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Reversmii v0.11 (Wii Game)

Reversmii is a Wii implementation of Othello.


* Fixed issue with game stopping if human player could not go when playing the AI. Thanks to Cid2Mizard for his video which was very helpful in fixing the bug.
* Fixed bug with exiting that sometimes arose if player 2 won a 2 player game.


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BrawlStats v1.1 (Wii misc)

BrawlStats is a Wii application that will have to be run after a Super Smash Bros. Brawl session. It will store automatically on your SD your results and then you will be able to navigate freely through a clean GUI that will show you a lot of information that Brawl doesn’t store (or doesn’t show). It also gives different trophies to players that achieve certain records.

It can be like a database of your Brawl matches.


* fixed AHBPROT for older IOS, it’s more compatible now
* fixed BrawlStats use percentage last tab
* added snapshot feature (press 2 at any page)
* faster scrolling tables by holding up/down
* some cosmetic changes


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Ctr-Gcs – DacoTaco Edition v0.1 (Wii Application misc)

Ctr-Gcs : DacoTaco Edition is a tool built to create or restore full, raw memory card backups and GCI save files just like the GC application Ctr-gcs did. These dumps can be saved to restore later or be used in emulators like Dolphin-emu. Unlike ctr-gcs however, this utility can read or write to unofficial memory cards; no matter what its size is.

The program will read & write the dump to the SD card (in the ctr-gcs folder) as card_dump.raw

Also please note that if you restore a corrupt dump to a memory card, or if the program shows an error while creating or restoring a dump, you may end up with a corrupted memory card.


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Tick Tock Tank Fight v1.0 (Wii Game)

ThatOtherDev belongs to one of the most active Wii developers around the globe at the moment. This time he comes up with a game named “Tick Tock Tank Fight”.

Its not quite a sequel but I suppose it is in a way a successor to Tick Tock Car Race. It certainly borrows a lot from it.

rather than racing from checkpoint to checkpoint you are instead tasked with destroying five tanks as quickly as possible.

Use the nunchuck analog stick to move and the wiimote point and B button to aim and shoot.

To be honest I’m not particularly happy with it. There where a lot of things wrong with Tick Tock Car race but most of it was behind the scenes and at the least I thought the gameplay was fun. But I’m not sure that I can say the same about Tank Fight…

The music used in the game is Biosphere by Joshua Arámbula.


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WiiMC v1.1.3 (Wii Application)

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. The GUI is powered by libwiigui.


– Synced to MPlayer 32866
– Fixed crash for some USB drives
– Added option to change screensaver delay
– Fixed incorrect warning about picture sizes being > 6MB
– Improved network initialization routines
– Improved subtitle scaling calculations
– Improved shutdown – if WiiMC fails to shut down within 5 seconds, shutdown will be forced
– Experimental USB DVD drive support (thanks clava!)
– Other minor optimizations and improvements


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DragonMedia Player v0.25 (Alpha) (Wii Application)

DragonMedia Player is a music play with a skinable user interface. It plays .mp3, .ogg, .FLAC and other formats. So far it does not play .wma or .aac.


– Added support for AAC, M4A and MP4 file format
– Songs now continue to play from old directory when browsing through directories
– Fixed a crash bug with modules that don’t load properly
– Fixed an issue where sometimes it would take several seconds to play the next song


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The Prophecy (2nd Demo) (Wii Game)

Castlevania clone made for the Wii. The driving force behind the game is EzekielRage, his blog can be found at: http://ezekielrage.wordpress.com/


Demo 2: February 17th, 2011
– Added second stage
– Added dialogues and cutscene
– Added tutorial
– Added level select screen
– Added options menu
– Added weapons and enemies
– Powers now need to be activated
– A yellow crystal is formed where you release your power
– Tweaked level layout of stage 1
– Changed music of stage 1
– Other minor changes


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Chessui v1 (Wii Game)

Chessui is a chess program using GRRLIB. It can use several engines (only firstchess is currently available)


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PieChart v0.8 (Wii Game)

PieChart is a mish-mash of several Pac Man gameplay styles and themes.


– 2 player mode! Now you can play with a friend to conquer the mazes!
– A full soundtrack supplied by the industral band DYM (www.enterdym.com).
– Fixed some ghosts not playing the death sound when they eat the player.
– Fixed infinite ghost points bug.
– The sound engine has been re-written to allow for co-existing SFX and music.
– There are now surprises in the mazes, including more powerful ghosts and level tweaks.
– A few new stages, 21 in total.


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MLlib v1.3 (Wii misc)

The MLlib (or Minishlink’s Library) is a simple library to develop on Nintendo Wii. Technically, it’s a wrapper of libogc and others librairies. Coding with this lib on Wii should be way easier and faster now!


Proper code so that it’s nice to see;
Easy for all;
Friendly functions;
Handles drawing;
Sprite system;
Handles PNG images;
Special effects;
Write graphically text (TTF font support);
MP3 system;
MOD system;
Input (Wiimote, Nunchuk, and extensions…) system;
And much more…


Compatible with DevkitPPc r22, libogc 1.8.6 and libfat 1.0.8.
FreeTypeGX updated (0.3.1)
Metaphrasis updated (0.1.2)
uthash updated (1.9.1)
fixed: ML_AnimateSpriteEx & ML_AnimateSpriteEx2
added: ML_EnableTextureAntiAliasing() (AA is disabled by default)
added: ML_DisableTextureAntiAliasing()
modified: ML_DrawRect() now can be filled or not (and bug with color fixed)
added: ML_DrawCircle(x, y, radius, rgba, filled)
fixed: Issue #1 (finally! :D).
fixed: possible buffer overflow with sprite texts.
fixed: sprite texts were not at the right y coordinate.
fixed: no more skipped characters with sprite texts when auto jumping lines. (and textBox)
improved: TTF text speed-up
fixed: Underline and strike now applying well when jumping lines with TTF fonts
fixed: Jumping lines correctly with TTF fonts.
fixed: anti-aliasing with modified textures
added: u32 ML_ElapsedTime()
added: ML_Wait(ms)
fixed: possible code dump with ML_DrawRect() (forgot GX_End, lol)
fixed: ML_ElapsedTime() now returns the true elapsed time since the app launch (not since Wii launch)
modified: ML_DrawText -> You can now use arguments !
modified: ML_DrawText -> Use n and t instead of %n and %t, also use #cX instead of %cX
updated: template Makefile, now type “make emu” and if you have Dolphin Emulator installed, the dol will load immediately ! :)
fixed: Code dump when using ML_DrawText(), you have to use #n and #t instead of n and t, sorry.
fixed: possible weird things happening on the screen
Added strucutre ML_TextInfo to store infos about a text to be drawn (width, height, numbers of characters that will be printed) returned by ML_GetTextInfo()
documentation update


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