Sarien v0.3 (GP32 misc)

Anders Granlund updated his Sarien port again! More information on his page.

[2003-01-14] version 0.3 – Fixed save/load bug

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FPocketNES v8U9 (NES emu for GBA)

Flubba released another unofficial version of PocketNES yesterday. The changes in this version:

v8U9 (FluBBa)
Fixed sprites to background priority.
Fixed sprites animation with CHR switching (SMB3).
Also fixed PAL timing IRQ for mapper 69 (Mr. Gimmick).
Added mapper 93 (Fantazy Zone (J))
Added mapper 105 (Nintendo World Championship (U)) remember to disable CPU hack (for”Rad Racer”).
Added mapper 180 (Crazy Climber (J), no controller yet though).

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PD Roms Webboard / Forum – Opened! (misc)

I thought it’s time for a Forum/Webboard… and here we go!

Hopefully it will be usefull for the one or other! This board is about Freeware Rom & Development Talk only. Commercial rom requests and commercial game talk is strictly forbidden.

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GBonGBA v0.4 (GB emu for GBA)

A new version of “GB on GBA” appeared yesterday. GBonGBA is a Gameboy Emulator for Gameboy Advance.


12/01/2003 :GB on GBA is not so dead!! – Speed up a bit (say 15% faster now)

GBonGBA 0.4.
– Fixed Sound Channel 4, it now plays waveram banks.
– Added a cpu trace mode in option menu. So options are: To enter menu : LS + RS to switch Trace on/off : ATo switch sound on/off : BTo exit menu : RS

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File Uploads! (GBA/NGPC/GP32/PS2/GBC/NES) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Blocks (FIX) by SatanicFreak
FPocketNES v8U8 by FluBBa
Gorillas Advanced v2.1 by Benjamin Stark
LodeRunner v0.1 by Consolecoder
Merry Christmas by Parallax Sisters
Thrust by Grumpy Cat
Xmas Demo by Mr Mister
Zelda Demo by Dark Cloud

Neo Geo Pocket Color
SODChess v1.1.0 by Thor

Game Park 32
gpSCUMM (5 Jan 2003)(3c)by ph0x
MODPlay v0.20b by CHN
Sarien (GP32) v0.1 by Anders Granlund
SIDPlay (GP32) v0.01b by CHN
snes9xgp v0.72a by Snes9xGP Team
xRick (GP32) by Anders Granlund

Playstation 2
Happy New Year 2003 by NoRecess
Stench by Tyranid
New Year by adresd

Gameboy Color
FGB by Plasma Works
Tom Atom by Tomas Rychnovsky

Nintendo 8-Bit (NES)
Manhole by KZ-S

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FPocketNES v8U8 (NES emu for GBA)

Flubba released another new unofficial version of PocketNES.

Changes are:

Added ROM mapping to $6000 (Mr. Gimmick)
Fixed”Low G Man”Fixed scaled sprites a bit.

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Space Instigators (A2600 Game)

Christopher Tumber released a binary of his Space Invaders clone called “Space Instigators”. You can get the binary from!

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Sarien v0.1 (GP32 misc)

Anders Granlund ported Sarien (Sierra AGI adventure games interpretor) to the GP32. This first version DOES NOT have sound and supports only one game on one SMC. This port is based on Sarien-0.7.0.

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Gorillas Advance v2.1 (GBA Game)

Another Gorillas Advance update by Ben Stark!

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SODChess v1.1.0 (NGPC Game)

Thor updated his Chess game again after 6 months. The changes in this version:

What’s new (January,7,2003):
bugs fixes
A bit stronger
Full promotion management
Result announcement

Thanks to Mr. Spiv for the news!

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