The Third Creation PS2 Coding Competition Round 10 – Results (PS2 misc)

Another “Third Creation” coding competition has ended! Results and files are avaliable from it’s official page.

The entries:

Bunny Tetris by NoRecess Quickie by Adresd [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Torus by blackdroid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
tinyFire by wiRe [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Turos by Nippy [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Waves by Tyranid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]

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PDROMS mentioned in a Seattle Post Intelligencer article (misc)

Just recieved an e-mail from Nothnworks telling me this:

Hi just wanted to leave you a quick note that I found your website through an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer Newspaper dated January 31, 2003 In the Life and Arts section of the paper. The article was titled “Software turns pc into a gamer’s golden-oldies haven”

Thanks a lot for the note, Nothnworks. Anyone could send me a scan or give me an URL of the article please? That would be really cool. I allready searched myself on the newspapers homepage, but had no success :/

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Submarine (GP32 Game)

News taken from

The first underwater shooting game for GP32 released. It’s called Submarine. To play this game copy all files to GPMM dir. Game was released on GP Zigi site.

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PDROMS mentioned in a New York Times article! (misc)

PDROMS has been mentioned as legal freeware rom source in an emulation/retro gaming article published in the “New York Times” on the 30th January 2003! I’m really surprised! The link below points to the article. Unfortunatly you need to make up an account first (It’s free of charge). I guess not everyone wants to register, therefor here is a short cutout. (Copyright 2003 by the New York Times!)

Emulators are easier to download and use nowadays, adding to their popularity. “Most emulators have been around for many years now, and the interfaces have matured”, said Bradford W. Mott, project manager at Stella, a popular Atari emulator. “This makes it easy for the average computer user to have access to them”. But game companies and software trade associations are not pleased with the wide array of games and emulators available online. Most sites carry disclaimers saying that the games are meant to be downloaded only by users who already own a legal copy.Some sites, like pdroms (, offer games that are in the public domain and legal for downloading. Intellivision Lives ( and other sites have acquired the rights to offer some games online. But many sites offer pirated material and are thus illegal. Some emulator sites are also illegal, since they copy original copyrighted code. Most users don’t seem to care either way, as long as they can play their old games.

As said these are just a few lines… to read the full article visit the page below and sign up for an account.

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Elite Game Review (GBA misc)

Stevola did another review for”Pocket Emulation”. This time he writes about “Elite”, ported by Quirky.

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Linux on GP32 (GP32 misc)

News taken from

What a nice suprise. Seems that Linux era comes to GP32 faster than some of us could think. What you see on the screen is photo is Linux booting on GP32. But dont be to happy :) On the Project Page you can find bigger screen and you can read all those messages UNABLE it, UNABLE That ;)) Anyway i cant give credit to person who made this photo, because there are a few Project members i there is no info who took the picture.

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InfoNES Release 3 (NES Emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund sent me an e-mail to let us know that his InfoNES port has been updated.

New in R3 is:

– Speed & sound improved.
– Zelda and Kid Icarus are now working (and possibly other as well).
– Fileselector sort files by name.

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SP-Acoman v1.01 (GBA Game)

Antonio Molina from Spain e-mailed me about his latest game called “SP-Acoman”. It is a well done Pacman-Clone worth trying it. Don’t forget to send him feedback if you like his game. The e-mail adress can be obtained from the readme’s (english and spanish language) enclosed with the .zip file.

Antonio does not have an own hompage, you can get the game in the archive.

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Jomo v1.02 (GBA Game)

Jomo is a puzzle game for one player. The object of the game is to push the blocks such that all the X’s on the floor are covered by the glowing orbs. An orb under a crate will move only one space when pushed, whereas an orb which is not under a crate will continue to roll when pushed, until it collides with something. The game includes some nice graphics and music, 100 levels, and even a plot!

Release note for this version:

Seems there was also a bug on level 92 in Jomo, this bug meant there was no coliision so you could walk through walls (many thanks to anli for pointing this out). I’m 99% sure this is the last problem in the game, so should be the last patch, though I’m disappointed with myself for having to release any :(

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Into The Space v1.0 (GP32 Game)

News taken from

Another production from GPZigi is “Space” ;) shooter Into The Space. It’s simple shooter with funny music.

Download could be get from Hando’s page. See link below.

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