Boolitaire v2.0 (Android Game)

Boolitaire by Impossibru is a strategic card game, which is based on Boolean logic. The gameplay has some similarities to the classic solitaire. You can play alone or with a partner.

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Electron v1.1a (Android Game)

Electron is an Arcade game for Android by Impossibru. You are a subatomic particle orbiting atoms and your only options are changing orbit and jumping through space to the next atom.

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The Boy With Bombs v1.0 (Android Game)

The Boy With Bombs is a fast paced adventure for Android where you blast through waves of enemies in a beautiful 16-bit era aesthetic. Created by Chris Savory. Bomb! Dash! Survive!

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Pioneer v23 (Android Game)

Pioneer is a pixel-art graphics role-playing game (RPG) in which you explore a strange land encapsulated by a mysterious barrier of light. Explore over 125 levels, battle cultists and survive in an unforgiving land.

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Egoboo v2.9.0.04 (Pandora Game Port)

Egoboo is an open source, cross-platform computer game. It’s a three-dimensional dungeon crawling adventure that borrows a lot of elements from the roguelike genre. Egoboo is still under development, but it is fully playable.

Egoboo could be called a lot of things; “ARPG”, “hack and slash”, or perhaps “rougelike”. It is an action-based adventure game with a unique mood and style. In Egoboo, you will slay hordes of foul monsters, explore many unusual locations, and get lots of really cool loot. Your ultimate quest is to save Lord Bishop, the king of the land, from the evil Dracolich. It is a difficult task, and you will have to face unbelievable danger to accomplish your goal.

Game Features:

* Over 40 uniquely hand-crafted mystical dungeons
* Choose between 8 different classes like the Wizard, Elf or Rogue
* Play with up to four players using hotseat!
* Awesome 3D graphics with cute and funny character models
* Support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and OpenPandora.

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Strange Adventure in Infinite Space v1.5.0.02 (Pandora Game Port)

Strange Adventure in Infinite Space is a game where you need to explore the galaxy in 20 minutes or less. Pandora Port by ptitSeb. This PND doesn’t include the full data, but they can be freely downloaded. You’ll need to extract the data from the Windows or MAC version of the full game.


* Fixed spelling of the Title
* Data are now included and automatically expanded

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RobotFindsKitten v2 (23-11-2016) (IntelliVision Game)

RobotFindsKitten is a zen simulation for the Intellivision by Michael Hayes. In this game, you are robot (#). Your job is to find kitten. This task is complicated by the existence of various things which are not kitten. Robot must touch items to determine if they are kitten or not. The game ends when RobotFindsKitten. Alternately, you may end the game by pressing 5+0.

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Neon Run (27-09-2016) (A2600 Game)

Neon Run by Captain Spazar is a racing game in the style of an endless runner. You drive past other cars, and try to blast them for points, the cars gets faster and after a while you begin to encounter giant oles.

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Blackjack (19-12-2016) (PICO-8 Game)

Blackjack by tlm is a basic BlackJack/Twenty-One game against the computer. The game is turn-based. Each turn, you may either take a card (“hit”) or do nothing (“stand”). The dealer will do the same. To win, your points must be below or equal to 21 and above that of the dealer. You also win in the event the dealer gets over 21 points. Face cards (KQJ) are all valued at 10. Ace is valued at either 1 or 11, whichever gives you the most advantage.

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Wrassling v1.3.5 (Android Game)

Wrassling is the national sport of Slamdovia, champion Wrasslers are regarded as the strongest athletes in the world. Many will attempt to master Wrassling and even more will fail. In Wrassling there is an old saying “never give up even if both your arms fall off, but maybe think about it”!

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