Turtle Puzzle (10-07-2014) (GBC Game)

Turtle Puzzle by UraKn0x is an algorithmic game based on Robozzle. Program your robot using the given instructions to collect dots.

20140816 turtle puzzle (10 07 2014) (gbc game) Turtle Puzzle (10 07 2014) (GBC Game)


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SHMUP (10-07-2014) (GB Game)

SHMUP is an unfinished SHMUP game by Kresna. As of now you can move up and down and shoot, but there are no enemies.

20140816 shmup (10 07 2014) (gb game) SHMUP (10 07 2014) (GB Game)


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Steins Gate v0.40 (GB Game)

Steins Gate is a clone/remake of the 8-bit sequel to the Steins Gate anime/visual novel. Coded by calc84maniac. Even though it’s a non-canon spin-off, it does contain major spoilers for the original Steins Gate story. It might not make sense unless you’ve watched/played Steins Gate.

20140816 steins gate v0.40 (gb game) Steins Gate v0.40 (GB Game)


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Slider (10-07-2014) (GB Game)

Slider is a Game Boy game by Jaeden Amero. Turn it up to eleven, two to the power of eleven that is, with Slider. Slider is the latest 2048 clone, and this time it’s more portable than ever.

20140816 slider (07 10 2014) (gb game) Slider (10 07 2014) (GB Game)


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Snake (10-07-2014) (GB Game)

Snake is a pretty simple Snake style game for Game Boy by nitro2k01. As the game has no scoring, it might not be seen as game after all.

20140816 snake (10 07 2014) (gb game) Snake (10 07 2014) (GB Game)


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Bleep (10-07-2014) (GBC Application)

Bleep is a music creation program with piano roll interface by Andrew G. Crowell. It lets you jam out chip music really quickly, and it writes directly into save memory, so your work is saved automatically. This is not the final version.

20140816 bleep (10 07 2014) (gbc application) Bleep (10 07 2014) (GBC Application)


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Rocket Pod (Final) (A2600 Game)

RHillFake has let us know via our fancy contact form that he released his first Atari VCS game Rocket Pod.

20140809 rocket pod (final) (a2600 game) Rocket Pod (Final) (A2600 Game)

The game is explained overall fast and easy. Get your vehicle onto it’s landing base and do not collide with the wall. The game features six levels. After the six levels the game restarts, but the ship movement will be a bit more furious.


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Deep v0.944 (Android Game)

The team behind Thinking Rabbit released their new game Deep. It’s all about free diving. Good luck!

20140806 deep v0.944 (android game) Deep v0.944 (Android Game)


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Shooterthing (GBA Game)

Shooterthing 50% by Genesis Project is an unfortunate unfinished 2D shooter for Game Boy Advance. It features great pixel art by Mermaid. This game could have been something great, but sometimes things just don’t work out the planned way.

20140802 shooterthing (gba game) Shooterthing (GBA Game)


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MoDS Volume 1 (NDS Chipdisk)

MoDS Volume 1 is a chipdisk for Nintendo DS released at Solskogen 2014, created by Resistance & Desire.

20140713 mods volume 1 (nds chipdisk) MoDS Volume 1 (NDS Chipdisk)


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