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Anataus 4 (28-02-2008) (Wiz Demo Port)

Anataus 4 is the fourth member of the Anataus-series, 3rd at the ABD’97 demo compo. Contains the famous ‘Love boat’ part.
20100523 anataus 4 (28 02 2008) (wiz demo port) Anataus 4 (28 02 2008) (Wiz Demo Port)


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MPlayer (23-05-2010) (Wiz Application)

SDL based MPlayer ( http://www.mplayerhq.hu ) port for Wiz.


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Megademo IV 2 (23-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

Megademo IV 2 is an audiovisual experiment by Artwork.

20100523 megademo iv 2 (23 05 2010) (wiz demo) Megademo IV 2 (23 05 2010) (Wiz Demo)

Quote from http://www.digital-circuits.org/mdiv2/index.html:

This is a quite unusual “scene” demo. As it is unusual in several aspects. It has a very uncommon style using lots of multilayered effects, nearly no 3d scenes and a it has only a “sound-background” instead of the usual, mostly techno-style demo musics.

The other very unusual aspect is that this demo is 100% system independent, it is portable. This was achieved by programming the demo in 100% ANSI C and using no hardware or OS-specific functions (special interrupts etc.)


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One Day Miracle (23-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

A Wiz port of the non-interactive demo “One Day Miracle” by Fit.

20100523 one day miracle (23 05 2010) (dingoo linux demo) One Day Miracle (23 05 2010) (Wiz Demo)


Sorry about the slow speed and ugly visuals, but this was originally made for a more powerful PC and 32-bit color. I had to water down some parts and convert the effects to 8-bit. Tap screen to exit.


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Hex Pistols (22-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

Non-interactive funky demo “Hex Pistols” by Fit. It’s an AGA Amiga demo ported to Wiz.
20100523 hex pistols (28 12 2009) (wiz demo) Hex Pistols (22 05 2010) (Wiz Demo)


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Jenny Thinks (22-05-2010) (Wiz Demo Port)

Jenny Thinks is a demo originally released at Assembly 2004. It was a cooperation between Fit and Bandwagon.

20100522 jenny thinks (22 05 2010) (wiz demo port) Jenny Thinks (22 05 2010) (Wiz Demo Port)

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WogOoCBHME8


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JNTETRI v0.8.5 (Wiz Game)

JNTETRI by Jan-Nik is a Tetris style game for Wiz.

Video in Action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBCi_-KUVT0


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Planet Hively (21-05-2010) (Wiz Musicdisk Port)

Planet Hively is a musicdisk which has been seen on platforms such as GP2x, Windows, Linux, GP32 and now sees a Wiz release as well.
20100522 planet hively (21 05 2010) (wiz musicdisk port) Planet Hively (21 05 2010) (Wiz Musicdisk Port)


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Stercus Accidit (21-05-2010) (Wiz Demo Port)

Stercus Accidit is an attempt at a gothic style demo. Featuring some vectors, music sync and raytraced lookup tables. Originally made for AGA/060 Amigas and then ported to numerous platforms as usual.
20100521 stercus accidit (21 05 2010) (wiz demo port) Stercus Accidit (21 05 2010) (Wiz Demo Port)


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Chrysler (21-05-2010) (Wiz Demo Port)

Chrysler is the winner of Motorola Inside’04 demo compo. It’s a Fit/Bandwagon cooperation. Originally for 060/AGA Amigas.
20100521 chrysler (03 08 2008) (wiz demo port) Chrysler (21 05 2010) (Wiz Demo Port)


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