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RedSquare v1.0 (Wii Game)

RedSquare is an classic 2D action game. Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks. If you make it to 31 seconds, you are doing brilliantly!


– Update menu screen information.
– Added WarQuest intro screen.
– Some performance tuning.
– Build game with devkitPPC r21 compiler.


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WiiMC v1.1.15 (Wii Application)

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii written mainly by Tantric and rodies.


Synced to MPlayer r33036
Fixed Inactivity Shutdown feature
Fixed plain playlist support
Added support for encrypted DVDs for USB DVD drives (thanks clava!)
Fixed network initialization for some USB LAN adapters
Other minor changes


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Newo Shooter v1.77a (Wii Game)

Newo Shooter is a 3d futuristic spaceship shooting game on rails. The player must navigate a spaceship across many planets in search of the aliens that destroyed his home planet. Various enemies, spaceships, robots, creatures will try to stop the player from reaching the goal. Avoid obstacles and destroy enemies to receive power-ups.


Added 2 new levels. Total levels now 10.
Added support for NunChuck, Classic, and Gamecube controllers.
Added background music (Safe For Now by jmickle )
Added new sound effects created using sfxr ( sound effect generator by DrPetter )
Added options menu (in game press “+” or on title screen press “B” or “Start”):
BGM Volume – set background music volume
SE Volume – set sound effects volume
HUD – hide the health meters and small text in game.
Rumble – disable the wiimote rumble feature.
Dual Stick – YES allows free control of the targeting cross-hair with the right stick ( classic / gamecube controllers)
Pointer – same as above but with Wiimote IR (default=YES). When this is NO the target cursor follows movement of the ship.
Quit/Exit – Leave the level or game.
Added settings.txt (sound volume options, game variables and current planet are saved between games, woot!)
Added new stardust effect “starhighway” (used in level 9 and 10).
Added Blue power-up which increase player’s bomb radius by 25x.
Added ship pitch, ship yaw and banking effect to screen.
Added small font for menus.
Added new targeting system that follows the ship. (Set Pointer=NO in the options)
Updated score system, bigger numbers and multipliers
Added super awesomeness and fixed many little bugs in the game and levels.


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AnyTitle Deleter MOD v7 (Wii Application)

AnyTitle Deleter MOD is an unofficial mod by Red Squirrel of tona’s AnyTitle Deleter.

It keeps all original tona’s AnyTitle Deleter functions but it allows the program to show the real names of titles instead of just ID numbers, making it easier to select which ones you actually want to delete.


* Improved application’s general efficency: now all titles names will be “obtained from NAND” at program’s startup and saved in an array. In this way the program has not to reload them (re-accessing to the NAND) every time you change a page or a title group (like happen in past versions!) but it simply takes them from the array. This means a significant improve to the time efficency of the program (specially if you have many titles installed!)
* Improved the functions to get title names from NAND.
* Now titles names obtained from NAND will be displayed in your Wii system language!
* Added a function to get Hidden Channels names from NAND. I know it is not very useful at all because hidden channels are usually only three (DVDx, EULA and regsel), but if I remember well there was a tool (by WiiPower?) to create “homebrew” hidden channels, so this function could still be usefull to someone.
* Thanks to above news, now only DLC content titles have to take their names from database.txt, all other titles names can be obtained from NAND (compatibility is at 99%).
* Given the current high compatibility, now the program tries to obtain titles names from the database.txt only for DLC content titles!
* Many changes to the application’s pages graphics structure!
* Now some of the program strings are colored to highlight some relevant concepts and to make the general graphics nicer.
* Now the titles will be displayed in a more readable “table”
* Increased the titles displayed in every page from 12 to 20.
* Removed the function to update the database.txt from network. Now that only few title names are taken from it (only those of DLC contents) this function is essentially useless.
* Added three display modes for the titles: ID + CODE + NAME, CODE + NAME and ONLY NAME.
* Now the 2 button is used to switch between the three display modes.
* Improved the titles uninstallation function.
* The uninstallation page now shows also many title’s details: ID, code, name, IOS required, version and if fakesigned (thanks to bushing!).
* Improved brick prevention functions.
* Changed and improved the backup titles list function.
* Now you can choose between two different backup titles list modes: into a TXT file or into a CSV file.
* Now in the backup file of your titles list will be inserted also the title’s version.
* A general clean up to the code.


