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Relaxer v1.3 (MJR misc)

Relaxer is a relaxation app for the Meggy Jr. that simulates brainwaves to optically induce states of relaxation, sleep and alertness.

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Ocarina of Meggy v1.02 (MJR misc)

Ocarina of Meggy is a program that simulates playing an ocarina in the same fashion as it is played in the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Actually works as a musical instrument!

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Cavity (MJR Game)

Cavity is an arcade game for the Meggy Jr RGB (a 8×8 LED based handheld system).

Your goal is to navigate your way through the moving caves and collect the orange powerups for points. The game will gradually speed up to increase difficulty. The orange leds on top of the screen will indicate the speed.

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Colorclash (MJR Game)

Colorclash is an arcade game for the Meggy Jr RGB (a 8×8 LED based handheld system).

Your goal is to match up the color of your player with the blocks falling from above and shoot the falling blocks. The game will gradually speed up to increase difficulty.

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MeggyJr Snake (MJR Game)

Eat yellow and green fruit and avoid obstacles to complete levels and score points.

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MultiJR v0.1 (MJR Games)

This is a multigame sketch for the Meggy-jr-RGB including: Froggyjr, Fireman, Revenge of the Cherry Tomatoes, Meggybrite and Meggysays. Requires an Atmega328!

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BubbleMiner v1.01 (MJR Game)

Pop Bubbles to get the high score!

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Meggy Jr Library v1.40 (MJR misc)

The function of the Meggy Jr Library is to provide a software interface to the Meggy Jr RGB hardware. One of the things that it does is to allocate a chunk of the AVR microcontroller’s RAM to act as Display Memory, analogous to the video memory in a desktop computer system. The Display Memory is a sizeable array of data that fully describes the state of all 200 LEDs on the Meggy Jr RGB. The LED display is constantly redrawn at a rate of 150 times per second, fully reading out the contents of that Display Memory and using it to control the LEDs.

The Meggy Jr Library provides interface calls to directly set and read values in the Display Memory. While this can give you great control over the LEDs, it can also involve unwieldy data manipulation. In most cases the Meggy Jr Simplified Library is a much better place to start.

Release notes:

The library is currently at version 1.4, dated April 21, 2010. All users are recommended to upgrade to the current version.

Library 1.4 features a new game example, Revenge of the Cherry Tomatoes, which is a sequel to Attack of the Cherry Tomatoes (the default game). (This game requires the larger memory available on the ATmega328P.)

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MeggyFour (02-01-2010) (MJR Game)

Connect four checkers in-a-row, before Meggy Jr. does.

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MeggyFrustration v1.0 (MJR Game)

MeggyFrustration is a game quite similar to the German board game “Mensch aergere Dich nicht”.

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