Red Queen Rampage v0.1.0 (Genesis Game)

Red Queen Rampage by Demens Deum is a Genesis homebrew game. The Red Queen has been captured inside deadly maze, she is going to kill everything on her way to freedom.

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Bare Knuckled Princess v0.2.0 (Genesis Game)

Bare Knuckled Princess is a new Genesis game by OhCarson, crated for bitbitJAM #3.

Princess Linear, the fair and loved princess of Bitland has been openly shamed by Princess Plum of Polygosia, accused of fraternizing with lower class men & women. The ancients decree that the only way to resolve matters of this kind is trial by combat! So the 3rd Royal Rumble takes place! Step forth Princess Linear, and defend your home lands honor, in the ring!

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Shattering Jaws v0.1.0 (Genesis Game)

Shattering Jaws is a homebrew Genesis game made by MoonWatcherMD. The game is part of bitbitJAM #3. The game has brief nudity and pixel blood.

You are little Timmy. Be a good boy and pay attention to mom’s advice. Exceed level 4 and get your reward. Be smart, you are the slowest thing out there, learn how to use boats to your advantage. It may be challenging sometimes, don’t give up!

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Hilda v1.0.0 (SNES Game)

Hilda is a SNES game by Orochii Zouveleki and EN.i.

The game features the story of Hilda, a young princess who lost all of her family in the war against the enemy. All but her older sister, who is missing. She sets to find her sister, and attain revenge for her parents death, along with the future restoration of her kingdom. What will happen next?

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Pretty Princess Castle Escape v0.5.0 (GB Game)

Pretty Princess Castle Escape is a new Game Boy game by sergeeo.

The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle and needs to avoid spikes, placed almost everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

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Speccy v4.0.9 (Spectrum emu for Android)

Speccy is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer emulator, but also emulates a Sam Coupe. It will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion home computers.


* Switched to OpenGLES2 rendering for accelerated video.
* Press X to apply changes, Y to reset them in Palette Editor.
* Now disabling Joystick Layout Editor on devices with no touchscreen.

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I Shall Be Queen (GBC Game)

I Shall Be Queen by Refresh Games is a Double Dragon-style beat-em-up for #bitbitjam3 For the Game Boy and Game Boy Color!

Release notes:

There are a couple of bugs with the game and it gets bloody tough to beat. Also I had to cut out the boss fight due to ROM and time limitations. There’s a few easter eggs dotted around, have fun!

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Orion’s Puzzle Collection (Commercial) (DC Games)

Orion released a professionally printed CD of three of his games. Yopaz IceStar, Yopaz 3D and Can I Has the Fruits? can now be purchased for a maximum for 30 EUR including international shipping.

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Color Gotcha 2600 (05-07-2016) (A2600 Game)

Color Gotcha 2600 is a new Atari 2600 game by LS_Dracon.

The “square” player chases the “plus” player. Try to catch the plus symbol to earn points. It’s a 2 player only game at the moment but there are plans to add artificial intelligence for one player only.

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Bottomless Block Barrage v0.1.5 (3DS Game)

Bottomless Block Barrage by TricksterGuy is a Tetris Attack/Panel De Pon/Pokemon Puzzle League clone for the Nintendo 3DS. This game is a work in progress but it is currently playable. Currently this is unplayable in Citra (too slow).


* Fixed: Clinks matches were off by 1.
* Fixed: No visible panels / markers in replay.
* Fixed: Gameover panels were corrupted.
* Changed: Recolors of a panel set have been grouped together to access these use left/right when selecting a panel set.

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