The Awakening (Android Game)

The Awakening by Racso is a fast-paced puzzle game. Use your quick thinking to collect food while avoiding the Awaken: reanimated death who appeared in the world and caused the society to collapse.

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Lil’ Planet Hunt (Android Game)

Lil’ Planet Hunt is an Android game by garmush. Visit a small planet with animal habitats. Your goal is to catch as much animals as you can. Game features two game modes: Free Mode – No time limit just have fun OR Tournament Mode – 10 second time limit to catch each of the animals.

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Dot Switch (Android Game)

Dot Switch is an Android game by JakeC0527. Rely on your reaction time and hand-eye coordination in this quick and challenging game. Swipe the dots and optimize your movements to match the colors of the tiles below. Dots with the same color will combine, and this will fill up your BREAK ability which you can use to get out of tough situations. Watch out though, as the dots will fall faster and the tiles will switch!

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Dodge (Android Game)

Dodge by Hanprogramer is a classic dodge ball game with flow effects.

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Let’s Bounce! (Android Game)

Let’s Bounce! is an Android game by epicdev. Just bounce! :)

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Camel (Android Game)

In Camel by donnadie is an adventure game. Your object is to travel through the Silk Road, from Chang’an to Byzantiun. The Silk Road or Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that for centuries were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Piano Memory (Android Game)

Piano Memory is an Android game by Emprezzsin. This game is simple and easy to play and features several modes. It’s possibly best to just check fast on your own.

Game Types:

* Alternate
* Basic
* Blackjack
* Color
* Counting or ABC
* Equation
* Inverse
* Survival
* Time Trial
* Word

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Sticky And Speedy (Android Game)

Sticky And Speedy is an Android game by Xlip. Try to not collide with obstacles, but do collect points.

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Devika, The Little Goddess (Android Game)

Devika, The Little Goddess is an Android game by Akusan.

You have the power of the gods. Manipulate terrain, burn trees, create rivers or lakes, burn your enemies, extinguish them or use your earthly powers to smite them!

You wield the powers of little goddess, Devika. But your powers have been stolen by demons. When all seems lost, a little glimmer of hope comes in the form of your devout but reckless disciple, Faith. Embark on a journey with Faith, use your godly powers to fight monsters, manipulate terrain, and protect Faith from monsters and from herself. Unravel the fate of Devika and Faith as they help you get your full power back from the demons and save the world! A new adventure begins!

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Road Trip Overdrive (Android Game)

Road Trip Overdrive is a racing-runner-arcade game with several cars at your disposal by KumoKairo.

Gas pedal is stuck, you have to ride forward as far and as fast as you can, doing stunts (all sorts of flips and landings) in the process. Tap on left or right side to Tilt Your Car. Tap both sides of the screen to Slam Down. Try to complete a few missions and get a few stars.

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