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Pyrok v0.2.2 (Openmoko Application)

Pyrok is a music player for touchscreen devices. Its written in python and uses pygame for grafics and gstreamer for audio playback.

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pisi v0.2 (Openmoko Application)

Pisi is an application (written in Python) for synchronizing all sorts of PIM data. Currently, mainly contacts from several sources may be synchronized. You can choose between GUI and Command Line Interface.

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e-tasks v0.20 (Openmoko Application)

e-tasks is a tasks application for Openmoko Freerunner.

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Fourier v1.1 (Openmoko Application)

Fourier does a realtime frequency analysis of recorded sounds and displays it. The application is intended to run on the OpenMoko FreeRunner, but will also work for different Openembedded devices and different mobiles / PDAs or computers (if compiled from source).

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USB Mode Button v0.3 (Openmoko Application)

This small app adds a button to your installed applications list to toggle USB host mode on and off. Based on a script from the Openmoko wiki, the app enables / disables USB host mode, the USB0 network interface and power delivery.

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pyRok v0.1.2 (Openmoko Application)

pyRok ia a easy to use finger friendly music player. It is written in Python and uses gstreamer for playback. It only plays MP3 at present, but this will change soon.

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SMS-Reader v0.0.1 (Openmoko Application)

Simple SMS-Reader which can also delete SMS.

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Woosh v0.1-r0 (Openmoko Application)

Woosh is a minimalistic browser starting up very fast and optimised for small screens.

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pqGUI v0.1.0 (Openmoko misc)

PyGame user interface for PyFM and PyRok.

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PyFM v0.1.1 (Openmoko Application)

PyFM is a finger friendly two panel file manager written in Python.


– click on left side of file list to mark it
– click on right side of file list to open a folder or exec a file
– click < or > to switch between panels
– click .. to go up a directory
– click Up, Down or stroke file list up or down to scroll

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