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Lan Master (NANESCC 2011) (NES Game)

Lan Master by Shiru is an entry to the recently held NintendoAge NES Coding Competition 2011.

Use your skills as a networking master to connect all the computers, 50 levels in total!

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Forehead Block Guy (NANESCC 2011) (NES Game)

Forehead Block Guy by NovaYoshi is an entry to the recently held NintendoAge NES Coding Competition 2011.

Launch blocks from your forehead to stun enemies. Then touch them once stunned to finish the job. Kill all the enemies to proceed to the next level.

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Super Bat Puncher (31-05-2011) (NES Game)

Super Bat Puncher for NES by German developer “Morphcat Games” is probably one of the greated NES homebrew projects seen daylight in a whole bunch of months. Although it’s only considered a demo for now, it could compete with many previous commercialy available games. Explore the deep, dark caverns of a mysterious planet and find out about the plague that threatens Earth.

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Specus (19-05-2011) (NES Techdemo)

Specus is the working title of a “Zeldroidania” game (basically a mix of Zelda and Castlevania).


Right now all it does is load a map and let you scroll around it. The scrolling engine breaks up the name table updates over four frames, and updates a 16-pixel wide area during that time. That means this engine cannot handle scrolling faster than 4 pixels per frame. The same code path is used for both horizontal and vertical maps. Branches are taken to handle the differences.

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NES Coding Competition 2011 (NES misc)

The “NES Coding Competition 2011” is still accepting entries till end of May 2011! If you call yourself a NES / Famicom coder, this is a nice opportunity to get your game publicity and probably prizes 🙂

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nes15 is an implementation of the classic Fifteen Puzzle for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This version is an NROM-128 (16kb PRG, 8kb CHR) and was tested on the real system with a PowerPak. It should also work with most emulators such as Nestopia and FCE Ultra.

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Concentration Room

An accident at the biochemical lab has released a neurotoxin, and you’ve been quarantined after exposure. Maintain your sanity by playing a card-matching game. The table is littered with 10, 20, 36, 52, or 72 face-down cards. Flip two cards, and if they show the same emblem, you keep them. If they don’t, flip them back.

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Blade Buster

Blade Buster is a SHMUP for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Gain as many points as possible in two minutes!

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy “New Year 2011″ from Shiru!

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Chips Challenge (24-04-2010) (NES misc)

For those who wonder what happened to Jaffe’s “Chips Challenge” remake for the Nintendo Entertainment System can take a deep breath and releax, as he still works on it. A new build is out but there are still many things to do!

Release notes:

A little update (playable demo here:

Green buttons and toggle blocks have now been implemented. They can be seen in the fourth and fifth levels. To do this, I decided to make my game use CHR-RAM instead of CHR-ROM. This was really the only way the game could support the large amount of toggle blocks found in some levels. Instead of writing new metatiles to the nametables over several vblank periods (if there are many blocks), the graphics for open and closed toggle blocks are switched in CHR-RAM. This does take some time too (128 bytes to be copied), but in sum it’s worth it.

Brown buttons (or grey here) and traps have also been implemented. This can be seen in the fifth level in the demo. Cloners are also working properly, which can also be seen in the fifth level.

There are still lots of things left to implement. The most important is teleports. After that comes the blocks that have walls that block you from only certain directions. My engine currently doesn’t allow them to be implemented in a non-hacky fashion, so I’ll have to revise how collisions and interactions work. After those are implemented, some serious optimization and bug fixing will commence. Some of the bugs are probably easy to spot in the demo (objects flickering on the wrong side of the screen when scrolling them off screen for instance.) Others are only revealed by larger and more complex levels.

On the graphics side, my brother has done some polishing. It seems I have failed to mention this before, but most of the graphics in this game is done by my brother. Of course, the original design is by Microsoft, but he’s done a good job in making NES versions of the various tiles (and coming up with brand new ones where this was impossible.)

I have also written a level editor for the game, so that I don’t have to RLE code them manually and write object lists, etc. any more :p The editor is written in Common Lisp and can be found here:

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