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Masteroids v0.4 (Wii Game)

Masteroids is a multiplayer asteroids clone. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in co-op or competitive mode.

Release notes:

2008/06/09 – Version 0.4 is out. Grab it whilst it’s hot. New features can be found in the Readme along with a description of control layouts. Main improvements include Nunchuk and Classic Control support!


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WiiRayTracer v1.0 (Wii misc)

Simple implementation of a raytracer using the raw framebuffer and the guVector functions.


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FTPii v0.0.2 (Wii Application)

FTPii is an early FTP server application for your Wii coded by joedj.


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VKeyboard v0.1 (Wii Techdemo)

pho has released a virtual keyboard techdemo for Nintendo’s Wii.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com for the news.


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Wii Whiteboard (Wii Application)

Use two Wiimotes and an infrared pointer to make an interactive whiteboard. This is a port of Johnny Chung Lee’s Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote to the Nintendo Wii.

Video tutorial: http://youtube.com/watch?v=gbe7XGsvQ1M


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Scogger v0.2 (Wii Game)

The game is almost identical to the original, with same levels (10 random out of 100 available), except here you cannot use the stylus for obvious reasons, but it can take advantage of the wiimote! The goal of the game is to make the frog jump over all the tree trunks. You can use the Gamecube pad, the Wiimote, or the Wiimote d-pad. The only avaiable direction the frog can move are forward, left and right (no diagonals), with no jump distance limit! Remember that the frog cannot jump backward, and pressing B on the Wiimote (or A in the Gamecube pad) to restart the level! Clean the stage to go to the next level (they are 10) or press (+) or START to go to the next one. This trick is only avaiable if you make the so called “konami trick” (you know what is that, don’t you?) at the titlescreen, (with the exception “B” and “A” button are mapped to (-) and (+) on the Wiimote).


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Wii Web Server v0.4 (Alpha) (Wii Application)

A simple web-server for the Wii. Still is very early stages of development and at present can only display a built in test page.


Front SD html only, loading support XD (finally !!)


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FUSE Preview (07-06-2008) (Spectrum emu for Wii)

FUSE is the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall, an emulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a home computer that was very popular in the 80s.

Bjoern is releasing a preview of FUSE for the Wii. It still has a couple of bugs and lacks features, but it’s very useable.

Most Spectrum software assumes you have a keyboard attached (since the original Spectrum is an all-in-one home computer). FUSE for the Wii supports USB keyboards. You will probably need one.

When you run FUSE, you get the Spectrum 48K boot screen. You can now attach a USB keyboard and write BASIC programs!

You can also push the HOME button on your Wiimote. This brings up a menu that you can use to load Spectrum games from SD card. The A button selects a menu entry, the B button brings you up one menu. You should also tell FUSE to use your Wiimote as a Sinclair Joystick: Options->Joysticks->Joystick 1->Sinclair Joystick

Now, when you start a game, tell the game to use the Sinclair interface. Hold the Wiimote sideways so the 1&2 buttons are on the right. The directional pad is your joystick, 2 is Fire button 1, 1 is Fire button 2.

To quit FUSE, bring up the menu and select File->Exit, press A on the question whether you really want to quit.


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LUA v5.1.3 for Wii (Wii misc)

Lua is a small and powerful scripting language that is perfect for use in projects that require changes in logic without the hassle of recompiling the program’s source code. Lua can be told to load a file and execute functions from that file to create a dynamic program flow. Being extensible, Lua allows the programmer to define new functions for use in the script files they create.

The source code comes with a functioning example. To use the example, you need to copy the ‘test.lua’ to the root of your SD card, then run the lua.elf, either from Wiiload, the HBC menu, or (possibly- not tested yet) any other homebrew bootloader.

FAT system needs to be initialised by the user before calling any file loading functions (such as luaL_dofile(…)).

The only major changes to the source code were removing functions related to launching system executables and getting the system’s time. Other small changes were made to the file manipulation functions- they try to initialise FAT before use but it is recommended you do this yourself! The makefile might need some configuration to reflect your development environment.


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FTPii v0.0.1 (Wii Application)

FTPii is an early FTP server application for your Wii coded by joedj.


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