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Mandelbrot Explorer (VB misc)

Mandelbrot Explorer created Mandelbrot fractals on a Virtual Boy console.

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Capitan Sevilla II (Demo) (VB Game)

Capitan Sevilla II is a yet not complete Jump’n’Run game for Virtual Boy.

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Super Bounce (VB Game)

Bounce… Bounce… :)

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Hunter v0.9 (VB Game)

Hunter is a remake of the same named game, known from Atari ST and/or Amiga.

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Soviet Union 2010 (VB Game)

Soviet Union 2010 is a little short shooter for Virtual Boy where you have to shoot down US space ships.

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GoSub 3D (12-08-2010) (VB Game)

After getting 32 treasures, Mr. Submarine Commander learns of one big huge giant treasure box! So off he goes in his trusty red submarine (forget all that stuff about everyone living in a yellow one!) in search of the big huge giant megatreasure! But he’ll have to watch out for the usual deadly coral walls, along with a new mean octopus that’s chasing him!


Added password system.
Changed wave look.
Added level 9.
now in 3D! Change between foreground and background using the A button.

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Castle of Doom (28-04-2010) (VB Game)

A castle, doors, traps and enemies!

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PVB Coding Competition 2010 (VB misc)

The community over at “Planet Virtual Boy” holds a coding competition for the good old “Virtual Boy” platform.

First prize will be a FlashBoy plus a PVB shirt, second and third will get a PVB shirt. Plus the first 10 participants will receive a high quality printed A3 (297mm x 420mm) copy of the competition poster.

For detailed rules and more info, have a look at the Competition Forum:

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Virtual Boy Sound Generator (01-02-2010) (VB misc)

DogP released the “Virtual Boy Sound Generator”, a program that pretty accurately emulates the Virtual Boy’s sound processor and so let’s you test VB sound code on your computer instead of always having to load your flash cart and test on hardware.

Release notes:

DogP released version 1.1 of his VB Sound Generator. It has a few minor changes in how values are processed, as well as a few other small changes. The source code is now also included.

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Yeti3D (13-01-2010) (VB Techdemo)

DanB has released a new demo of his Yeti3D port for Virtual Boy. It now runs in full, stereoscopic 3D! It now also has background music and on top of that still runs a bit faster than the first demo.

Thanks to “Planet Virtual Boy” for the news!

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