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Android-VNC-Viewer (12-06-2008) (Android Application)

Android-VNC-Viewer is a VNC Viewer for Android phones. Android-VNC-Viewer is forked from tightVNC viewer.

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Bhoost (13-05-2008) (Android misc)

Lablz Browser Bhoost or simply Bhoost, is a shell around Android’s WebKit. Lablz aims to give Web Developers same power as Java developers to create Android applications which iPhone owners will envy.

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Tooldroid v0.5 (Beta) (Android misc)

Tooldroid is an Android Toolbox Project. More information is available in japanese(?) language by following the link below.

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Link It v0.7 (Android Game)

Link It is a “Try to connect” game. No further description in english is available (but in japanese?).

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MobiLogger v2008.2 (Android Application)

MobiLogger is a mobile blogging tool for the Android platform. It’s main design principles are:
* Do one thing (mobile blogging) and do it well
* No matter where your blog is hosted, it’ll be editable with MobiLogger
* Simpler is better

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Metroid v1.0 (Android Application)

Metroid is an Android itinerary planning application meant to help users with public transportation systems worldwide.

Further release notes:

Our ambition is to make Metroid, a must have for Android users traveling around the globe. We are committed to support as many cities as possible. Metroid has been designed with extensibility in mind. It is able to support any public transportation system provided that the right map is available.

Metroid is based on maps. A map encapsulates all data about a city : transportation lines, frequency, stops… Metroid maps are based on a very simple text based format. The map data will be mainly contributed by the community. A special utility has been created to turn the map data into a compact and efficient format to be transfered and used on android devices. Based on that open approach, virtually every city in the world will be supported. At the moment 7 cities are supported : Paris,San Francisco,Milan, Washington and Atlanta. Many more to come.

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Andpishti (Alpha) (Android Game)

Andpishti is a simple playing card game which supports single player and multi player options.

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Atomoid v1.0 (Android misc)

Atomoid is an Atom parser library for Android.

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Android On the Spot v0.1 (Android Application)

Android On the Spot is a family of Android modules that can provide locations (restaurants, retail locations, entertainment destinations, schools, etc.) with the ability to quickly, easily and securely deploy Android applications relevant to their visiting clientèle. It’s all as easy as taking a picture.

This is where QR code comes in. Emerging mobile systems are already making use of QR code and other visual code formats. They are a perfect way to exchange information in situations where network packets are not viable, though so far their potential has not been fully realized. By serializing Intents and encoding them in QR code, we can use QR codes in many other interesting ways.

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SlideMe v1.0 (Android Application)

SlideME provides an Android client for managing the discovery and download of Android applications.

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