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4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards (Atari misc)
4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards is celebrating the best in new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit Computer, and Atari Lynx homebrew games released in 2021! Voting is now open!VOTE on your favorite homebrew games in seventeen different categories. Voting closes on February 6th, so make sure you make your voice heard on your favorites!
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8bitworkshop v3.5.0

Are you a developer? 8bitworkshop now supports ColecoVision, MSX, Sega Master System, Bally Astrocade, and Atari 7800!

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Legend of Silverpeak v2018.01.01 (WIP) (A7800 Game)

Atarius Maximus started into 2018 uncovering his Atari 7800 project Legend of Silverpeak. If you love RPG games, this one is clearly for you.

Release notes:

I’ve been working on an RPG title since October, and I thought I’d start off the new year by sharing my progress. It’s a fairly expansive title, with a large overworld with towns and dungeons to explore and plenty of turn-based level grinding fun. While the game’s basic objectives are in place and the game is playable (and winnable) there is still much work to be done. I’m aware of a few minor issues here and there that still need to be worked out. The most notable area that isn’t completed is the planned boss battles in each dungeon, some objects in the game don’t do anything yet, how you level up and progress in the game will likely be changed/tweaked, and the graphics are my first attempt and may be changed. The battles at the beginning of the game are very easy, and later on they are probably too difficult. Hundreds of hours of work have already gone into this already, and many design and gameplay choices were made based on compromises related to available hardware resources (especially the attack sequence). I thought it would be a good time to take a short break from it, share my progress, and hopefully hear some feedback.

Saving and Loading your game to the Atarivox is implemented but untested on real hardware. Actually I haven’t tried it at all on real hardware yet, just in Mame. The game is 512K, and is currently actually using around 280K of that space. In emulation you’ll have to use Mame, Mess, or A7800, and while the AtariVox saves aren’t supported in those emulators you can use Mame’s save states, which I tested and that seems to work fine. At any time when you’re not in the middle of a battle you can press the right fire button to bring up a detailed status screen. There you can save your game, use an item in your inventory, see your location on the overworld map, and review your statistics. In battle, use the left button to attack, and the right button to switch back to the menu at the top to choose alternate options or use items.

Here’s the story…

You are Azémar Rehn, a simple woodsman from Mountain Home Grove, a beautiful patch of forest just east of the Silver Mountains. You set out from your homeland to reunite with your Uncle after your father’s death. Unfortunately, upon your arrival, your Uncle is no where to be found. A short note is left in the Cabin, but it’s not as helpful as you’d like it to be.

You’d heard of the war, and how all the most virtuous crystals that were revered by the people of Midlothia were captured and scattered into the deepest dungeons. They are fiercely guarded by powerful men who are determined to crush the will and spirit of the people. Without their beloved symbols of virtue, the entire realm had been taken over by mercenaries and theives, bent on taking whatever they can for their own selfish gain. No power or virtue of man could ever have deserved that, what has been fated should not have taken place. Feelings of hopelessness and misery abound, and no one has risen to the challenge of ridding the land of these thieves.

No one with good intent, that is. One powerful warrior, who calls himself Nonnag, who’s mere prescences strikes fear in the hearts of men, has spread his evil throughout the realm. He created the the Crystal of Wrath, which serves as a beacon for those who serve his evil purposes. It must be captured and destroyed in order to bring peace, light, and life back to Midlothia. The common people are waiting for a hero to emerge. Once who can vanquish the evil, recapture the crystals, and restore the rod of life. Only this man is worthy of being crowned the next King of Midlothia. Great crisis produce great men and great deeds of courage.

The Midlothian army has long disbanded. With their tragic losses and lack of leadership, hope was lost. Soldiers are citizens of death’s grey land, drawing no dividend from time’s tomorrows. It is now up to Azémar to restore order, to agree to the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his homeland. As soon as sacrifice becomes a duty and necessity to mankind, there is no limit to the horizon which opens before him. It’s time to fulfill your destiny.

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Unfinished 3D Maze Demo v2018.02.06 (A7800 Game)

Unfinished 3D Maze Demo is an unfinished Maze game by SmittyB. Although the game is still declared as unfinished, it has grown better over the past months.

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Roof Pooper (06-10-2016) (A7800 Game)

frankodragon‘s Roof Pooper is a game where you poop on unsuspecting ‘victims’ but there’s one twist: You cannot poop on cops! If you do, you’ll receive a star. If you poop on three cops, the game’s over. In other words, beware if you have two stars. If you end up pooping on a third cop, you’ll wind up in jail!

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Hearty Manslapper (29-11-2016) (A7800 Game)

You’re a micro-man (whom looks like the same guy from Chicago Basement) as you traverse in some person’s digestive system. Why you’re in there, who knows? All you want to do is escape the slimy walls while tackling undigested food stuffs such as roast beef, carrots and potatoes. And there are bosses like Crabby Cabbage, Bad Bean and Bruto Broccoli.

You have a fork, but if you can find one, a knife will better your chances. Some levels are blocked so you may have to find a Gelatin Key. There are also replenishing junk foods such as cake and fried chicken.

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Alpha Race (11-09-2015) (A7800 Game)

SiO2 comes up with Alpha Race for the Atari 7800. It’s a rather simple game where you have to shoot at enemies but also dodge their bullets. All the gameplay happens on a single screen. The game is currently still in development.

Atari 7800 Alpha Race WIP

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Time Salvo (26-07-2015) (A7800 Game)

Reverse Engineer updated his Atari 7800 game Time Salvo, which is an update on the classic computer game Crossfire.

Shoot the enemies, and avoid being shot. After some time passes in the level, humanoids will begin appearing. Your enemies will kill the humanoids if they touch them, but if you run into the humanoids they will follow you. Keep them safe until the end of the level. Periodically you will need to refuel on ammunition. An alarm will sound, and you’ll see the ammunition on the playfield. Run across the ammunition to pick it up. Every 2 rounds you will reach the challenging stage, where 4 waves of enemies will race across the screen in patterns. If you shoot all 44 enemies you will earn an extra life.

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Poetiru (01-06-2015) (A7800 Game)

In Poetiru by Sebastian Mihai the player controls a brown bear who must eat four bouncing cupcakes. There are nine levels to clear, each level featuring an additional enemy. At the beginning of each level the bear is invulnerable and cannot move until the player presses the fire button to begin. Use this to your advantage, to wait for a gap in the enemies movement.

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Dungeon Stalker v1.190 (11-06-2015) (A7800 Game)

Dungeon Stalker for Atari 7800 by Atarius Maximus started out as an homage to Intellivision’s Night Stalker and ultimately evolved into something own. Right now this game should still be considered a work in progress, however it is very a complete and playable game as it is.


I posted 1.190 on 6/11/15, it contains many new features and lots of bug fixes. I also removed the original instruction manual text, put the latest manual behind a spoiler tag, and also added it as a pdf attachment. I highly recommend reviewing the manual as it describes key elements of the game that are important if you want to truly enjoy playing it.

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