Rotate is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. It’s a quick and simple C program that reads a packet from the accelerometer once per second, and rotates the screen to a new orientation if the orientation has changed.

New Rotate by Rui Seabra is a rewrite of this application, aiming to make it, of course, better.

Release notes:

Today I released omnewrotate 0.5.3, which fixes issue 4.

As I was starting to investigate libframeworkd-glib, that dependency was a problem for usage in the recently released Om2008.12 (basically, it wouldn’t run at all).

As such, I added a “–without-frameworkd” to the ./configure script, which I used for building the ipk of this release (OpenPGP sig).

Another good thing about this release, is that its tar ball (OpenPGP sig) is now the result of make dist. This should be a great bonus for integration with hackable:1, which is still using a pretty old version of omnewrotate. Just don’t forget to include “–without-frameworkd” in the configure process (I plan to have this detection done automatically in the future).