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Zoom GPS Maps v0.1.0 (Openmoko Application)

To use with TangoGPS or similar programs to obtain maps from OpenstreetMap. With this program the map is always created from a lower zoom version and have texts bigger. Improves readability when you are driving a car and your phone is not close to you.

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Mokomaze v0.5.5 (Openmoko Game)

Mokomaze is the opensource implementation of the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. It is written in C using SDL and adapted for Neo Freerunner.

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Panel-Plugin (18-07-2009) (Openmoko misc)

This program provides a GTK based plugin for showing the powerstates of the FR hardware systems (i.e. GPS or GSM). The plugin should work on any GTK based panel system (i.e. xfce or gnome).

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MokoMeteo v0.3 (German) (Openmoko Application)

Mokometeo is a small python/GTK application fetching the weather forecast from Yahoo weather pages.

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New Rotate v0.5.4 (Openmoko Application)

Rotate is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. It’s a quick and simple C program that reads a packet from the accelerometer once per second, and rotates the screen to a new orientation if the orientation has changed.

New Rotate by Rui Seabra is a rewrite of this application, aiming to make it, of course, better.

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MDemoko v0.2 (Openmoko Application)

Aims to help new users to configure the FR as a complete smartphone. Experienced users will find it usefull to perform restores after a flash with it Wwriten in Bash and fully customizable. Zenity GUI def language Italian, English and Spanish avilable

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pisi v0.3 (Openmoko Application)

Pisi is an application (written in Python) for synchronizing all sorts of PIM data. Currently, mainly contacts from several sources may be synchronized. You can choose between GUI and Command Line Interface.


Contacts synchronization was extended by SIM (via DBUS) support and files (VCF) may now be located on webdav servers.
Contacts Synchronization currently supports SIM Card via DBUS, QTopia SQLite, LDAP, VCF files and Google Contacts.
Calendar synchronization supports Google Calendar and ICalendar files.

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Mojo v0.9 (Openmoko Application)

Mojo is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. Mojo is an experimental mail client written in Java SE and SWT. It runs on top of Jalimo.

There are two tarballs available – for Openmoko and for x86 Desktop Linux. All instructions are in those archives (basically you just have to run the installation script).

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Saskia v0.20 (Openmoko Application)

A Wifi Managment Tool, written in Python. It currently supports WPA-encrypted and open Networks, while WEP-Support is planned for the Future.

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Simplecaching (SGTL) v0.0.3 (Openmoko Application)

SGTL is a basic geocaching tool for your Freerunner. It has just as many features as you need but not more.


– finger-friendly input and user interface
– input and display in decimal degrees or degrees and decimal minutes
– shows current altitude, distance to target, current bearing, direction to target, number of satellites and current position

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