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Journey to Oblivion v2018.02.24 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Journey to Oblivion is a space shooter game for Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, currently in development by Mega Studios.

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Unnamed Genesis Game by Mikael Tillander (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Mikael Tillander is working on a new Genesis game, which is actually not yet having a title. It’s a sci-fi action platform game and has a minor bizarre influence like a floating two headed horse enemy. Let’s see how surreal this game will get at the end. It’s looking promising for sure.

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Momodora (Techdemo) (Genesis misc)

Could it be that rdein brings his Momodora trilogy to the Sega Genesis?

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Return To Genesis v1.0 (Genesis Game)

Firebird‘s Return To Genesis has been unofficialy remade by Igor and Troudki for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The original game has been released for Amiga OCS and Atari ST.

For years the scientists tolled to produce products and medicines that are now taken for granted. Then one by one the planets were overrun by MECHANAUTS and the scientists forced into slavery. Now the Mechanauts themselves are at war. Their armies are away, the occupied planets barely defended. NOW IT IS YOUR CHANCE! Rescue all of the scientists from the planets. Some of the scientists may bring their latest project with them to aid you in your mission. GO! NOW IS TIME to RETURN TO GENESIS!

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Setting Up SGDK in Visual Studio Code (Genesis misc)

Ohsat writes about setting up Code::Blocks as IDE for Mega Drive development!

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Tanglewood – Developer Interview (Genesis misc)

Juicy Game Reviews had the chance to talk with team member Matt about their platformer Tanglewood.

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Cave Story v0.5.0b (Genesis Game)

Andy Grind updated his Sega Genesis port of Cave Story! The engine is built using SGDK, and written almost entirely in C.

Release notes:

0.5.0b fix: Cursor was missing in config menu.

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SecondBASIC v2.5.59 RC1 (Genesis misc)

SecondBASIC is Windows based BASIC compiler targeted for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Based off of the BEX library created by Joseph Norman, SecondBASIC brings a familiarity to those who are familiar with BEX while adding some additional commands and built in tools to help aid in the development of your projects.

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Indigo Operating System v0.10 (Genesis OS)

The Indigo Operating System turns your Mega Drive into a computer! It’s currently in early stages of development so don’t expect much.

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SEGA Genesis Controlled via iPad (Genesis misc)

iPad Genome MIDI Sequencer and TouchOSC controlling the soundchip of a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis via the GenMDM MIDI device using the iRig MIDI 2 iOS MIDI Interface. With a cameo from Kira.

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