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Gemitas v1.00 (Master System Game)

Gemitas is a fresh Sega Master System homebrew game by Cyttorak. Find a discussion here. Gemitas is a Columns clone for the Sega Master System featuring bigger graphics for the gem blocks and an endless game mode.

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Wah Munchers vR2 (Master System Game)

Wah Munchers is a fresh Sega Master System homebrew game by JoppyFur. Find a discussion here.

You arrive at your red-panda farm, only to find that a pack of snow leopards have broken into your paddock and are going after your flock. Build fences to protect your livestock before they get gobbled up. Once you’ve separated the species, you’ll move on to the next field, with even more leopards. You’ll need to save at least one red panda per round to progress.

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Simpsons Trivia v1.02 (Master System Game)

Simpsons Trivia is a fresh Sega Master System homebrew game by SteveProXNA. Find a discussion here.

The Simpsons is a hit TV show that has become a world wide phenomenon. Therefore, it seems only natural to build a Simpsons Trivia game for the Sega Master System!

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Duckslayer Adventures v0.4.0 (Master System Game)

Duckslayer Adventures is a fresh Sega Master System homebrew game by haroldoop. Find a discussion here.

It’s a tribute to an Atari 2600 game named ‘Adventure’. Control the intrepid Knight of the Square Table, Sir Jelly, the gelatinous cube. His mission is to retrieve the Holy Chalice of Yendor that’s stored inside the black castle, guarded by two fearsome Duck Dragons.

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Galactic Revenge v1.00 (Master System Game)

Galactic Revenge is a fresh Sega Master System homebrew game by eruiz00.

It’s the year 33XXX. Dirty aliens from a faraway galaxy emptied your refrigerator and killed your boyfriend. Confident in their superiority, they also had the nerve to steal your beloved Master System. Get your blastin’ shoes on and pick from three killer outfits. Wield fire, spread shots, lasers, and even shurikens. Wipe the grins off their faces as you jump, shoot, and fight your way through their ship and turn them into scrap as payback for their heinous deeds!


* 20 stages
* 4 bosses
* intro & ending
* minigame at stage 13

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Prisonnier II v2018.03.16 (Master System Game)

Prisonnier II is a single or two player game for the Sega Master System by Monos51. The goal of the game is to block the opponent by placing an obstacle after each move.

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Sokoban SMS v18.01.2018 (Master System Game)

Monos51 released Sokoban SMS for Sega Master System earlier this year. The source code is loacted within the .zip package as well! Thanks to sverx for the news.

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Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (Commercial) (Master System Game)

CollectorVision Games has the next Sydney Hunter ready. Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe will hit the Sega Master System sometime soon. The game is complete, but the publisher is in need for cartridge shells. If you have some, please let them know.

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Weka Invaders v1.0 (Master System Game)

Waimanu slips into his next adventure with Weka Invaders. Mid of December 2017 Disjointed Studio made sure that Master System lovers were not bored during christmas and new year. But who says this game is just limited to this time frame?

Waimanu should shoot metal blocks and wekas that might be hiding in them. Some blocks also can hide power-ups which can give Waimanu new features such as temporary multiple-fire or increased speed. Also he can shake the floor he’s on, making all the weka on them fall under, if he’s got enough ‘shakes’ left (he can find more shakes hidden in blocks). Each and every Weka should be removed before the times runs out.

A friendly reminder: The game is still work in progress.

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Silver Valley v1.0 (Master System Game)

Already back in October we have mentioned eruiz00’s game Silver Valley. Just end of 2017 the first public version has seen daylight. There is also a long discussion thread available, which you might want to read or maybe you just want to leave feedback as well.

It’s a mix of Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Wonderboy in Monsterland featuring over 60 levels including boss fights. The game can be difficult at times, just as you would expect from an authentic game. If there would be something like the Master System homebrew game of the year 2017, this production would have possibly got the title.

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