Orrery by Ken Young is an astronomical application which displays the night sky, along with (optionally) such things are the galactic plane, etc. Constellations may also be shown.

Release notes:

Added a Solar System Schematic View page. It can be accessed via the opts menu. It shows the positions of the earth, moon and planets in their orbits around the sun. The orbital and planet radii are not drawn to scale.

Added one-month Moon phase calendar. The older 21 month calendar is still present.

New, less ugly, icon.

When one unzooms, the center azimuth is now forced to be a multiple of 5 degrees. This matches the size of the unzoomed step quantum, and makes it possible to pan to an exact cardinal point direction, including the original due south orientation.

Bug Fixes:

I referred to the Last Quarter phase of the moon as Third Quarter in one display. Fixed that.

Very small bug fix in the big moon calendar that occasionally prevented the current month from being highlighted.