This is an astronomical application which displays the night sky, along with (optionally) such things are the galactic plane, etc. Constellations may also be shown. See for more info and screen shots, etc.

Release notes:

Version 1.2:
New user features:
Constellation stick figures are now shown
in three colors:
Pink constellations are zodiac
Gold constellations are the non-zodiac
constellations from Greek
antiquity, as listed in Ptolomy’s
Blue constellations are modern

On screen 1, if “Display Names” is
selected, planet names are now displayed
in addition to star names.

Transition to and from fullscreen mode has
been sped up.

The time can now be entered as a Julian
Date. This is a less ambiguous way of
entering times in the distant past than
using a calendar date, because of the
differing calendar systems in use
worldwide before the late 16th century.

The label of the “fullscreen” button was
changed to “FS” and the label of the
“display” button was changed to
“items”. Those changes were made
to make room for another pulldown menu,
labelled “opts”, which allows one to
modify parameters which effect all
displays. The first of these options
is the finger mode options, and the
second is a new option called “Save All
Changes”. If “Save All Changes” is
selected, then the “Save to Configuration
File” option will be removed from the
menus, and clicking the “OK” button will
have the “Save to Configuration File”
effect. A lot of people believe this is
how programs on handheld devices should
work – the user should never have to
explicitly save changes.

Red and white flashlight buttons under
the opts menu have been added. These
buttons set all pixels red or white.
Red flashlight mode is better for
preserving night vision. To exit
flashlight mode tap the display anywhere.

Added the ability to save locations to
the Private location menu. This option
appears in the “place” If the Custom or
Menu checkbox is clicked. The Private
menu is now empty by default (it used to
contain “Cambridge MA”).

Bug Fixes:
Spelling error fixed in writing of config
file parameter DEBUG_MESSAGES_ON.

Initial display of constellations has
been sped up considerably.

Fixed a bug which occasionally caused the
routine which creates location menus to
seg fault.