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Hermes (Commercial) (Dreamcast)

Hermes joins the “Black Friday” fun and can be bought only today for 8€, instead of 15$, directly from the publisher DragonBox Shop! Shipping costs are not included!

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Hermes review for the Sega Dreamcast (DC misc)

Mads of Retro Asylum fame takes a look at a new release for the Dreamcast, a nice little platformer called Hermes. The game is also available on other formats. To buy the game and find more details please visit Retroguru.:

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Intrepid Izzy (Commerical) (WIP) (Kickstarter) (DC Game)

You may remember Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team! Intrepid Izzy combines platforming, beat ’em up and adventure elements to create a unique experience with depth, character and above all, fun – and can now be supported via Kickstarter. There is a high chance for a Playstation 4 version along with possibly a Steam release for PC as well.


* Change Izzy’s abilities by collecting different costumes
* Branching dialogue system
* Simple, but versatile controls inspired by beat ’em ups: only 4 buttons used (jump, attack, special and look)
* Fully configurable controls
* Non-linear progression
* Huge bosses
* Magic, science fiction, talking animals, robots, spaceships… everything is possible and anything can happen!

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Hermes (Commercial) (Dreamcast)

Hermes can be now pre-ordered from DragonBox Shop! If you like Jump’n Run games and the Dreamcast, this game might be for you.

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Xenocider (WIP) (18-06-2017) (DC Game)

Xenocider got another big update with plenty of public information. Also see the bonus stage in action:

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Xenocider (WIP) (10-06-2017) (DC Game)

Retro Sumus tease again with the physicals of Xenocider.

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Xenocider (WIP) (30-05-2017) (DC Game)

Retro Sumus released another teaser video of Xenocider.

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Intrepid Izzy (WIP) (DC Game)

Intrepid Izzy runs on a real Dreamcast now! 🙂

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Breakers (Commercial) (DC Game)

Breakers is a good, polished yet generic, mid-tier 90’s ‘beat-em up’ and represents something of a leap over the contemporary 16-bit fighters of the time. Huge sprites, great animated backgrounds (which feature characters who actually react to the fights going on in front of them), consistent frame rate, great music and effects makes Breakers a real treat for the senses. Breakers arrives on Dreamcast with a full feature set. Game modes, options and roster are all intact. This release is an Play-Asia exclusive release and can be now pre-ordered for 39.99 USD.

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Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders (GB Game)

Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders is is a fast paced 2D platformer with 2 mini-games included, running it’s funding campaign at Kickstarter now. What is awesome, it’s not just only one system to get another nice game, but four! Dreamacst, Genesis/Megadrive, Game Boy and Windows!,

The main game features security cameras to avoid, firing enemies, grenades to collect, computer “hacking” to open doors or disable laser protection fields, and level card based locked door in the first prison levels. The game will take place in 3 different environments (prison, forest, desert) interspersed with 2 mini-games including a reversed shoot’em up and an original abseiling game

Orion has been so kind and released a tiny video, showing the Game Boy version in action:

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