GBA Hardware News XG-Flash 2 (GBA misc)

Some of you maybe recognized that there is a new Flash-Linker & Rom for our all beloved GBA. It seems that the flashing speed is rather fast and the whole thing is easy to use (regarding the description and product details). If you want to play all the avaliable homebrewn roms on your real GBA, this might be a way for you.

Details about the product on it’s official page, oders can be placed trough

XG-Flash Homepage – XG Flash Order / Product Link

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Text Input Routine v1.0 (GB misc)

Lynxyx send me an e-mail regarding his “Text Input Routine” for GB. More information in italian language on his page.

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LodeRunner GBA v0.1 (GBA Game)

Another game I missed is “LodeRunner” by Consolecoder. This game has been released on the 27th December 2002 and is based on… guess ;) (This project is open source!)

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Klass of 99 v1.0 (GBA Game)

“Klass of 99” is an adventure game for the GBA. This game has been released a few days ago. More information and the download could be get from the official page (link below).

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Manhole (NES Game)

After 2 months of silence the NESdev page has been updated with a few new things. Even a new NES game appeared called “Manhole”. (I was not able to get past the title screen, maybe it was an emulator problem)

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News Archive is up! (misc)

As the one or other knows, the PHP coder of PDRoms, “Pancid” will be away for a few months. The last present for you out there is the “News Archive” script. Now you can check older news from June 2002 on.

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SIDPlay GP32 v0.01b (GP32 Application)

Another CHN production… SIDPlay (GP32) is a port of SIDPlay. It let you listen to funky oldschool SID tunes on your GP32. This program has been also ported for the Dreamcast! Downloads avaliable on his page.

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MODPlay GP32 v0.20b (GP32 Application)

CHN updated his page with a new version of MODplay!

Author notes:

Released a new version of MODPlay for the GP32. The update includes a sleep mode and sound enhancements. You can now also use the MODPlay library for playing music and sound effects in your own, non-commercial GP32 programs.

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New GP32 stuff… (GP32 misc)

Oscar BraindeaD informed me about a new release in the spanish GP32 scene. I can’t read spanish, but there are 2 new GP32 demos avaliable. You might check it out using the link below.

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Gorillas Advance v1.8.9 (GBA Game)

Ben Stark updated his “Gorillas” remake for GBA.


New in V1.8.9: Now in Player 1 VS CPU, the first player to shoot is now random between the two.

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