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WiiMC v1.1.4 (Wii Application)

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. The GUI is powered by libwiigui.


– Synced to MPlayer 32866
– Fixed crash for some USB drives
– Added option to change screensaver delay
– Fixed incorrect warning about picture sizes being > 6MB
– Improved network initialization routines
– Improved subtitle scaling calculations
– Improved shutdown – if WiiMC fails to shut down within 5 seconds, shutdown will be forced
– Experimental USB DVD drive support (thanks clava!)
– Other minor optimizations and improvements


* Synced to MPlayer r32994
* Fixed crash in Online Media area
* Fixed crashes on ogg and mp4 files
* Fixed YouTube support
* Added Inactivity Shutdown setting
* Added separate settings to change backward/forward skip
* Improved memory management
* Other minor changes


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RockBlueMet (RC3) (Wii Game)

RockBlueMet Tic-Tac-Toe fan-made game in Rockman climate, coded using MLlib.


* added 4 sec delay after displaying winner
* players are changed according to who won last (player who lost starts next, I guess it’s more sensible here)
* added reset button
* changed reseting round to sprite button insted of B on Wiimote (less accidents)
* added some music to game (use + – on Wiimote to change between them)
* very small correction to main background (it looks better now a bit)
* 5 tracks changed by + and – (1st track by default so use + to play next
* displaying number of track from 0 to 4
* bug fixes


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WiiColEm v0.2 (Coleco Vision emu for Wii)

WiiColEm is a port of the ColEm ColecoVision emulator developed by Marat Fayzullin.


* Cartridge-specific overlays
* Default keypad (controller) image for cartridges without specific overlays
o Ability to set the default keypad (controller) size
* Ability to specify whether to use cartridge-specific overlays (global and per-cartridge).
* GX based scaler
o Ability to adjust screen size to any size/dimensions via the “Screen Size” option under “Display”. If this is entered after loading a cartridge, the last frame will be displayed to assist in sizing.
* USB support
* SDHC support
* Classic Controller Pro support
* Support for ColecoVision MegaCart(R)
* Fixed Lord of the Dungeon save/load state issues
* Fixed Opcode memory expansion save/load state issues
* Fixed save/load state bug causing the palette to not be restored correctly (Aquattack, War Room)
* Ability to set Wiimote orientation (sideways/upright) for navigating menus
* Firing in Aquattack is now supported via the right analog stick (GameCube, Classic/Pro controllers).
* Fixed bugs caused by pressing multiple keypad buttons simultaneously


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Reversmii v0.11 (Wii Game)

Reversmii is a Wii implementation of Othello.


* Fixed issue with game stopping if human player could not go when playing the AI. Thanks to Cid2Mizard for his video which was very helpful in fixing the bug.
* Fixed bug with exiting that sometimes arose if player 2 won a 2 player game.


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BrawlStats v1.1 (Wii misc)

BrawlStats is a Wii application that will have to be run after a Super Smash Bros. Brawl session. It will store automatically on your SD your results and then you will be able to navigate freely through a clean GUI that will show you a lot of information that Brawl doesn’t store (or doesn’t show). It also gives different trophies to players that achieve certain records.

It can be like a database of your Brawl matches.


* fixed AHBPROT for older IOS, it’s more compatible now
* fixed BrawlStats use percentage last tab
* added snapshot feature (press 2 at any page)
* faster scrolling tables by holding up/down
* some cosmetic changes


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Ctr-Gcs – DacoTaco Edition v0.1 (Wii Application misc)

Ctr-Gcs : DacoTaco Edition is a tool built to create or restore full, raw memory card backups and GCI save files just like the GC application Ctr-gcs did. These dumps can be saved to restore later or be used in emulators like Dolphin-emu. Unlike ctr-gcs however, this utility can read or write to unofficial memory cards; no matter what its size is.

The program will read & write the dump to the SD card (in the ctr-gcs folder) as card_dump.raw

Also please note that if you restore a corrupt dump to a memory card, or if the program shows an error while creating or restoring a dump, you may end up with a corrupted memory card.


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