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Hi everyone!Just want to know if anyone of you ordered at my sponsor GameGizmo and if you were satisfied with the way a possible order from your side has been handeld.Any FEEDBACK is highly appreciated, if good or bad! Just tell the truth. Noone will censor your words whatever… but please be truthfull and don’t use bad words! You can remain anonymous since guest posting has been enabled for this area!Thanks for your support!Kojote I decided to _NOT_ update PDROMS that regular anymore. I hope to get better from that action soon. Readers of the Webboards should know what I mean.

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Puzzle Gems v1.1 (NGPC game)

Thor updated”Puzzle Gems”a puzzle game for NGPC. Get the download from his page.

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Goat Park (GP32 demo)

Mithris has released a neat GP32 demo at Breakpoint 2003, a demoparty in germany which was held this easter-weekend. He ranked #2 (out of 5). Get the binary from his page. This demo is worth watching!

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Atari 2600 Emulator for GP32 News

Text taken from GP32emu:

I got a new beta of the Atari 2600 emulator to check out and write a little update here about the progress. The author has been working with the other Atari 2600 emulator author for the GP32 and have been fixing bugs, making improvements etc. This version of the emulator I was given is very good, several of the games I tested worked fine with sound, although some games did have minor sound errors. However the compatibility is not high, games like Pole Position dont yet run, but hopefuly the compatibility will be increased as they both improve on their emulators.

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GProar Alpha 5 (Dragon emulator for GP32)

Ciaran Anscomb did an update of his Dragon emulator for the GP32. Details and download on his page.

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Barbarian WIP 2 (GBA game)

News taken from GBAdev:

Mike Hawkins has released the lastest WIP of his game:Here’s the latest WIP of my 8-bit computer game conversion of Barbarian for the GBA. I started this sometime ago but had to put it the back burner because of work commitments. This WIP shows the first stage (background). Use directional keypad and A to see fighters movesand B to turn round (tap the B button quickly as this needs work).

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Labyrinth (GBA game)

Labyrinth by Rob Blanding is a clone of a real board game called ?Master Labyrinth? which has been created by Max J. Kobbert. Get more details and the binary on Rob’s page.

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Gem! (GBA game)

Text taken from GBAdev:

About gem!:A little top-down game, in which you’ve to collectall four gems in the map, get the key and go to thegate for the next level.No high-quality graphics or something special,just tile collision and sprite collision,Simple and complex.

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Breakpoint 2003 (Demoparty in Bingen/Germany)

I’ll be on a demoparty the next few days. The demoparty is called”Breakpoint 2003″and is a kinda Mekka Symposium replacement (more or less). Here are some more information:

The party will be held at the Bundeswehrdepot in Bingen am Rhein. Bingen itself is a small city on the river Rhine, in south-western Germany. It’s around 80km west of Frankfurt/Main, and 100km south of Cologne. It can be reached easily by car, rail, plane and ship. Among the features we’re planning are:

  • Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64, music, graphics and the rest
  • no gamers, no script kiddies, only creative people
  • Space for more than 1000 visitors
  • Warm sleeping hall (+hotel reservation service)
  • A meadow outside the party hall (really :) to crash, sit and drink
  • Warm showers (in a seperate area, connected by the bus) Tasty food at decent prices (Currywurst, Fries, Pizza and more) Full list
  • A working party network (no promises about the speed)
  • Traditional entertainment provided by Steeler and our new co-host XXX
  • a BIG screen and powerful sound system
  • Seperate chillout/meeting/boozing-tent
  • Second stage with djs, liveacts and more.
  • Lots of fun compos, liveacts and surprises…
  • …and of course scenish, friendly atmosphere created by us and YOU

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    Oils Well v0.9 (GBA game)

    News taken from

    Nearly complete, fully playable version of Sierra’s 1983-classic”Oil’s Well”. I haven’t done any work on this one for almost a year now, and although it doesn’t seem too likely that I’ll have the time to wrap up it’s loose ends any time soon, I figured it’d be a pity if nobody out there would ever know of my puny GBA efforts. Therefore I am hereby releasing ‘my’ recreation of Oil’s Well upon the public, featuring:- all 8 original levels (repixeled by hand for 240×160)- hiscore-list

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