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CustomHOME (Beta) v0.8.2 (PSP Application)

“CustomHOME” is a plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.


[+]add disp CPU/BUS function.
[!]fix pspstates_kai.prx bug.
[!]update iniLibraryPortable.

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Mobile Assault v1.7.4 (PSP Game)

Codetactics updated their multi platform, 3D, top down, arcade style helicopter game Mobile Assault.


* New dynamic menu background.
* Added a 28th Mission called ‘Beachhead’.
* Added a frigate unit which acts as a helipad.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug where all AI Apaches were having their weapons upgraded along with the player’s Apache.
* Fix bug where hellfire accuracy is reported to the leaderboard server as 100% all the time.
* Fixed stability issues and random texture disappearances on PSP.

* The player’s Apache can now collide with other aircraft.
* The player’s apache, when landed into a building, will automatically take off again.
* Tank shells are now white.
* Added a water texture.
* Fixed some typos made in mission messages.
* Added lighting/shading to units and structures (PSP)

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ToneMatrix v0.5 (PSP Application)

ToneMatrix is a 16-step drum machine. The Y (vertical) axis represents eight different sounds, and more than one can be played at a time. The X (horizontal) axis represents one measure in sixteenth-notes. Select a node on the grid with the D-pad and the X button, and that sound will be played in time. Press O to stop/ resume playing, and use /\ (triangle) to clear the grid. Press START to use the menu, and use the D-pad to select a menu item or change a value (like the tempo), and X (cross) to confirm your choice. Press SELECT for help.

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Shuffle (23-09-2011) (PSP Game)

cmbeke finished up a 15 puzzle clone called Shuffle. The aim of a 15 puzzle game is to move the shuffled tiles back into the correct order to make a picture.

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DaedalusX64 (Revision 729) (N64 emu for PSP)

DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

[~] Forgot to update roms.ini

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PSP Power Controller v5.2.0 (PSP Application)

PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx allows to set various options on your PSP.


* Added setting of the switch to show / hide part of the time in seconds (for demand)
* I increased the item, we recommend that you reset the ini file.

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CustomHOME (Beta) v0.8.0 (PSP Application)

“CustomHOME” is a plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.


[!]fix a few bugs.
[!]change draw way
[!]update cushome.prs
[+]add connect USB function
[+]add color change type

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Mobile Skat v0.3 (PSP Game)

Mobile Skat by failbit is a card game for PSP. Skat is a very famous card game in mainly Germany and France.


– fixed a major bug in the calculating of the maximal bid value
– improved the AI
– Mobile Skat uses the oslib now
– you can play your own music from ms0:/MUSIC (but not more than 128 kb/s
– added multilanguage-support(at the moment only for languages with roman alphabet)
– fixed some little bugs

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CustomHOME (Beta) v0.7.2 (PSP Application)

“CustomHOME” is a plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.


[!]fix a few bugs.
[+]add Homebrew option.
[+]add selectable colors.
(chose pressing [<-] or [->], and decide pressing [X])
[+]add ini file.(Thanks Llywelyn)

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CFW v6.60ME-1.3 (PSP OS)

CFW 6.60ME (Minimum Edition) for OFW6.60 is a custom firmware for PSP by neur0n. It is supposed to work on PSP1000 and PSP2000 models. The degree of stability is still unknown. Please test it on your own and refer to different people test reports.


— Added Backup/Restore Netconfig option in Recovery menu.
— Fixed a bug when Use VshMenu while using RemotePlay, Skype, 1seg and PSN-store.!/neur0ner/status/109105400212750336

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