Palomino (10-05-2014) (Atari 2600 Game)

Palomino is a puzzle game for Atari 2600 by Seemo.

The playfield is continuously scanned by a vertical beam, that periodically deposits cells in the playfield. The player has to arrange these cells to form the pattern shown on the top of the screen. To form the patterns, the player controls a cursor that can pick up and release the cells on the playfield. When the vertical beam meets a pattern, it removes the cells that form the pattern from the playfield, and the player scores points. Each pattern has to be composed eight times before the timer, represented by the bar on the top left of the screen, expires.

In the recent update a few bugs were fixed and minor improvements were done. Check the release thread for full details.

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Tumulus (r28) (A2600 Game)

In Tumulus by yllawwally you are an adventurer, out to stop the fiends coming from Tumulus. This game is inspired by Golden Axe.

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Insect Combat (21-05-2014) (VB Game)

Insect Combat is an attempt to create a fighting game, only using insects instead of people.

Release notes:

OK, so my monthly visit to this game only took about one hour to implement and perfect instead of a couple. I have not tested it on real hardware yet, though. I’ll do that later and report back if I see anything that needs to be fixed. Anyway, I added fire breath for Panzer Dragonfly. Seems a little ridiculous, but let’s remember this isn’t really supposed to be based in reality. The year in the game is 2047, though, so dragonflies may be able to breathe fire by then if they hurry up and start mutating that trait. And they are, after all, “dragon”flies. Since this is the special move, you have to be near the foe to do this, just like all the other special moves. To do next is the last special move, Slaying Mantis’s head chomp.

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2048 (Revision 3) (NES Game)

tsone brings us the logic/puzzle game 2048 onto the Famicom.

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gbdev Gameboy Coding Compo 2014 (GB misc)

Sanqui organizes a Gameboy Coding Competition. You can read details by following the official announcement.

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Vector Pong v1.01 (Vectrex Game)

Good ol’ Pong arrived for the Vectrex! In Vector Pong by KidQuaalude you can either play in single player or two player mode. As a mini-twist there are also moving obstacles.

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SFX Editor (01-04-2014) (NES Application)

SFX Editor is a sound application tool by NovaSquirrel. Test out your own sound effects using real hardware adjusting volume and frequency.

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PCB Artist v1.0 (NES Game)

In PCB Artist by InfiniteNESLives you have to manually complete circuits with increasing difficulty on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

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Sliding Blaster (01-04-2014) (NES Game)

In Sliding Blaster by NovaSquirrel you need to collect ammunition, slide around and shoot the enemies. Master the art of sliding and shooting with an arcade feel and unique controls.

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RHDE – Furniture Fight (24-03-2014) (NES Game)

RHDE: Furniture Fight is a game by Damian Yerrick. Rampart and the SIMS combine in this 2 player battle for the ultimate home. Steal furniture, destroy walls, and perfect your Feng Shui for max points.

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