration which is a personal decision from Kojote out of those > 10 logos, shown in that thread. It does not mean it will ever become official.

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Pandora PCB picture released (Pandora misc)

As the Pandora is getting more and more shape, we at PDRoms decided to add this section to our archives.

Here is a picture of the PCB – it’s something real, it’s something to touch! Let’s see when the final “baby” will be born.

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Pandora section open! (Pandora misc)

We are quite late with a Pandora section, the inofficial successor of the GP2x – but now it’s done. The icon for this section is still missing, but we are working on it.

Icon fixed: 24.03.2008 / 04:10

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