Fatty Bird v1.0.1 (Android Game)

Remember Flappy Bird? Level of difficulty of the game drove you crazy? You want to play something easier and more fun? Then Fatty Bird by Ready Square might be for you.

The aim of the game is to collect as many golden eggs. In addition, the game features online ranking, where you can compare your results with the results of your friends. Nice graphics in a retro style and a fun bird enrich your boring moments.

20140216 fatty bird v1.0.1 (android game) Fatty Bird v1.0.1 (Android Game)


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Flappy Parrot v1.1 (Android Game)

In Flappy Parrot by mobile apps ltd you have to help the parrot getting home. Navigate the parrot by holding down and avoid the obstacles.

20140216 flappy parrot v1.1 (android game) Flappy Parrot v1.1 (Android Game)


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Flappy Turd v1.0.0 (Android Game)

Flappy Turd is for all of those of you who think what possibly most of you think about Flappy Bird :) – Created by Giraffe Attack. Don’t let the sh… collide with the wall.

20140216 flappy turd v1.0.0 (android game) Flappy Turd v1.0.0 (Android Game)


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Flappy Bee v1.1 (Android Game)

Flappy Bee missed from its group and it needs to pass through many fantasies to reach back and reunion. In night, evils block the way, and flappy bee needs to avoid all along with hurdles to come as winner. Help this flappy bee to cross all hurdles and reach the target. Created by Chinki Games.

20140216 flappy bee v1.1 (android game) Flappy Bee v1.1 (Android Game)


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Flappy Zombie v1.0.39 (Android Game)

Guide Flappy Zombie around but do not hit the spikes. Released by Bpma Tech.

20140216 flappy zombie v1.0.39 (android game) Flappy Zombie v1.0.39 (Android Game)


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Flappy Cat v1.1.3 (Android Game)

Flappy Bird + Nyan Cat = Flappy Cat. Published by Nexx Mobile.

20140216 flappy cat v1.1.3 (android game) Flappy Cat v1.1.3 (Android Game)


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Flappy Flying v1.0 (Android Game)

Flap your wings in Flappy Flying to control a beautiful bird; Game created by Game Cook (Studio).

20140216 flappy flying v1.0 (android game) Flappy Flying v1.0 (Android Game)


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Flappy Chicken v1.5 (Android Game)

Flappy Chicken is a game by Android Fun Stuff. Tap the screen to help Flappy the Chicken avoid the obstacles! Earn medals for achievements and see how far you can get! Challenge your friends and become the ultimate flapping tapping Champion!

20140216 flappy chicken v1.5 (android game) Flappy Chicken v1.5 (Android Game)


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Flappy Craft v1.0.3 (Android Game)

Flappy Bird meets Minecraft? That’s right, it’s Flappy Craft! Fly your Minecraft chicken through the portals and see how long you can last! Game created by LongArm Interactive.

20140216 flappy craft v1.0.3 (android game) Flappy Craft v1.0.3 (Android Game)


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Floppy Bird v1.4 (Android Game)

Experience the adventure of Floppy Bird, the flying floppy disk, through the world by dodging obstacles. Gain the best score and collect Floppy trophies. Floppy Bird is a game by Thanatos Games.

20140216 floppy bird v1.4 (android game) Floppy Bird v1.4 (Android Game)


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