Dreamcastnoid (02-01-2017) (DC Game)

Alfons Ryo is the first one this year to present a new and fresh Dreamcast game. Dreamcastnoid has been created using BennuGD. Fight against P$2 with your balls (only a few if is possible).


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Go Round ZigZag v1.5 (Android Game)

Go Round ZigZag is a new Android game by Gemini Software Studio. Make your little car staying on the path as long as you can. Just tap the screen. Addictive funny game. Control directions of the car and try not to fall off the edges.


Small issues were fixed.


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The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard (02-01-2017) (A2600 Game)

Mountain King updated his new WIP Atari VCS game The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard.

It’s the holidays in Sundra. A great blizzard hit the land suddenly trapping anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught outside. You play as the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching the land for survivors. Move the Gizzle Wap left and right and press up to jump. The Moum Moum will follow. Press the fire button to dig in the snow to search.

Listen closely to the Moum Moum. He has a better sense of where a creature might be buried. Dig where he sings. You may have to scan an area more than once to find something. He will not sing if he is standing on the Gizzle Wap or if he is too high in the sky.


1. Fixed a bug that made the game crash on real hardware
2. Fixed numerous collision bugs. Still not perfect
3. The Cruncher no longer “bites” you when you rescue him.
4. The Firn Vortex hurts the Gizzle wap like it’s supposed to.
5. The Firn Vortex now makes noise as it passes by.
6. The Crab now jumps and does not fall into the hole easily. You now have to dig a hole and trick the crab into jump in before it fills up.
7. A flashing star might appear in the sky if you save enough creatures. (no level progression yet)
8. Fixed some digging bugs.


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Video: Nintendo Hacking 2016 (3DS misc)

Here is an interesting video, getting into Nintendo 3DS and WiiU hacking.


Published on 27 Dec 2016

Nintendo Hacking 2016
Game Over

This talk will give a unique insight of what happens when consoles have been hacked already, but not all secrets are busted yet.
This time we will not only focus on the Nintendo 3DS but also on the Wii U, talking about our experiences wrapping up the end of an era.
We will show how we managed to exploit them in novel ways and discuss why we think that Nintendo has lost the game.

As Nintendo’s latest game consoles, the 3DS and Wii U were built with security in mind.
While both have since been the targets of many successful attacks, certain aspects have so far remained uncompromised, including critical hardware secrets.
During this talk, we will present our latest research, which includes exploits for achieving persistent code execution capabilities and the extraction of secrets from both Wii U and 3DS.

Basic knowledge of embedded systems, CPU architectures and cryptography is recommended, though we will do our best to make this talk accessible and enjoyable to all.
We also recommend watching the recording of last year’s C3 talk called “Console Hacking – Breaking the 3DS”.

Speaker: derrek, nedwill, naehrwert
EventID: 8344
Event: 33th Chaos Communication Congress [33c3] of the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]
Location: Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH); Am Dammtor; Marseiller Straße; 20355 Hamburg; Germany
Language: english
Begin: Tue, 12/27/2016 20:30:00 +01:00
License: CC-by

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YACReader v8.5.0.4 (Pandora Application Port)

YACReader is possibly one of the best comic readers and comic managers with support for cbr cbz zip and rar comic files. It can be used as a PDF or image viewer too. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, IOS and now OpenPandora.


– Compiled with latest Codeblocks beta PND.
– Updated libs.


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Video: The Ultimate Game Boy Talk (Gameboy misc)

The 8-bit Game Boy was sold between 1989 and 2003, but its architecture more closely resembles machines from the early 1980s, like the Commodore 64 or the NES. This talk attempts to communicate “everything about the Game Boy” to the listener, including its internals and quirks, as well as the tricks that have been used by games and modern demos, reviving once more the spirit of times when programmers counted clock cycles and hardware limitations were seen as a challenge.

The Nintendo Game Boy was an 8-bit handheld gaming console that competed with the SEGA Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. Compared to its competition, it had very little RAM (8 KB) and no color support (4 shades of gray at 160×144). It was succeeded by the Game Boy Color, which fixed this main shortcoming, but shared the same architecture. During the 14 year life span of the 8 bit Game Boy platform, game programmers kept understanding the hardware better and better, and continued finding new tricks for better graphics effects, such as sprite multiplexing, parallax and palette effects. This talk explains all the hardware details of the Game Boy: The programming model of the 8080/Z80-like LR35902 CPU, the system’s sound, timer and I/O functionality, and programming details as well as common tricks involving the graphics processor (“PPU”), which was specifically designed for LCD output. The listener will get a good understanding of 8 bit programming and creative programming on extremely limited hardware, as well as common tricks that can be generalized to other systems.

Speaker: Michael Steil
EventID: 8029
Event: 33th Chaos Communication Congress [33c3] of the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]
Location: Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH); Am Dammtor; Marseiller Straße; 20355 Hamburg; Germany
Language: english
Begin: Fri, 12/30/2016 16:00:00 +01:00
License: CC-by

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NetSurf v3.6.0.01 (Pandora Browser Port)

NetSurf is a multi-platform web browser for RISC OS, UNIX-like platforms (including Linux), Mac OS X, and more. Whether you want to check your webmail, read the news or post to discussion forums, NetSurf is your lightweight gateway to the world wide web. Actively developed, NetSurf is continually evolving and improving.

Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.


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Claws Mail v3.14.1.1 (Pandora Application Port)

Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Compiled with latest Codeblocks PND beta.
– Updated libs. It should fix fancy plugin crashing.


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Dominant Amber (31-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

Dominant Amber is a simple game by Wickeycolumbus that is based off of the “Dominant Amber” game in the AtGames Sega console. The screen shows a random arrangement of two different colored objects, and you simply select which you think is the ‘dominant’ one. If you get it correct points are awarded. Incorrect responses subtract points. There are two minutes for each game. In the first minute, the dominant color is a bit more obvious.


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Xump v1.05 (3DS Game Port)

Retroguru along with Nop90 are very proud to release the possibly first Nintendo 3DS homebrew release of 2017! Xump now works flawless on Nintendo’s latest handheld and gives you headache in 48 levels (plus 32 hidden ones if you can find ‘em).

Your main task is to clean all dissolving tiles on several single-screen levels by simply stepping on them, one by one. Few fields are secured with mines and need a double tap. Mines can be blown up when passing by or disarmed when staying on this specific field for a short moment. Certainly the mission sounds easier than it will be.


* 9 chippy tracks for your audio pleasure
* 48 Levels
* Highscore-List
* Retro styled password system
* Hidden easter egg – find two more themes
* Hidden easter egg – find 32 classic levels


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