Pacoman (Final) (GBA Game)

Taiyou emailed me today to let us know that his Pacman-Clone “Pacoman” has reached FINAL stage. Get the download from his page.

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TriPlay (GBA Game)

A new game appeared on GBAdev. TriPlay is a cardgame created by Sammy. Get the download from!

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NMOD Player v1 (Beta) (GBA Application)

NEiM0D send a beta of his recently created MOD-Player for GBA to You can download the file from there (Thanks to GBAdev for the news).

Author notes:

Here I present you a preview of the upcoming NMOD Player.

Features are:
– Stereo (channels 0,3 left;channels 1,2 right).
-4 channels playback.
-16000Hz samplerate.
-All protracker effects are supported.
-Small size (5k!)
-Plays straight from the MOD format, no need to convert it.
-Fast (average 10% CPU usage)
-Ability to syncronize your demos with the volume / note / instrument / row / pattern and much more! :)

Oh and, it will be open source!! assembler source & C source included!

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New Files! (GBA/NGPC) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Blood Demo by Diabolik
Crosswise by Erik Rounds
Mode 4 Demo by Hodglim
Pullo by jmagic
Tile Demo by Hodglim

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Bitmap by Chris Ahchay
Juno First by Chris Ahchay
Pocket Race v0.02 (pre-alpha) by Thor
Pocket Race v0.03 (pre-alpha) by Thor

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Crosswise (GBA Game)

A new game appeared on today. It’s called Crosswise. Further details and the download could be get from there.

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Ocz GBA Slide 1 (GBA misc)

Onickz send me an e-mail regarding his Slide Show he created for GBA. Unfortunatly I do not add Slideshows anymore to PDroms. If you are interested to get this piece of work anyway, please visit his homepage (PS File can be found in games/gba).

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*** 1111 images reached! *** (misc)

PDroms reached 1111 images. It’s time to party… isn’t it? :)

On this place I want to say “Thank you” to all people who support my work, those are…

  • Everyone who tells / mails me about recent homebrewn games and demos
  • People in various developer-channels, specially EFNET #pdroms #gp32dev #gbadev #emuholic #gameboy #utopiasoft, WEBNET #consolevision #macemu, IRCNET #szene.ger #kotraum #ascii #pixel #bytegeiz #ukscene & CRYSTALNET #sueno.
  • Finally… the PDroms sponsor (Hi John! :)
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    New Files! (Arcade/GBA/PCE) (misc)

    CPS-1 Demo by Charles Doty
    Data East (16 Bit) Demo by Charles Doty
    Gridlee by Videa
    Mitchell Demo by Charles Doty
    Neo Geo Demo by Charles Doty
    Poly-Play by VEB Polytechnik
    Robby Roto by Jay Fenton
    System 16 Demo by Charles Doty
    Taito F2 Demo by Charles Doty
    Vantris by Norbert Kehrer

    Gameboy Advance
    GBA Pac v1.0f2 by Bruno Vedder

    PC Engine
    BallZ by Cruz VincentbloCs v1.0 (ISO) by Gravis Zero
    Direct Pixel Plotter by Gravis Zero
    Chenille by JyCet

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    Blood Demo (GBA Techemo)

    Diabolik sent his new demo called “Blood Demo” to The binary and source (c) is avaliable too.

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    Various & Help request! (misc)

    I played around with the cascade style sheets (.css’). Maybe the one or other recognized it through the last hour. Everything should be back to normal… well not all :)

    * By mistake I overwrote an important file. On the left side you can see “Arcarde”, “Master System 2” and “Playstation II” (beside others). This should be “Arcade”, “Master System” and “Playstation 2”. I can’t figure out how to fix it now, so I’ve to wait for Pancid’s help which might take approx 14 hours from now on.
    * Instead of the latest 8 news, you’ll should recognize the latest 10 now. (That’s the only advantage for now :)

    I plan to offer a newsletter again (on a weekly base). If anyone knows a good newsletter script (GPL/Freeware only) please let me know about it. My e-mail is “kojote1980 at yahoo dot com”.

    That’s it for today… have a good night all


    [Update 00:35 CET] The file is fixed. All systems should be named correct again!

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